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Hello Cheerios! The Starlight is on True Seed Temple

***All Photos are the property of Damara @trueseedtemple on IG



Damara and Angela are the two beautiful women responsible for True Seed. Since we have met them on Instagram, so much has developed within their dreams and goals to provide a space for healing physically as well as a spiritual space to as they would say, transform the past into something beautiful. 

Here Damara discusses the new products that are handmade with love and healing energy, that will assist in the actual building of the physical True Seed Temple healing space. 

Enjoy this interview as much as we did. And follow @trueseedtemp on IG and support these amazing women and this sacred project! 



  1. What is True Seed Temple and what does the term “true seed” mean?


TrueSeed Temple is all of us! It’s the desire to learn, grow, to heal and be healed! Physically, it is a place where we can come together, to learn about our bodies, minds, emotions, and our spirit. To learn to transform the past into something powerful and beautiful!


True Seed means, the root. The root of it all. Seeing how we are all interconnected, just as every tree, and plant and natural occurrence in nature is interconnected in all we do. It’s a place to learn self sufficiency, to learn why it’s important to eat the right foods, to take care of your body, why it’s important to cleanse yourself and your home. For all ages, those seeking to take the reigns of their life, to live outside of their limitations!


  1. We know that you have created goals for a place of healing. What will this place be like and is it just for wombs or are men welcomed?


It will be beautiful. This place will hold a space for individual or group retreats, as we settle and begin building, it will have gardens, for both consumption, and also workshops and learning how to grow your own foods and medicines.  It will be a place to come learn the power of herbs, wild crafting, building shelter, and most importantly, a place where we all come to share love, healing, to transform pain and trauma into power and productivity. There’s so much we have too offer I can’t even explain it all. Healing ceremonies, crystal therapy, silent retreats, fasting, all you could need!


3.How long have you had this dream of having a place for healing and what created the birth of this dream?


As a child, I always knew I wanted to live like the little old witches and ladies and hermits in the movies. I wanted to be excluded in nature, with the ones I loved, enjoying the beauty of the land. When Angela and I met, we shared our dreams and desires, as I had already begun working on TrueSeed. During this time we went through some very heavy transformations, and it sparked that fire inside of both of us. We saw how much pain we were holding on to, how much  anger and hate, how it affected our bodies, our choices, and it just blew our minds. We were overwhelmed in the beginning of it all.lol. That’s when we knew we needed to share. We just kept thinking of how many people were out here experiencing the same thing. So we decided to go full throttle, and having been preparing for this moment for the past 8 years.


  1. You are now selling handmade natural teas. What gave you this idea. They look amazing! We will have some soon!


I have always loved teas! There was always something so magical about them to me. I began making my own blends as a teen, but I never really knew the true benefits of the, outside of family lore, and basic information learned from reading labels. Now that I have grown to have such a deeper appreciation and understanding of the energy of these fruits, seeds and nuts, herbs, etc, of the elements of the earth, and their power for healing- my passion goes so much deeper than just making an enjoyable drink. People are always looking, praying for an answer, and an ally, so when I feel inspired, I create them, knowing that the one who they are meant for will find them. This is my way of sharing my love, my knowledge and wisdom , and also my gratitude for these allies.



5. Can you name some of the blends and do you have a favorite blend?


The Dispeller, The Visionary, The Heart Healer, Reflection, Encouragement- there are more, but those are the first names that pop in mind. Of the blends I mentioned, The Dispeller is my current favorite. I love sweets, but I also love that bitter flavor, and at the moment, I happen to be in the process of dispelling  many things, mentally, emotionally and physically!


  1. What is your inspiration for the blends?


Sometimes I just get the urge to create a blend. I have learned to trust those instincts a bit more, so when I do, I create.  The names don’t always come right away. Later after the blend is complete, after I’ve tried it. I can say that the entire process of creating the blends lets me know what the tea will be for. The smells, the colors, the energy radiating from them. How they have to be handled. How long it took to dry them etc. The process teaches me more deeply about the art and gift of intimacy, and how each step is important and sacred.


  1. Do you know yet what the most popular tea is? We know it’s all a new product.


So far, The Visionary and The Heart Healer seem to be a request! And I can see why, I love these two teas, because they are especially helpful when working through mental and emotional healing, strengthening and transitions.



  1. What’s lurking in your imagination about the next kind of blend you’ll be adding to the list?


I’ve been feeling spicy more recently,lol. So I’m thinking of adding some heat to these teas. One I had in mind was Hibiscus, chile and lime. I’m excited to see where this blend is taking me, and to share as well!


  1. Tell us a bit about your passion for photography.We know you are also funding your project with your own stock photos.


I use to steal my uncle’s camera(even though he would have a fit) and take all the pictures. He was a great photographer, so I guess i kinda picked that trait up there. I love beauty. I love finding beauty in things we don’t typically consider beautiful. I love that a photo can capture so many emotions, and feelings, and document it all in one. I love how photography can tell a story without words, and how each person can look at the same picture, and see a different story in their own life. I especially love self-portrait photography, because it allows me to express myself, without having to say a word! It is an outlet for me to express my pain at times, my hopes, its my way of creating a vision board of my life!



  1. What made you decide to share your photography? It’ so beautiful. What took so long?


Gaining new confidence. I used to share it when I first started out, but I was insecure, and I ended up just dropping it for a while. But now, I see how it can be used as a tool to heal, my own pains, and share so that when others see something that is beautiful, it can be medicine for their hearts as well. And also, I know that there are a lot of budding spiritualist and entrepreneurs, who are still learning how to promote themselves, and often times, an issue we run into, is the taking of other people’s creative works. I decided it would be a good idea to offer works for spiritualists and entrepreneurs, and in exchange for my art, they are helping us to build TRUESEED HEALING TEMPLE!


  1. You recently completed an important fast. How did this fast influence your decisions for True Seed Temple?


I did a no social media detox, along with a dietary detox, of consuming mostly liquids, fresh fruits and teas. This was a game changer. It really made me see the connection to all of our ailments, our pains, our issues, it helped me to accept my role in my own life and be more accountable for all of my actions. For TrueSeed, it meant no more waiting around. It’s time to make that move. No more fears, no more insecurities, no more trying to control the outcomes, and more trust. More confidence to get it done! And also seeing how sharing our experiences are helping others to fulfill their own dreams and their own journeys of healing.


  1. How else can people support the True Seed Temple project?


People can support us by making a purchase in our shop, or by sending donations to our paypal account at anytime, in any amount. All is appreciated! PAYPAL.ME/MARAW
You may also support us by helping us out with our wishlist. Here we have placed items that will be needed for the settling, building and preparing of TrueSeed Temple! The link for that list is here—–> http://a.co/bMoGE0h 

***All Photos are the property of Damara @trueseedtemp


Hello Cheerios! The Starlight is Shining on Artist/Intuitive Lauren Kelly!


We met Lauren on Instagram and absolutely fell in love wither her truth and her story. As she shares, there will be smiles, laughter, and tears, the culmination of a life being well-lived. Thank you Lauren for being such a raw, honest and open person. We truly appreciate it! Andie and Kimm


  1. When we first met you on IG, you wrote a beautiful post on a change that occurred in your life that left you forever different. Do you consider this an awakening spiritually or a period of depression or both?

Oh, gosh. Quite honestly, I live for the feeling of spitting the proverbial blood out of my mouth, looking life in the eye, and asking what it’s got next. I awaken through hardship; I’m a glutton for punishment. Nothing motivates me quite like impossibility. I crave to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine every time life says something is impossible. But more than that, on a really core level, I crave the empathic power of stories and I awaken when stirred to action and stirred to storytelling. So the awakening occurs on several levels. The only way to fully address this question is to elaborate the emotional weight storytelling carries for me.

I try to continually tell my story, or at least the toughest pieces of it. Every time I’ve been through a real trial or tribulation, I’ve desperately craved to hear the stories of others who have experienced the same things so that I could know with certainty that someone truly understood what I was feeling and that my feelings were valid. I know my own craving to feel understood, so I’d feel selfish keeping stories like that to myself. It’s scary to feel completely exposed by writing things like that, but it’s scarier to me to think that my fear could keep someone who needs my story from hearing it. And it’s not because my story’s exceptional. My story is ordinary, and when I was hurting, I needed the story of someone ordinary. On top of that, I’ve been in the position of receiving poorly-informed advice. When I tell a client they’re beautiful or capable, I want them to know I’m not speaking from a shaky or underdeveloped place. I’m speaking from the scars left by the same pain they’re in.

That reasoning really shapes the way I approach the negative events in my life and frame them within my paradigm, both publicly and privately. The handful of negative experiences I talk about most include psychological and sexual abuse in intimate partnerships and the ramifications of it, sexual assault, pregnancy loss and complicating factors, decisions surrounding abortion, parentification, passive self-harm and suicidality, and the subtle effects of generational posttraumatic stress. All of these are realities in my life, and in the lives of many people.

I would be a real liar if I said these things haven’t brought me depression. I’ve got self-loathing down to an art. But there’s power in empathy and power in choosing to use these things. When we’re in the arena, it gives us courage to know someone else has been where we are and survived, and it gives us personal freedom to realize the things that have been thrown at us can be picked up and used to fight back. We can reclaim all of it, and I really think that’s the point of awakening. It’s been the point of awakening for me, anyway.

Each hardship I talk about on social media would have been far less isolating to me if I’d felt someone else understood, so I choose to tell the story.

And each hardship is going to be there regardless—it’s not leaving my history. I might as well use it and show others it can be done. So I choose to tell the story.

It all comes back to the very practical knowing there was a time when I needed a story. I want to make mine available preemptively, and that’s the act of awakening that combats the downward spiral of depression.


