Simple Contentment 2017



zocwtgo8bji-ornella-binni-1Our Simple Contentment page is a place where we share with you, all the everyday things that make us giggle and those things touch and expand our hearts. Andie wanted one for 2016, so here it is! 

These are the things you can look back on when bigger things seem to capture or NEED your attention. Simple Contentment helps to bring you back to a sweet gratitude so that you can look forward to tomorrow…


Simple Contentment 2/9/2017



Sitting outside with a beer and my BFF, Kimmie, as the wind begins to gust, sand blows in our drinks and eyes, but the sun is hot as blazes. Sweat collects under my sagging breasts, and the dogs jump on and off our laps. A peace comes over me, as we took a lovely walk earlier in the morning, and the mountains are full of sunlight. There is no more harmony in the world than in this place, this horse ranch, with the animals all around, cold beer in our tummies, but a smoldering sun. Eventually we come inside the casita where there is shade and a ceiling fan. More beer cools us off. This is simple contentment.




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