Who Are the iWonder Sisters?

Sisterhood Dancers

WHO ARE THE iWONDER SISTERS? Andie Levine and Jah-Reign

The iWonder Sisters are collaborative life coaches and spiritual mentors who are also the very best of friends. They work together, adding their own unique ways of working with women to help them better their lives and live with more peace. TO PURCHASE SESSIONS, INTUITIVE TAROT COUNSELING VIA EMAIL, E-COURSES, ART and other magickal items, Visit iWonder’s Little Magickal Shop of Miracles


Andie Levine is a New York girl, born and raised, and spent a good part of her adult life working as an actress and singer in the US and the UK. While in England she studied healing techniques with such renowned healers as Matthew Manning, Martin Brofman, and Betty Balcombe, as well as working with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. Upon her return to the States, she continued to study and hone her skills while she took a much needed sabbatical. She then went to work in the mental health field, working with people with dual diagnoses – serious mental illness and drug addiction. While doing this she managed to get her Reiki practitioner’s certificate, and also taught singing in her home. After leaving the mental health system, she began working as a freelance writer, and formed a business partnership with L Kimberly Smith, and the iWonderSisterhood was born. In February of 2014, Andie and Kimm moved their home base to beautiful and magickal New Mexico, and now it is there where they live and work. They have 2 cats and a Bichoodle named Chloe, while also frequently hosting their landlady’s 4 big dogs. Andie feels she has finally found the peace and contentment that she needed in her life, and lives in gratitude every day.


A native Philly girl, Jah-Reign is the epitome of what it means to embrace change and transformation. An escapee from the corporate world of telecommunications; Jah-Reign took quite a few leaps of faith and set off on a journey that still has her traveling today. From certified wine educator to sales and marketing diva for high-end cosmetic and jewelry companies; she loves and is challenged by change and learning new aspects of herself. Now a freelance writer/ghost blogger/professional blogger, artist, and spiritual coach with a focus on helping women to gracefully move through fear and sudden change;Jah-Reign works with crystals, stones, and coaching sessions to help women create lives that sparkles. She lives on a beautiful horse ranch in New Mexico with her soul sister/best friend and business partner Andie and their two cats, GG and Dharma, and their baby Bichoodle, Chloe. She is proudly, half of the dynamic duo, the iWonder Sisters!

To contact the iWonder Sisters for free consultations, bookings, or questions:

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