  1. When did you know that you were an intuitive and how do your psychic abilities manifest in your life?


I think I first knocked around the notion of applying that verbiage when I was about twelve or thirteen. Even then, it seemed like something cool and sci-fi more than realistic. But I was always perceiving things and dreaming things; for as long as I can remember, I’ve experienced mediumship. When I was younger, I just sort of designated it a side effect of imagination. I categorized what I experienced as something every artist type experiences, even though I didn’t really fit in with the usual artist type. Part of my pathology growing up has also been deeply rooted in self-blame and self-dismissal, so I think a significant part of myself just wrote off my experiences as part of my crazy. It would take me a while to learn the difference between perfectly adaptive behaviors, neutral experiences, and actual maladaptive hallucinations. As it turns out, most of the time our mystical experiences are as valid a part of mental health as stress, joy, flow, and other states we know to be normal. We just culturally get a little weird about it. Before I recognized it for what it was, I discounted it as creativity. When I started to recognize what it was, I got a little weird about it.

Most of the time, my experience of intuition isn’t in-your-face or Hollywood-esque. But I do get feelings, or I feel to say certain words in exactly a certain order, or I know things and I don’t realize I don’t rationally know them until I see someone react to me knowing something they think I shouldn’t. It’s something I’ve just learned to claim and normalize. The more we normalize intuition, the more folks realize it’s a regular part of human life and the better they become at using it healthily. When we keep it as a closeted, high-mystery thing, it becomes a breeding ground for hard ego. Like preventing mildew, I think the best thing we can do is air out the concept of intuition and set it out in the light of day. While it’s amazing, it’s also amazingly underwhelming.

That’s all to say that most of the time, my abilities manifest in totally normal ways. I get a gut feeling to drive a certain route, or a sentence spills out my mouth before I can stop it and ends up being super pertinent to another person. Where it departs from relative normality is where I choose to use it professionally. It’s no different from movers charging you to lift your furniture. They’ve got muscles no matter what, and they’ll use them in their own lives for totally banal purposes, but they will ask payment if you want to use their muscles on your time. My abilities are like movers’ muscles in that way. They’re nothing special; they’re just being purposefully put to a particular use.

  1. We know that art entered your life. Was this very shortly after that very tough period of your life or did you always know that you were an artist?


I actually grew up making art, although I can’t say I wouldn’t have stumbled on it eventually had I lived in another person’s shoes.  I was very close to my grandparents on both sides of my family growing up, but I particularly liked to spend time with my mom’s mom. She’s a professional painter, but she’s always considered it a luxury and a hobby. She had my mom young and single, and she worked like an ox from the time she was little. By the time I was old enough to be learning to paint, I spent days doodling in her painting studio. As I grew up more and could handle more permanent pigments (you don’t hand oils to a toddler, hehe), she allowed me to experiment with some of her tools. I learned, and still learn, a lot of method from her. I think she knew I’d inherited her stubbornness, though, because she’s never tried to teach me to paint. She’d only share the highlights of her painting workshops conversationally. To this day, she acts like I know what on earth she’s talking about when she uses some fine-artist lingo.

I did begin selling my art immediately following my first experience with blatant sexual assault. I was a high school student enrolled in a billion and one AP classes, performing in two exclusive honor choirs, and bullshitting myself into thinking I’d either study law, international security, or radiology in college. Assault really tanks your assessment of your own value, and it didn’t help that I lost friends from it. I no longer thought my life had the kind of value that the life of someone in any of those fields should have. On my perfectionism, though, this had massive implications. It seemed like it didn’t matter if I pursued art, the fuddy-duddy hobby that made for nice dinner talk or social introductions with my family. I felt unworthy of a life outside the one my rapist had in mind for me, and being a shortsighted teenager, he hadn’t really planned out much. My life was a blank canvas. I didn’t realize at the time just how freeing that was for me, and I’m still grateful that something inside me knew to start selling my art.


  1. Is anyone else in your family intuitive/psychic?


Oh, absolutely. My mom’s always been intuitive, and I’m certain my artsy grandma sees auras (not that she’ll ever say so out loud). My mom’s more open to talking about it than my grandma, but even she hesitates to use the word “psychic” to describe it. I think there’s a lot in my intuition to do with lineage—which is not to say that anyone is inherently more or less intuitive than anyone else. But the direction of my intuition is something I consider to be inherited. I don’t think I’d care so deeply about the pragmatic interpretation of mysticism or the theosophy I subscribe to if it hadn’t been for those who came before me. The brain splices memories and cues faster than we can rationally think through them, and that rapid-fire processing produces the sensation we call intuition, but I think there’s an undercurrent in each of us that is totally unique to our blood and bones and purpose. Even if they never claimed it by the verbiage we like to use, I’d be willing to bet everyone in my family has significant intuitive sensitivity.


  1. Your style of art blended with your calling to help people. How did that blending come to be? And can you explain your intuitive art form for those of us who see it as something unique and new?


Quite honestly, it was all an accident. A really divine accident.

From the time I first stumbled headlong into the metaphysical scene, I had people telling me I’d be painting people’s souls. And I had absolutely zero clue what they meant. In retrospect, they hit the nail on the head.

The exact moment when the Aura Portraits were born was in 2013. I was showing art at a New Age convention, and a woman I’d never met made a beeline to my table and began insisting that she saw me painting her. After a little back-and-forth with her, I realized she wasn’t talking about commissioning a painting; she was talking about an intuitive reading. I apprehensively agreed to it, and I was seriously surprised when what I saw actually made sense to her—so much sense she cried. I used graphite on a sketchpad, drew a figure and some symbols, and jotted down notes. That first one became the model for the pieces I make today. At the time, I didn’t know how to respond. I was still deeply skeptical of everything about the woo-woo world. That experience got me to thinking that maybe there could be value in offering a service of that nature, regardless of whether it was verifiable or measurable enough for me.

When I began doing Aura Portraits, I used colored pencils and offered the service exclusively in-person. In 2015, I began offering the portraits online, and I’d begun to use watercolors for them. I’ve been fine-tuning and expanding the process ever since.

For the portraits, I use a very basic, fluid core figure depicted in outline only. I show symbols in and around the figure, interpreting color and shape and silhouette. I also divide the negative space around the figure different spaces, and for efficiency’s sake I depict the standard 7-chakra system from the Hindu worldview to address different areas of my subjects’ life and health. In the interpretation of the portraits, I try to keep my verbiage gender-neutral, faith-neutral, and empowering. It’s important to me that my clients feel safe and empowered to take an honest look at their strengths, weaknesses, victories, losses, and everything in-between. I want to remind my clientele that they’re truly in the driver’s seat in their lives.

  1. Do your intuitive abilities come into play through your ministry? If so, can you explain how?


In the state of Oklahoma, anyone who can be considered a fortune-teller is required to be licensed for ministry. All paid readings/healings are either for entertainment (largely illegal) or for spiritual counsel (legal, with ministry credentials). At first, this was the sole reason I sought ordination. As with most things, though, I think Spirit had higher purpose in mind.

I used to hesitate around the idea of ministry or spiritual guidance. I’ve officiated weddings, performed house blessings, led life groups, prayed with strangers, and more; all of it was just what I was asked to do at the time. None of it is structured. If my childhood aspirations mean anything, there may be a day when I’m called to do more within the archetype of a spiritual leader. For now, I leave ministry fluid. Mostly, my ministry is just made up of the acts of sharing my story, listening, and speaking life into people.

  1. When you realized that you were an intuitive artist, did you know that you would make a career of it? If so, how did that knowing manifest itself?


Oh, gosh. I had no clue—not consciously, anyway. When I had the first really strong a-ha moment (of course, there’s never just one, but the first that palpably started this part of my journey), it was less about pursuing something and more about renouncing expectations. I’ve always been a perfectionist, and for that reason I find tremendous setbacks have massive motivation value for me. The things that have kicked my ass the hardest have always freed me of the need to get everything right. I’d always been an artist, but not as my primary focus. I sort of looked down on career artists, and although I’m ashamed to admit it, a big part of me still does. Artists are not necessarily a community I entirely vibe with, and neither are New-Agers. I’ve always jived best with honest-to-goodness entrepreneurial types, the ones with the kind of ambition that makes you tingle just being around them.


So the knowing I had was not about the ultimate trajectory of the art and the intuition and all the layers involved in that purpose-lasagna so much as it was about the fact that it was okay for me to fall short of the things I didn’t really want, but still wanted to get right. To revisit some of the material from earlier: It was okay for me to lose my drive for law school or radiology, or even for college at all for a while. The unique nihilism that comes with tragedy is really freeing for a personality like mine. While it’s not healthy to live in total apathy, I find that the most painful moments I’ve had really set me free of the expectations I placed on myself and allowed me to flow into my purpose. I’m stubborn and the Universe knows it’s got to absolutely knock me cold if it wants me to give up on what I’ve set my mind to.


Even now, I really struggle with doubt. About art, about intuitive knowing, about my ability to live on my own terms, about my ability to live on Spirit’s. I’m just trying to allow myself that room to doubt with the understanding that it’s part of my human experience (or it is this time around, at least). So ultimately, the knowing manifested and continues to manifest itself as not knowing. I hate not knowing, so that’s where Spirit needs me to be if it wants me to learn.

lauren kelly

  1. Was your path clear to you when you were growing up? Was there even a hint?


Looking back, it’s as clear as day. All of it looks totally predictable in retrospect, both from a psychological standpoint and a synchronistic one.  All the signs pointed here. I was always hardheaded, immensely imaginative, a vivid dreamer, a healer type (often to a fault). I think something within me knew I’d be painting and working with people on a soul-level, but I didn’t consciously know how to translate that. It turned into a lot of secretive sketching and late-night fiction writing instead of doing homework, and then hustling art and slinging tarot cards instead of going to class in college. I knew I needed to do what I’m doing now and express what comes through today, but I had no tangible concept of it being realistic to life. Finally, after almost seven years in it, I think I’m just beginning to get a grip on where this is headed.

  1. Did you have support from your family about your choice to become an artist?


As a kid, yes. I earned praise for being creative and smart. As an adult, I had the tacit kind of support you get for a hobby. Like a side-talent. My family understands that no matter how good you are, it’s unlikely that your casual doodles will turn into money for rent or bills. I don’t think they realized what I had in mind, and I can’t really blame them for that. I didn’t even realize what I had in mind. This thing got bigger than I ever anticipated.

I knew I’d made it when my stepdad started asking my quarterly and yearly goals. I think he began asking about my business just to see what it looked like. When I had real, substantial answers, he dug a little more. He’s an investments advisor by day and a classic rock drummer by night, and a good one in both. He’s been a very positive influence on the practical side of my work. It was also really meaningful to hear my mom describing my business as well planned and well executed to my grandparents.

Two additional cherries on the sundae are the elements of worldview and faith. My whole family are up-by-the-bootstraps types, and they’ve really lived that narrative—the single parenthood, the abuse survival, the lack of opportunities, the pure grit and overcoming problems like addiction, all of it. In addition to that, I was raised Baptist, and my step-family is Catholic. It’s been a real relief and mark of success for me to hear them saying out loud that they’re proud of my work, even the pieces of it that they don’t exactly jive with. I’m infinitely grateful to have reached that point with them.

  1. What is next for you, when it comes to art and your intuitive gifts? Do you already have future plans on how you will grow your practice?


Recently, I made several big changes in my life and put my business on hold. I moved back to my hometown with a new perspective, I took a day job to support me while I finished school, and as of December 2017, I finally graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Right now, I’m enjoying working for a big company for the first time in my life, and one that really vibes with my personal philosophy. I’m honing so many skills and building credibility in some I haven’t known quite how or where to flex. Because I’m young, I think I’d like to keep this day job for a while. I’m surrounded by an incredible team, and the environment is doing amazing things for my art and my business. This break is something I’ve really, truly needed.

However, the hiatus is ending this spring. I’ll be back in the saddle by my birthday, the biggest date of the year for my business. My regulars know I always do sales, release new content, and do other cool stuff for my birthday.

This year, I intend to release more content, particularly written and audio consumables. I want to try new things and build a repertoire of downloadable media more accessible than individual readings. My work is not cheap, but I don’t want that to keep value from those drawn to it. In 2018, I want to transform the soil of my business. Maybe this year will bring growth—if that’s what Spirit wants—but for now, I just want to go through everything I’ve got with a fine-tooth comb. My life has changed several times over since I started my business. I haven’t paused since 2011. It’s high time for a thorough creative, logistical, and spiritual internal audit.

  1. For those who want to know, what do you think makes your art intuitive? What makes your art different from other artists who consider themselves also inspired by Source/God/Goddess?


In all honesty, I don’t think I’m that different. The ancient Greeks said artists and poets were inspired by muses, and the voice of the artist was really in the timbre and tone of the muse. At the end of the day, we’re all delivering the work of one voice of the Divine, which has infinitely many voices. There are as many artists as there are facets of the Divine.

On a semantic level, one notable difference is that I’m still immensely skeptical of the intuitive nature of anything I do or make. I don’t know if others struggle with this—they probably do, but I suppose we’re all good at presenting like we don’t. I never called my own work intuitive until someone else did, and even then, I called it that just to be able to market it. My art has always been weird. It never fit in with the fine artists, and it never fit in with the trippy material in the college-town art crowd either. When the metaphysical community wanted it, I called it what they wanted it to be called. While I’ve departed from the combative, a-spiritual, atheistic paradigm I held before starting to sell my art, I haven’t ever fully bought into the notion that I’m seeing something definite or otherworldly. I don’t think there is anything definite about otherworldly things because definite-ness is so inherently earthly. You can’t get more third-dimensional than the notion of undeniable, measurable, observable truth. On a spiritual level, things are so fuzzy that I’d feel hubris claiming I’m literally seeing other dimensional beings in conveniently humanoid and human-ish forms, behavioral patterns, and so forth. My art is full of that skepticism and that beckoning to entertain the fact that there are things we just don’t know, and the not knowing is itself something rapturous.

Another angle might be that I don’t make art in reverence of Spirit. As much as I love ecstatic worship, journaling with deity, delving into divination, really steeping myself in symbolism and mysticism, that’s not where I go to paint. Mostly, I just go blank and an artwork appears. Call it channeling, or flow state, or whatever you like; it isn’t of my will, or at least not consciously. Art is a reflex for me.

Aside from that, I’m using my oil paints for an original work for the first time in a very long time. I’ve got a feeling there’s a whole new repertoire on its way.

  1. How can people reach you for sessions? And do you feel that some clients are for you and that some are not?


I definitely have a niche! Clients looking for quick fixes, easy outs, and gimme answers will probably not be satisfied with my work. I’m not big on answering questions about who likes or hates my client and what they’re thinking, and I’m not big on proving anything. Although I have a history of accuracy according to my clientele, my intention is not to be the most accurate psychic on the block. My intention is to empower.

When my sessions go live again, they’ll be available on my website: www.laurenkellyart.webs.com

I’ll be keeping social media up to date as we get closer to relaunch on my birthday in March. My social media handle is @laurenkellyintuitive, and I’m most active on Instagram and Tumblr.

My print products, books, and downloadable works are all linked on my website and in cycling posts on all social media.

For private local event bookings, professional opportunities, and other inquiries, I’m best reached by email via contact form on my website. I take private sessions and parties in the Oklahoma City area, as well as coaching clientele and ministry service requests, on a case-by-case basis.







Savage Sevyn! Damara and Angela, two musical divas and spiritual women on the path of enlightenment through words and music. They are taking us along on the journey, and aren’t we fortunate to have a connection with these two beautiful spirits. (Ether/Angela) (Zero/Damara)

To listen to the music of Savage Sevyn (click here)

To find out more about Savage Sevyn click pic below

FireShot Capture 4 - savage sevyn - https___savagesevyn.com_

1. What is behind the name Savage Sevyn?

The name Savage Sevyn originally was Damara’s (Zero) musical alias, but then when we merged we decided to use it as our name as a whole.  The name Savage Sevyn means to salvage ones self. Savage means to salvage and Sevyn (seven) is for the primary seven chakras.

2. Can you share how you two became a musical duo?

We started out doing features on each others music projects.  We discovered that we had a lot of musical chemistry, but we also had a lot of the same ideas about life and the same ideas about where we wanted to go with our music.

3. When you decided to become a musical duo did you have a feeling that it would automatically work or did it take time to gel?

 Ether: I always knew that it would work. There was no doubt in my mind at all.
    Zero:  I was a bit nervous about it at first, because I hadn’t really got my own footing being on my own as an artist, however, the more we worked together, the more confident I became in the vision!
4. Do each of you have roles you play within the group or do you just listen to spirit to see who does what?
Always listen to Spirit! We do have certain aspects that we focus on more, regarding our individuality, like vocals, writing, or creating music, but we pretty much follow where the energy is leading us. Sometimes this is instant, and sometimes the process is much deeper and longer to take form.
5. Is one of you the main songwriter?
Zero: I am the songwriter, I write all my lyrics, and Ether does the same for her lyrics.
6. Do you or have you worked with a band in the past and how is the music itself created? Digital or studio instrumental?
No. However, when we create music, it is often done digitally, with added benefits of Ether’s beautiful guitar playing!
7. Has music always been a part of your lives? You may answer individually.
Ether: Yes! My dad taught himself how to play the guitar, this got me interested in listening to albums, which got me interested in making my own music. I started writing lyrics in high school and battle-rapping. I always wrote my own lyrics.
Zero: Yes. My family has always been full of music. I grew up with a musical father, as well as always being surrounded by old school jams and all sorts of different genres of  music.
8. Growing up what kinds of music were each of you attracted to?
Ether: What we consider “old school” now. Stylistics, teddy Pendergrass and shit like that.
Zero: Of course Michael Jackson, lol, but also artists like Sade, Phil Collins, Rachelle Ferrell, to name  a few, but the list goes on.
9. What influences your music today?
Everything! From world events, down to the sounds of nature. Life. The ebbs and flows of our own individual choices. Our own personal growth, healing. We pretty much draw from what we experience or what impacts us in life.
10. From where do you draw inspiration?
From everything! lol. There’s always a new and deeper way of looking at something. From the external view, and internal view.
11. How does your personal relationship play a part in the creative process?
Our personal relationship is a reflection of our music and vise versa. Being close, and together most of the time has helped us both to grow on individual levels. In the music this often reflects, that when one of us is in a really creative moment, the other may be in a more relaxed or contemplative moment. Sometimes we are spot on, and sometimes we aren’t. The music is not a separate “thing” from our lives, but it IS our lives. I also feel it helps us to communicate better, on and off the music scene!
12. What comes first, words or music? 
Depends on the day. lol. Sometimes creating involves both of us jamming. Sometimes one creates and the other comes in later like ” I got these dope lyrics” lol. And sometimes all we have to vibe with is a beautifully created instrumental, that we play with words, harmonies and melodies.


Hello Cheerios, the Starlight is Shining on

Diana R. Chin of DianarChin.com and redlotusdesignz.com


Diana is a Creatrix, a Lightworker, A Tech Goddess, Magic Worker, and a Bruja in Brooklyn

Here she shares with us how she merges all of these titles and still have time to cultivate her own spirit as well. She is a dynamo wife and mother and still has time to be a super creative. What motivates her, who is she on the inside, and how does she incorporate it all? Join Diana on Instagram as @dianarchin and @redlotusdesignz to enjoy all of her creative endeavors…including makeup. Yes!

  1. This is probably the only standard question, but we feel it’s important. Tell us a bit about Diana as a child. What were her passions and was she able to live freely and have fun with them? Was grade/high school confining for you or did it actually help you expand your gifts?


Growing up, I was pretty sheltered. I’m  thankful for my parents strict upbringing.  I didn’t have many friends when I was growing up. I’ve had cats, my artwork, books, video games and a wild imagination. My parents would often tell me that I was pretty active as a child. I remember looking forward to those days after school being home while I was writing poetry, short stories and drawing quirky artwork. I never considered myself a great artist, but I did it for pure fun.  Going to school was not confining at all. In fact, it helped me remain focus and set goals on what I wanted to accomplish.  


  1. We could see right away that you are a passionista. You love to do a lot of creative things. Do you consider yourself a multi-passionate person and if so, how does that work for you? Overwhelming or exhilarating?


Oh definitely! My Mercury and Venus is in Aries so I have a lot of passion running through my veins when it comes to communicating my ideas and translating them into art. To me, the visual artwork and writing helped bridge the gap between my emotions and logic into one cohesive structure. No longer did I feel like I was lacking on one part. I feel a sense of balance. It’s an exhilarating feeling knowing that whatever is manifested in my mind can be translated on a 2D or 3D dimensional format.


  1. Where does your inspiration come from for your artwork?


Being a multicultural woman (I’m part Puerto Rican and Indo-Guyanese), I was always exposed to the different cultural beliefs. The revolving theme around my life was about honoring our ancestors. I’ve had a couple of close calls in my life where it made me reevaluate my life and make it better, instead of taking things for granted.  As a pop culture fanatic, I also draw inspiration from anime, video games and comics. I also have a love for makeup and fashion, so sometimes I would draw fashion illustrations depending on my mood.


4.What significance does the cow have for you, if any?


I’m glad you asked! The cow (whom I lovingly call Betsy) is based on my Sun sign Taurus.  Betsy is the mascot for my website Red Lotus Designz since she was based off of my Pillow Pet Cozy Cow that my husband and I bought together back in August 2010.  Looking further into the cultural beliefs, cows are considered sacred animals in India due to the amount of resources it provides. Plus, they are gentle creatures.  


  1. What is it like working so closely with your significant other and are you able to separate the relationship from the working partnership? Or is that not important for the two of you?


My husband Ron is a Scorpio. While we’re opposites on the zodiac wheel, he is the reason for giving me the encouragement to start Red Lotus Designz since 2011. We went through many evolutions, starting from creating handmade jewelry to now focusing on design work.  Before we founded the website, I met my husband back in college. We’ve worked together on college projects, including our thesis for our Masters degrees. When it comes to work, we’re able to keep the personal and business relationships separately.  What’s more important than anything for the both of us is transparency. Being honest with each other, giving critical feedback while finding ways on improving our services has helped us grow business wise and personally.  When I see my husband, he is a reflection of me and vice versa. You could say that he’s my soulmate.  We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Do you have siblings and how does your family relate to your work? Are they supportive or do they think you are from outer space? 🙂


I grew up as an only child in my current household. But I do have a half sister (from my father’s previous marriage) who is in the media industry. They’re very supportive of my creative endeavors.  


  1. It appears that you are a techie and an artistic person. Have those two worlds always merged for you?


Definitely! Being a techie and a visual artist helped me develop a structure and laid the foundation on my current work with design and divination art. I love the fact that I’m able to take advantage of creating artwork on the fly using my iPad Pro without having to depend on traditional methods (like I used to in the past). Coming from a programming background (I majored in Computer Science back in college), it was pretty easy for me to have a focused mindset on what works and what doesn’t. Having a “debugging” mentality on my artwork helps out.


  1. Can you tell us a little about your spirituality and if it plays a part in your work and creativity?


I’m a solitary eclectic witch.  Coming from a multicultural background, I combine my beliefs in Christianity and Hinduism in my practice.  I work with tarot, oracle and Lenormand cards whenever I’m not sure of something.  It definitely helps play a part in my work and creativity. Most of the inspiration that was drawn from my artwork were based on those influences.  I love bringing a witchy vibe to my design work, while keeping it inspirational and modern.


  1. What is coming up next for you and your businesses? What personally do you want to experience in the coming years and how do you see your business growing and evolving as well?


As of March 2017, I announced that I was dissolving Modern Witchy Woman and no longer offering divination readings. However, I’m still very much a part of the spiritual  industry in terms of creating my decks and providing helpful divination resources via Red Lotus Designz.  I’m currently creating my first tarot deck, Betsy Tarot and also Persona Femina Oracle (scheduled to be released sometime in the Spring 2017). I’m also in the process of compiling my articles during my time with Modern Witchy Woman into one book called Musings from the Modern Witchy Woman (estimate release around May 2017 via Amazon) where I provide words of encouragement and helpful articles on running a business in the divination industry.  I’m also considering creating coloring books and opening up more design services to help small businesses on brand marketing. In a personal level, I’m hoping to collaborate with indie beauty brands who specialise in cruelty-free products as I love showcasing their work. Also, to have an opportunity in collaborating with indie plus size fashion brands as I’m an advocate for plus size women in helping them become confident with their own skin.


What I would love to experience more than anything else is to see my design and divination art make an impact to the cultural communities. My hope is that with my artwork I will provide a voice to those who feel that they are not represented in the visual arts and divination industry. Too many times, I’ve encountered decks that do not showcase the core values of their backgrounds.  My business has always been on the road to evolution. Just like Doctor Who, it goes through different regenerations. Each marks a different chapter in our lives. Right now, it went through a major regeneration where I’m able to combine my love for design and divination into one roof. Will this be the final regeneration? Maybe. But I know that at the end of the day, there will always be room for growth on a personal, business and spiritual level.  


Connect with Diana Chin:

Website: http://redlotusdesignz.com

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube: @redlotusdesignz


Personal website: http://dianarchin.com

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @dianarchin

True Seed Temple and it’s Creatrix, Damara


We met Damara @truseedtemp on Instagram. Yes, another amazing goddess on Instagram has caught our attention. Andie and I talk about how fortunate we are and led by Spirit to choose all of you for our interview section. We have learned so much and been so inspired by all of you, and Damara is certainly no exception. 

This is only a part of her story, and as she would put it, may it inspire you and other women through times of trials and tribulations. 

Meet Damara @truseedtemp on IG…

  1. You talk a bit about self-hate. How did that affect your life and your choices?

Well, the thing is, I didn’t know it was self hate, until I found out I was pregnant with my son. Up until that point, I lived my life, blaming everyone for the way I felt. How did I feel? Worthless, dirty, ugly, like a curse. You see, when I was younger, I experienced sexual assault, molestation, as well as being raised Jehovah’s Witness. While I am not knocking this group, I didn’t feel it resonated with me at all, I didn’t understand it, and since women shaming comes up alot unfortunately in many religions, I felt like because of what happened to me, that I was going to hell, or that I was evil. Less than a man. Less than a being with emotions, power and control over my own actions. Everything that I loved….magick, gypsies, fortune telling, oracle and tarot, being clairvoyant and clairsentient, were all looked on as something bad and evil. Soooo…that basically spiraled into a shit load of poor life choices. Or at least that’s how I viewed them at that time.  Because I felt worthless, less than, I acted so. I developed a bit early, so I got a lot of extra attention, some good, the rest not so good. I grew to hate my body, because it seemed like the attention i would attract the most, was from men, and women…who just wanted to use and abuse my body. So I carried that attitude around with me. This view of my life made me bitter, and angry. I chose relationships just so I could hurt others before they hurt me. I felt like I had been soiled so I really didn’t have anything to offer. Just doubting myself, hurting myself, not eating right, not being kind the whole 9 yards.

  1. How did you learn to love yourself and have you been able to dispel those feelings of self-hate from your life completely?

What really got my mind right was my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage. I took that very hard, I was 18. Which contributed to my self hate, thinking that I had been cursed, and was not even fit to be a mother. I poured myself into everything but MYSELF…til finally the universe was like, “Oh hell naw…this girl needs help fo’ she flies off the point of no return.” So it sent me Sebastian. My savior. Even now as i type this, I am overcome with emotions. Gratitude and love. Because while i was searching for a reason to live, a reason to love…he came along. He loves me more than anything in his life. And I love him the same! He taught me how to care for myself, and what it truly meant to love.

I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was about 4 months along. At first i was filled with guilt and shame, because I had been smoking, drinking and partying up until that point. I never suspected until the fourth month, because I got my cycle regularly, which was surprising to me. His will to live was so strong. When I had my first doc appointment. I cried and cried. I thought I didn’t deserve this. I’m not fit. I can barely take care of myself. Not to mention, I also worried about the paternity, which was between two men. Getting out of one relationship, and jumping into another unhealthy fling….Those I thought were friends criticized me. My father didn’t speak to me for a while, he was hurt, but shit so was I. My mother had her issues with it as well, and that didn’t help the situation much either. This was the beginning of my journey. This was the point where I knew something had to shake. And it was me. So I would sit, each day, and talk to my unborn child, asking what he needed from me, why he chose me, and how I could give him the best life he could have. He responded through my body, helping me to crave foods that were nourishing, i had terrible morning sickness, I was always working, or teaching dance, so i he taught me the value of resting, eating right. I then began to see, that he was healing me, as i carried him- he was molding me, tuning me. Divine, raw pure energy…I said to myself….”damn…you’re a part of me, you are ME. I gotta get my shit together.” All my emotions, all the things that had ever happened to me didn’t matter anymore, because he had proven that i was worthy. He had proven that I was capable of showing love, of sharing and giving my love to another and to myself. Whooo….ya’ll got me over here crying and shit. Lol. But seriously, this is how I first began my journey to loving myself. After that point, i dedicated my life to helping him grow, and also to helping myself heal, studying my emotions, my insecurities and fears. Redirecting my self image. Slowly, but surely.

I would also say, yes! I say this because I have already accepted my healing. But like all good things, all strong things, it takes time to catch up. Because I have accepted my healing, all the years worth of gunk and garbage, hate and negative energy I accumulated has to come out. Like one big, long ass detox.Some days are tough, just like detoxing, you feel tired, exhausted, and some days you are full of energy and ready to take over the world! I have learned to take each second as it comes, and trust that was is coming out is done with.


  1. Do you believe that every woman, whatever her circumstances, now and/or in the past is able to rid themselves of self-hatred and begin to love themselves fully?

Yes!! Every woman has that point in their life, where they have felt like I have felt. But like I said, we all make our choices. I feel like we often make excuses because we just aren’t ready to put in some real work. I can understand why, in a world where there is a pill, a mask, for every little thing teaches us about ourselves, not to mention our upbringing. All of these things play a role…but at some point you just have to stop and use your own brain. I am a firm believer, that if you spend all your time focusing on the all the things that make you feel bad, or upset, or that are harmful, when do you really have time to give your attention to the things you want or need. You have to want it bad enough. The first step is setting it in your mind and heart….When I started asking my son, inside of me, what he needed, how to care for him, I was immediately answered. If you have the will- the universe will make a way. As soon as you make up in your heart that you are tired of feeling like shit…the pathways will open up instantaneously….will it be easy….hell naw. Will you have to put in that good elbow grease…will you have to get dirty before you can shine….hell yea.

  1. What was the most liberating moment on your journey?

The most liberating moment on my journey came recently. Last year to be exact. I spent a lot of time growing TrueSeed-which is my personal healing mantra, and ministry. Creating this ministry has been part of my ongoing process of healing and growing. Last year I finally let go of my fears to succeed. Of my doubt to flourish, to heal, to live the life I want to live. To be happy. I looked around and noticed all the beauty there was around me. I have a wonderful partner, beautiful son and  family. I have absolutely everything I need at all times! ALL TIMES! I am never without, even when I think I am and I begin to stress, I always remind myself, that all is as it should be. This is the most liberating feeling to me. The need of trying to control every little thing, every little outcome dissipates. I am able to have control over the things that matter the most…which is MYSELF-and not so much control….but TRUST. I trust in myself and my abilities, and this leads me to meet amazing people, have amazing experiences, and truly loving myself and my life, and all that comes with it.


  1. Having been on this long journey, going through, and emerging from so much strife, do you feel that you have arrived, or does the journey continue in a different way?


To be honest, I don’t know if this journey will ever be over. I feel like I am leveling up. Each level brings something new, something different. A perception, the way I eat, socialize, constantly evolving. Constantly moving, like water over stones, shaping them over time. It seems like every time i get good at something, every time I master something….it basically says, “ha! thought you were done , I don’t think so!” lol, and this to me is exciting. I love to explore, to investigate, to go on adventures, and this is the biggest one I’ve been on.  Each day i’m learning something new about myself, things i like, and things I don’t…but then I have a reason to investigate the things I don’t like and that leads me deeper to my core. It’s like trying to predict the weather. You can make your guesses, but it’s basically going to do what the fuck it wants to , at any given moment. No permission. And no apologies.


  1. You talk about the power of love and that it plays a part along your path of self-loving. What power do you feel Love holds in our lives?

Oooooooh, this is such a beautiful thing. Love. We are love. Love is everything. To me love is synonymous with Truth. Truth is synonymous with Nature. All these are the same to me. I know this to be true, because every emotion, every action, every desire, can be found in nature. Nature does exactly what it’s supposed to, no matter the circumstance. It can be very beautiful, very calm, very delighting. At the same time, it can be very mysterious, majestic, and deep. Even more, it can be violent, aggressive, turbulent and raging.

We find all these aspects in us, or in ourselves, and in the people we meet. They all serve to nourish and nurture our spirits. Just as the natural forest fires serve to stimulate the atmosphere and move energy where it’s needed. So do raging passions and relationships. The seemingly terrible times, raging times all serve as a force to elevate our thinking. Should we choose to go with the ebb and flow, and trust in the “inner majesty”. The seemingly good times, serves as reinforcement, like rains water for seeds, constantly pushing them to grow. This is true love. Being able to embrace all these elements, and grow to be strong, inside and out.



  1. What have you learned from motherhood? Has it changed the way you practice your healing services?

I have learned that is helps you to be tough as shit! It constantly reminds you to check yourself. To check your attitude, your habits and your behaviors. It also helps me to appreciate and care for myself more. I want to be here a long time, to watch him grow and get old, and make his choices. This has helped me strengthen my healing services. I always encourage him to think for himself, to trust in himself, to be creative…to love himself, to be kind to himself. In a way, it reminds me that we are all still children in a sense, because we are never above nurturing, above guidance and above learning. So when I offer my services, I don’t enter into the relationship as a know it all, or even with any expectations. I know that each person is different, and has their own truth to share. Just as my son serves as a great teacher, so too do those who seek my assistance. We assist one another. It also helps me to trust in myself. To be confident, to be honest and to be willing to listen, to give as well as receiving with gratitude

  1. In what ways has motherhood continued to heal you?

There is never a dull moment. I homeschool my son, so each day we are together. Each day is not always about work done on paper, but about life experiences, learning about intuition and why it’s important to trust it. Learning to be kind, learning to be thankful and how to take care of yourself. I sometimes find myself fussing- “ you need to use your brain, you need to focus, do this do that!” This then makes me focus on myself in the same way. I have learned that there is a strong and distinct difference between talking and lecturing,and leading by example. Every day I am molded into something new something greater. As I change, so do does he.

  1. What exactly is a “true seed”? What does it mean within your heart and within your practice with women?

We are all True Seeds. Because we have all experienced the darkness of the soil, deep in the earth. We have all had to fight our way out of the that shell, pushing through roots, sticks, stones and soil, just to break the surface. Only to find that we must brave the coldest winters, the scorching sun and droughts, storms, freezing rains. Tornadoes, hurricanes. We must survive the harshest realities, and even when it seems like there is no hope, like we should just give up, we find that all those different experiences…the raging storms, the calm sunny weather, the frigid freezing cold….all taught us how to be strong. All helped us grow from small, vulnerable seeds, to strong, sturdy trees. That house all forms of life. The shield and protect, that purify and pass on new seeds to be nourished, strengthened and nurtured. A True Seed is you. Me. him. Her. young and old, alive and passed on to the next life. Ancestors and the unborn. All seeds, full of life and ready to grow. Always growing.

For women, have come to learn how powerful we are. How beautiful we all are, every culture every walk of life. How we shape the world…the Universe through our joys, our pains, our love, our hate, our anger and our healing. We are constantly dying and being reborn. Like seeds, we grow and once we reach a certain point of maturity, that energy is cycled back into the earth, the universe, and we are able to nurture the new seeds we have left behind. Constantly pushing through the sticks,stones and roots. Braving the weather, soaking up the sun and the moon. Growing in our own beautiful and unique ways.


  1. Damara, what are your near future plans for TrueSeed? How do you see it growing and where will those branches reach out to? What is next? Or its it whole?


TrueSeed is a continued work in progress. It is already whole…however when each piece is ready for me to understand, i will be made aware of it. I am finding that the more I let life do its thang, the more i work on me, the more TrueSeed evolves. It is me. Everything about this program is me, my soul,my experiences and services.

We(my family and I) are currently in the process of acuiring rural land, in order to better facilitate my growth and the growth of TrueSeed. For the past 6 years, I have been offering services from my home, however I feel that it is time to move into a space that better suits this beautiful way of life. Through this I know I will be able to better assist myself and other women in their healing journey. To create a space of refuge, especially for young girls and women who have been, and are being sexually,mentally, emotionally and physically abused. A place of comfort, a place of release where they can be themselves and take those seeds back home with them. Where they can learn the art of self-love and appreciation. Where we can grown together as mothers and sisters.A rehabilitation for the body, mind and spirit. In the heart of nature….getting back to our “roots”. Grand adventure awaits!

I’d first like to take this oppurtunity to that YOU-Kimm, and Andie, for this wonderful opportunity to share a piece of my life, especially among other very beautiful, gifted and amazing women. You all have inspired me to really put my heart and soul into my journey!

Anyone looking to view my services, blog and shoppe, you may find me here at: WWW.TRUESEEDTEMPLE.COM

I am also on instagram under:  trueseedtemp

Also, I am a musician, my group is called- Savage Sevyn! Check out our dopetastic tunes @ WWW.SAVAGESEVYN.COM


iWonder Sisters: And thank you Damara! It took us two mornings over coffee to read this because parts of it are so emotional. So we thank you for sharing so fully and so courageously!

Much love Sister,

Kimm and Andie

Sherry Sharp, the Moon Poetess!!


We had to interview Sherry because as we explored her work, it showed us quite a bit about who she is, but we wanted, needed to know more. This Creative, Artist, Dreamer, and Manifestor is so much more than even all of our words can express, but thankfully, Sherry does a helluva job expressing herself, about her Self. The more we got to know her, we wanted to share her thoughts, opinions, ideas, and wisdom, with all of you.

So here she is, goddess, Stevie Nicks lover, Creatrix,  author, poet, and family woman,…Sherry Sharp, the Moon Poetess!

1. Sherry, if you could use one word, just for today, that speaks of who you are when no one is watching, what would it be?   Resilient.

2. For us and our readers, do you have a label for your artwork and other forms of expression? How would you explain your art style for someone who has never seen your work? I’ve come to see that my work is Intuitive. I serve the Goddess with my artwork and my books for women. I see myself as a Healer, an Art Healer. Though I may have visions of what I want to create, She will always come through and put her spin on it. My books were never meant to be books, in my mind. I was in a grieving part of my life, over bad choices I had made, that did not reflect any self-love or self-respect on my part, and I was hurting over choices others made that I didn’t understand. I was grieving over the loss of my dear uncle who died of a drug overdose. I sat at his bedside, while he was taken off life support. I have also lost both of my brothers young.  I’m no stranger to loss.  One day, I came across a page on Facebook that spoke of the Divine Feminine and it intrigued me. What did that mean? I was raised Catholic and though never felt that I resonated with the message of the church, I did whole heartedly believe in God, a Great Creator, that I knew loved me, and I felt there was something missing in the church’s reiteration of Jesus’s message.  I felt Jesus was really telling us that we are Creators. That was the primary message. “These things I have done, you shall do , and greater” (to paraphrase)   I just didn’t know what  the truth of that looked like in my mind’s eye for me. I was so lost, but I wanted to be found.  So when I discovered that I could choose to feel my Higher Power as a feminine entity, I was enthralled. I dove right in. I read so many books, and started talking to other women that could help me expand this idea.  But I also spoke to HER. There was something inside me that was not intimidated by that idea at all. The time was right. I was ripe and ready and it was do or die time. I knew I had to ask. I had to believe I had a communion that was on equal playing ground. That I was seen as good and deserving. I titled my second book, CALL HER IN, because that is what I did, and I understood the Power of that. She came right in. She also said, I’ll be your lap, but I will also be your whip. She held me, and she prodded me both. I’ve had many spiritual experiences; too many to name here, but let me say, I heard her voice. I felt Her in my body. We merged. It was not a worship service with the Goddess on a pedestal; it was me and Her doing the work each day. Hard, soul work, in the cave of me. Really searching the whys of me and how I have acted and reacted all my life. I saw myself like I never did. I understood how little I loved myself all my life. I began to focus on a deep self- love process.

3.Who were you as a little girl? Did you always know that you were an artist and writer or did this gift develop later on in life? I have always loved art and poetry and spirituality. I love the freedom of all of them. The healing power. I did draw since I was young, ten. I wrote poetry in my teens. I was always an old poet soul. I was that teen that read books on reincarnation and tried to engage all my friends in deep conversations on life. I was an art major in high school. But, I also loved people, and human behavior, so I got a degree in Psychology. I so see now, that every path, led me to my current path.  That path is to empower women and remind them of their beauty and light. I love the intersection of the divine and the human, and the immense calling we are all on. I always knew I was an artist and a writer. I just didn’t have a specific focus until The Goddess opened me up. I now have an etsy shop, http://www.dreamalittledesigns.etsy.com .  This is where all my Gypsy Goddess art, décor, and jewelry, altar art and candles, and my books are for purchase.  When someone orders a book from my etsy shop (it is on amazon too) I mail them out verses amazon. I like this better, here’s why… I can add a healing personal message to the recipient.  I’ve come to understand that as I sit with the book, the Goddess will lead me to meditate on the person, and if I open the book to a guided page (kinda like Tarot readings) that page in the book will tell me what the recipient needs to hear at that time. I then just know what to write to them as a healing divination. I put the pen to the inner book cover, and the Goddess writes for me, what they need to hear.  It’s so beautiful, it gives me shivers.

4. Call Her In, is one of your beautiful books. What made you want to write that book? Did it just flow organically or was there a very specific intention for this book.

At one point, She asked me to start an online woman’s empowerment page. I said, what do I put on it? She said just start it, you will know. Start with putting some of your poems. So I did, feeling really weird. Who was I to create this, what would I say on it. What started to happen was this flow of answers and words from Her. It wasn’t like I asked her questions specifically, each day something would prompt me. An image. Something I read.  I would just know to write about it. I wrote and wrote and wrote, and posted it for other women.  I was healing myself, but the sharing, was in turn helping other women . That is how it works at its best. I never really looked back. The writing was coming too fast.  I was completely focused on Her and Her opening in my life, and I feel that this proves that what we focus on we create, we welcome in . One day, She said, and now you have a book my child. I was like oh no! haha.  When I looked back at the immense amount of writing I had done in a couple years, enough for two books, I saw what Her plan was all along. I also often looked at it and thought, who wrote this. I wrote this? Because honestly, I’m human and still learning each day what a struggle that can be. I wasn’t always applying what I was writing, you see. But The Goddess gives us sacred space to allow that too. Each day is a birthday toward what gains we make. Anyway,  I realized the material was channeled through me. All art is, though, so I don’t say that in a spiritually la-tee da voice, like  I’m so above it all. I’m a student. A perennial beginner. A devout believer.  But let me say, that I trust. I have deep, deep , wells deep trust in my Source Energy.  And, I took the promise, a be a priestess, who serves Her toward rising up in any other woman I can find to do that for.

5. You say that art has been your saving grace. Those are your words. Could you say more about that?

Art allows me to express, heal, clarify, purge, beautify, communicate, remind, remember and heal. We are creative beings, and when we shut that down, we start to die.

One of the things that I am most proud of is the volunteer service I do each week for the last three years at a local woman’s shelter for homeless, abused, and ex addict women.  I created, with the help of Goddess, an art/poetry circle there. Each week I ask Her for ideas, and I wake up with them. When my uncle was missing, and our family couldn’t reach him, our drug intervention we provided for him failed, and then he went missing for years.  I was distraught and more scared then I have ever been in my whole life. I knew he could die. One late night, I was outside praying, and at that time, drinking a lot almost every night, to escape my nighttime fears. Because at night, the fear reached epic proportions. Everyone was in bed. I was up and paralyzed.  I was outside one night and a black cat came out of nowhere, and jumped up on this half wall in my yard, where I was sitting, very intoxicated, and holding a photo of him, weeping what felt like blood tears. I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew that night that we were going to eventually lose him. So , I said, Goddess, I’m destroying myself and my life over this. What do I do? I will do what you say.  I wanted to help someone that wanted help, that wanted to live. If I couldn’t help him, I would help someone.  What eventually happened was a little dragonfly came to me one day on my porch. On a better day, when I was ready. It sat by me on my swing, for the longest time, and I knew it had something it wanted to tell me. I don’t mean to sound loony, but I asked it, what did you come to say. I heard a voice, deep inside me, say, go to the woman’s shelter. I said, no, what would I do there.  I was terrified. I thought these are women with serious life crisis, why would they care about poems and art. But the dragonfly, said, “You were born to do this”. I got up, I went in the house, I called a local shelter, they said, yes we need someone just like you!  It has been a pure gift. I will go the rest of my life, in my precious uncle’s memory, and for my love of art and poetry and my deep belief that women are the most powerful vessel on this earth, when we own our power and share our gifts.  And the women love it. They are so open and vulnerable and communicative, because they want to see the magic of life again. They want to be creative Creatoresses.

6. For our readers as well as for us=- what exactly do you mean when you say you have a “Gypsy Soul”?

My grandmother used to say that gypsies were bad. She would yell at us, stop acting like a gypsy if we were misbehaving. Haha. I always knew gypsies and witches were sacred.  I felt it. I knew it meant some kind of freedom for me. But, as I delved into the Divine Feminine movement and words, I understood it finally. I am my savior. I am the number one source in my life. All else that I can give flows from my freedom to understand that I chose to be the wise women, the wild expressive woman, the intuition I need, the teacher for myself, the self-healer, the connector to my angels, my guides, my passed over loved ones, my God/dess energy. To be a Gypsy is to have the freedom to choose how I see life, to choose to see the beauty and magic that is always there, and clearly more powerful than fear and any form of fear and hate. Magic is just another word for creating our own reality. I create the magic in my life. I see that no matter what is going on outside of me, my soul, my eternal inside of me, is my guide and my buoy, my Protectress. We are here to gypsy on. We are completely resilient powerful creators.  A gypsy keeps moving forward. A gypsy is nomad, not defined by any stage of her life, learning from all of it.  A gypsy does not judge life, she lives all of it. I write much more in both of my books about what it means to be a gypsy and a witch and a priestess and a healer. This is our birthright as women. Forgot the connotations.  If it feels right to you. It’s right. Explore it. That is what gypsies do, they explore.

7. Do you wake up with new ideas every day? What inspires you?

I do. I have more ideas that I have human time to create. I love that. I used to feel burdened by not having the time. Then I saw how the journeys, the ideas, are also a blessed part of the path. We are so about results and endings in this world.  It’s a waste of energy. Let’s just enjoy the day. If I imagine it, it already exists, I feel. It’s a gift that all this energy soars though me. And some days, I have the idea, but my body just wants to lay on the couch and read a book. So I do. I know if it is meant to be a hard core tangible, it will come in due time.  It’s more important to me that I talk to one woman a day that I can serve to bring her back to herself somehow. What inspires me? I love nature, nature is the ultimate healer. It is so giving, so open, so renewing, so creative, so vibrant in every season. I aspire to be Nature. I am Nature. For I am part of this great ecosystem of plants, animals, humans, elements, weather.  We are all on this planet…Together. We can heal and rebirth each other, if we so chose it. When I’m in nature, I feel the heartbeat of it, the breath, in every little dewdrop, and vein of a leaf. This past year I’ve spent so much time hiking, running trails, walking, praying , kissing trees, (yes I’ve moved on from hugging them, I now kiss them) listening to the wind, watching clouds. I’m engrossed in Nature. I do believe it is part of my healing process and knowing more of Goddess and how she shows up in this world. Much of my poems, prayers, prose, rituals, affirmations, chants, and journal exercises in my books are about Mother Nature, and how She truly is meant to teach and heal us. I am also inspired by other women that are strong and out there doing the work each day to lift women up. SO many ways to heal. What is your way, I say? Service is the answer. People who serve with no agenda, and sometimes no payment even, are the real heroes of this world. Presence with another, and compassion and service, is why we are here.

8. What are you looking forward to in the future? Your work? Relationships? Your creative process? What tickles your soul when you think about the future?

I am finally going to get my Reiki certification these next few months. I feel this will open me further and help guide me how to best use my natural healing abilities. I’ve learned recently , that I’m capable of going to people in their dream state and offer them healing energies from the Goddess to open them to their own innate healing powers.  I’m also being told, by my Goddess voice, that I need to think about leading some retreats for women. It will be Creative Healing retreats with art/poetry/ nature walks and rituals, reiki/ fire circles/ self-love exercises. I’m still formulating this in my soul. I’ll know when it’s right.

I feel a third book coming, that will be more biographical about my journey at the Woman’s Shelter, what those women taught me about life, how they showed me the oneness of life and how we all just want to beloved, seen, heard, and feel we have a worthy contribution.  It’s very simple. And we are all the same on a soul level with these goals. This book will include my story as well, my spiritual journey to Goddess realization, and my dialogues with Her, and my dialogues with Nature.

What tickles my soul is this. Reminding women that they are their own church, their own guru and master, their own healer, their own alchemist for change, their own bible, temple, doctrine. All these tools and messengers over time, rituals, teachers, are here to remind us of that too. We should not get lost in believing anyone or thing outside of us knows more than we do about our awakening. I want women to know that a universe lives in them, and their life story matters. That really exploring their story and sharing it will not only save their life, it will save the life of another woman. I also want to teach women to experience life. We don’t learn by watching or reading, we learn by experiencing. That is exactly what Source Energy is doing through us. Experiencing life as a living concept.  It’s all so beautiful.

Sherry Sharp

Women can find me on Instagram as moonpoetess, and on Facebook as Goddess Girl Rising page.

My etsy shop is www.dreamalittledesigns.etsy.com.

Sherry, Andie and I read your interview over coffee for two mornings! It was like receiving some goddess wisdom we didn’t know existed. Your words are powerful and radical, shifting and we so appreciate what you do for us and all the women in which you come in contact,

Much love and thanks,

Andie and Kimm

Hello Cheerios! The Starlight is Shining on

iWonder’s First Rising Star 

Lakisha Keats


Andie and I met Lakisha as @alchemommy on Instagram. We loved her feed, and her love of the Tarot. We also loved the interaction. When you make a comment or ask a question of someone on social media and they actually answer, it can be the coolest experience, and that’s how we met @alchemommy. We then realized Lakisha had a blog and immediately found a woman who was writing from a pure place within herself, and we wanted to know more about her.

We asked Lakisha if she would be our first rising star because she shared with us that she was still figuring out where the blog would go, and she thankfully said yes.

So here she is… @alchemommy Lakisha Keats, Writer, Mother, Creatrix…

  1. We are so interested in your young years. What was it like, growing up in Georgia? It was a lot more mellow than it is now that’s for sure! Omg, wth is wrong with these people nowadays?! *shakes a curmudgeonly fist at the neverending onslaught of rude, angry folks that have invaded* I was born in Atlanta, raised mostly here (love my city!) although we lived in Marietta for a short time as well at one point when I was way younger. People like to hate on the South and yeah we have our issues but where on planet Earth doesn’t? People used to talk to each other here, the neighborhoods were more cohesive, everybody more or less knew each other, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And we had neighborhood businesses- restaurants and barber shops, grocers and pool halls. It’s not like that anymore. It’s all Wal-Marts and Targets and Publixes and other chains. And the fear folks are putting out is freaking epic; very intense.
2.   What kind of child were you growing up? Solitary? Gregarious? Do you have siblings? Was your family close knit? As a kid I was constantly, I mean CONSTANTLY reading lol. Books were like movies to me, better even (and my family loooooooved our movies!) I would transport myself to all these amazing worlds and be perfectly content on my own. I would draw, watch cartoons, listen to music, play Nintendo, good stuff! It wasn’t until I was getting into middle school and high school that I got to thinking I was odd and started trying to figure out how to fit in with other people, which never, ever worked by the way lol. I have three other siblings, an older brother who is around eleven-ish years older than me and a younger brother and sister who are twins that are a little under four years younger than me. Were we close knit? The way I see it the core of our family was: my Mom, brothers, sister, and I were in all of our various ways. There was and still is a lot of dysfunction in our family as a whole, people on their own journeys, figuring out what they’re doing here on Earth and why; getting in their lessons, just down here in the thick of it. I don’t have much contact with most of my extended family but I still talk to my brothers and sister. I sure would like to dig into our family tree. I know my Uncle said we’ve got somebody that’s researched my Mom’s side very well; I need to get to family reunion! Our Mother died in 2003, New Years Eve. My Mom has helped me understand so much about Death after she left this planet. I sure do miss her in the physical. Nobody loves you like your Mama loves you!
3. What first drew you to the tarot? And how long have you been studying and working with it? I’ve had numerous synchronistic events happen over the years, from as far back as I can recall, that were pulling me toward, or rather keeping me on, my path. I think it was probably when I was lead to these videos made by a seeker called Akult777. He will likely never know in this life, but him putting his journal and videos out helped bring me back to my awareness of myself. I don’t know how to explain what happened exactly. It was like lightening shot through me looking at the information he put out for people to dig into on various levels. Before this experience, at the time, I was in so much pain, with no idea of what was wrong with me, what was happening, why was I going through these calamities, why had so much of my life been so difficult, why did everything always feel wrong. I likely had my memory jogged about Tarot with those videos. I then found learntarot.com and Wilma Carroll’s 2-Hour Tarot Tutor, ordered my Original RWS, and never looked back! As a stay-at-home-mom I was alone at home with my kids pretty much all the time and I hardly ever read books anymore or did anything for myself. I need to always be learning and doing something new (where my Libras at!) and the stagnation, the monotony was, to say the least, overwhelming. So learning Tarot was a perfect road for me to go down. I’ve been studying and working with the cards since around July or so of 2013 if notes and memory serve.
4. We are curious about the name you have chosen – Alchemommy. Do you see yourself as an alchemist? How does that manifest in your daily life? Alchemist, witch, occultist, angel, devil, I’m all of these things and more. Every single day I get to confront myself, go deeper into all the things I’m afraid of, what I adore, what I’m ashamed of, and examine them. It hurts, it makes you sweat, it feels so…damn…GOOD, cleansing, expanding, cracking yourself open. Who am I? What am I? I’m here to learn, to continuously work at turning this base metal into gold. Something I’ve found out as a Mother this go ’round is that there is nothing that will test you more than this role. With my children being 10 and 6 they give me ample opportunities! Because being a Mom is at the center of my life right now and is teaching me so much, AlcheMommy sounded perfect to me. Even before motherhood though, I can look back and see the work I was putting in, what I didn’t understand at the time. I’ve seen patterns in my life so similar that they honestly could have been the same events and eventually it dawned on me what was happening! Driving, interacting with people, what I think and how I am in these situations all give me time to reflect on and refine myself.
5. You speak about your children in the “About” section of your blog. How do you balance your metaphysical life with “mommyhood”? Is it all of a piece as they say? All part of the whole? Yes, it’s part of the whole of my life. There is absolutely no separation between my metaphysical life and motherhood. In fact, getting pregnant with our older son was that first jolt, that first spark, of remembrance. You know, that something deep down in you that knows. I felt a switch flip and my pregnancy set it off.
6.You are very open in your blog about your day-to-day struggles and challenges. Is this something that comes naturally to you or were you hesitant about being so forthcoming and personal? I have to laugh here because for many, many years I put on a face of what I thought would make people like me. I’m extremely introverted and have to feel a pretty distinct connection with a person to open up to them, which doesn’t happen easily, at all lol. But when it does, it’s difficult to shut an introvert up, ha! I love, need, and crave my solitude. I think when I write, I write like I’m talking to pieces of myself? At first I hesitated to put myself out there because I didn’t want to shine light on my imperfections. But then I started pondering the why’s of this. Who was I trying to impress? It was time to let all that go.
7. Your blog is so honest. Is it difficult for you to be that open? It used to be difficult but not so much now. The deeper I continue to go within myself the more I see, and the harder I fall for me, flaws, mistakes and all along for the ride. Every bit of this is me and there’s no need to run from the chick staring back at me. I look around sometimes, scratch that, daily, and feel so out of place. Everyone seems to be perfect and happy and getting it all done but it feels not real, like the faces people wear because we’re all supposed to be put together seamlessly, no cracks, perfect pictures, flawless family, business and money on lock, stuntin’ on everybody with hardly any effort put forth at all. But that’s not what I see and that’s not what I feel when I’m around people a lot of the time. I need to write about my observations in the world, it helps me process and make sense of my life and what’s around me, what information I need for my continued growth.
8. We’ve read that you are still not sure what direction your blog was headed. What was your catalyst for beginning the blog? I needed to start writing again for one. I have all these thoughts just brewing around in my brain and they gotta go somewhere! I wanted to document where I was, where I am, where I’m going and see who else is out there I wanted to communicate with other people that aren’t afraid to be themselves. Also, I’ve never fit in anywhere and just said screw it, I want to see my thought trains reflected back at me through my typing it out. I have so many interests, I wanted a place that will let me stretch my legs as I continue to figure myself out.
9. Do you consider yourself a witch? If so what does family, close friends think of that title? If not, then how would you describe yourself spiritually? Or do you simply skip the labels? Witch is one of the things I call myself, yeah. As far as I know, most folks in my family are religious, very Christian, or at least with a Christianized, super religious mindset and quite afraid of Hell and the Devil and Jesus being upset with them for some transgression or another. What’s funny is that I’ve seen over and over people with this kind of mindset do witchcraft and magick for all kinds of things but never call it that. This used to boggle my mind as a kid even before I realized I’m a witch or exactly what witchcraft was. I used to get in trouble for pointing this stuff out lol. All I knew was that people would speak on how terrible a thing was but then turn around and do it; tripped me out.
10. With children one’s life can be put on the back-burner, have you found that to be true or are you able to carve out space and time for your own dreams, passions, and goals? At this point, yeah, I’d say that things I want just for me, my own dreams and goals and passions, they’re not as front and center as I would like them to be. Sometimes I get pretty salty about that, especially when I see other people experiencing what I long to but I’ve got detours to take before I get mine. I’ve hit my head enough times there to know I’m exactly where I need to be wherever I am, as frustrating as this may get. With my practice, I have to live it in a very practical, down-to-earth way. I’m not always able to do elaborate rituals the way I would like and I have a mountain of books crying and begging for my attention. I want to change up my altar and my meditation game needs some lovin’. I want to get back to drawing and writing more and doing math and coding. I want to learn how to belly dance and brew beer at home. I want to go to the opera. I want a vacation, ha! But I do my very best to stay present during my days and when I find I’m not present, come back to myself. I look, speak, listen, feel, follow signs; I breathe. I say thank you and look up and look in. I do long for when I can take my coffee, my cards, my stack of books, and go to town daily like I want to though. You know what’s funny? My children helped me figure out who I am and the directions I want to go but at this point I don’t have a whole lot of time to spend really digging in the way I’m driven to. Life lessons man, life lessons.
11. Tell us about any plans with the blog, Instagram, or anything you have cooking that includes us seeing and hearing more from you. Well I plan on writing more posts for the blog definitely. It’s tough because my life is so hectic, I find myself absolutely drained by the end of the day which makes writing extremely difficult for me. Homeschooling, driving everywhere, cooking, cleaning, shopping, parenting, organizing, doing my best to learn new things like how to make videos and memes, getting time in daily to study and work with my decks, library trips, etc. and so on. Whew! I’m getting there but it’s a slow process with so many other responsibilities. I want to start a YouTube channel so I’ll post about that when it happens. And I want to start doing something like Free Reading Fridays on Instagram soon, just gotta figure out how to work that when I’ve always got a kid with me lol. I have a Twitter that’s being neglected so I’ll start utilizing that more when I start getting new blog posts up again. I should probably make an AlcheMommy Facebook page but I really, really don’t care for Facebook; I really don’t lol. Either way, I’ll get it together and be around! 
iWonder Sisters: Andie and I agree with you about Facebook when it comes to the biz pages! lol. 
Thank you so much Lakisha, for this beautiful interview. Your gift of writing definitely comes through. It was such a pleasure reading about your perspectives on your life and life in general. And isn’t it true, how much the places we grew up in have changed.
We greatly look forward to your online evolution and seeing and hearing more about your creative expression. We look forward to seeing what that looks like.
Much love and deep gratitude, Lady!
Andie and Kimm

Willows East Gretchen Pearl

Most of our interviews come from meeting such super talented people on Instagram.


They light us up, inspire us everyday, and we learn so much from all of them, how to be more of ourselves. 

Gretchen is one of those inspirational people who just have a way of making you know that YOU CAN DO IT! She certainly has done it! A gorgeous blog and website dedicated to nurturing our intuitions, the greatest gift we have. 

We are honored to have met her online and even more honored to have her say yes to our interview request. Gretchen, thank you. 

1. Gretchen, we know that the title of your website is related to the willow tree. What is you special connection to this tree and what made you decide to use this as your business name?

My sister and I grew up in the suburbs of New York. Across the street from our house, in a town park, was a giant willow tree. It was our pretend house, a refuge from spring rainstorms, and a great climbing and lounging tree. It was our home away from home. When I created Willows East, I wanted to bring the willow symbolism into the site. I was pleased to find many resources about it representing wisdom, love, hope, awareness, protection, and healing.

2. You describe Willows East as a community and a virtual safe haven. What do you mean by that?

Willows East is on the east coast of the U.S., in Central Vermont. We’re 2 hours from the ocean, 3 hours from Salem, nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains. I moved here in 2001 from New York and have never looked back. I immediately fell in love with the history of spiritualism in New England. Vermont literally was a safe-haven for practicing spiritualists in the 1800s, and I wanted to bring that energy and vibe to our online community as well. Willows East is a safe place to explore and discuss spirituality without judgment or fear.

3. Willows East was founded in 2014, but who was the Gretchen before that? What was your family life like?

My life has been pretty unexceptional up until this point. Haha! I met my husband when I went to college in Burlington, VT. We got married in 2005 and had a baby girl in 2012. I considered myself an amateur ghost hunter, always fascinated with the paranormal. I grew up in a haunted house and had a handful of what I call truly paranormal experiences in that home. I always approached spiritual and psychic studies with a healthy amount of skepticism and wonder but never considered pursuing it as a full-time hobby or career. I’m also a life-long artist, painter, writer, and doodler!

4. Was there a significant event in your life that propelled you to seek out your particular form of spirituality?

In 2010, I lost a pregnancy and had a life-changing spiritual experience that set me on the path to mediumship and Tarot reading. I was visited by a spiritual being who told me not to be afraid (could hear his voice only), that this was part of the journey and that I would have another baby. This being told me he would send me symbols of his promise, and I received that symbol every day for many months. Then, after I had my daughter, I felt I was shown the spiritual connection between mother and child. It amazes me every day and really made me a believer in the connection we can have with the spiritual world.

5. When and why – also how – did the tarot begin to play an intrinsic part in your spirituality?

I started my professional spiritual journey doing mediumship readings. I was quite successful doing them and had many validations that absolutely blew me away. Then, I had one client who couldn’t connect with anything I said. I know many people in this line of work share that story of that one customer who shook their confidence. Ha! After that experience, the Tarot soon became a crutch for me, in a good way. I felt clients were more willing to interact with me and believe in my gifts if I was using Tarot — probably because I also believed in my own gifts more with Tarot to guide me! I soon built my business on Tarot readings while offering any mediumship visions I experienced during readings. Tarot has since become my best friend. It guides me in my readings, validates what I feel, or takes me in new directions I hadn’t seen before. I can’t live without it now.

6. You describe yourself as an amateur ghost hunter. When and how did you come to that? Can you describe an experience you have had for us?

‘Tis the season to talk about one of my all-time favorite hobbies/interests — ghost hunting! I don’t do much ghost hunting nowadays, but I have such a fierce fascination with the paranormal. My father really fueled this interest when I was pretty young — about 7 or 8 years old. He always watched the ghost hunting shows and would bring me to supposedly haunted locations to investigate. As I’ve gotten older, my husband, who is more of a skeptic, has kindly gifted me with ghost-hunting vacations. We’ve investigated with the TAPS team on a few different occasions, in New Hampshire.

As for an experience, I’ve never actually seen an apparition. When I was 12, we stayed at the Kinney Camp on Trout Lake, NY (the original owner was the founder of Kinney’s Drugstore in New York, B.O. Kinney). Many of the adults had experiences that they didn’t share with the kids until years later, as not to scare us. I was sleeping in the front loft of the camp, with my cousin, at the end of a long hallway. During the night, I woke to hear heavy footsteps coming down the hall toward our room. I was turned toward the wall in bed, and I broke out in a sweat. Ha! I just knew something wasn’t right.

The footsteps walked down the two steps into our room, and I could feel the energy of someone standing next to my bed. Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder. At first, I was relieved. I thought, “Whew! It’s my dad or uncle!” But when I rolled over to see who was waking me up, no one was there, and my cousin was fast asleep. I ran out of that room as fast as I could, down the hall, outside across sharp gravel with bare feet, and crawled in bed with my parents who had their own cabin next to the main one.

7. What do those close to you think about your form of expression and your intuitive gifts?

I think it’s been a learning curve for them in some ways. My father is now a deacon in the Catholic Church. My in-laws are devout Christians. They’ve always been supportive of my journey. I still consider myself a Christian (with a Pagan twist), and I know there’s some discomfort in what I do. I try to explain that I’m not necessarily predicting clients’ futures, but empowering them with my intuition and spirit intervention (if the spirits choose to intervene), to take control of their lives, to use their willpower to make changes and live a more intuitive, aware, and fulfilled existence.

8. You live in a particularly magickal and beautiful part of the country. What roles does your environment play in your daily life?

I’ve been absolutely inspired by the spiritual history of New England and Vermont. When I walk in the woods here, I feel a connection like no other to our ancestors and nature spirits. After digging into my own family history, I found that my great-great-grandmother lived in Vermont when she was about my age too, so I think that the pull to this area is in my DNA. Our local village hasn’t changed much, from the old mercantile to the train station cafe. It’s like living through history, bridging the past with present. I try to capture it each day in my posts and blog updates. If you want to peek more into Vermont spiritualism, our local museum recently released a book about Vermont Spiritualist (and all-around amazing, independent woman) Achsa Sprague (pronounced Axe-uh). It’s called Seven Years of Grace, available on Amazon.

9. How did you develop your intuitive gifts, or was this something you always knew you had?

I’ve always been very sensitive to people and emotions, and I’ve had more than a few paranormal experiences. As a teenager, though, it caused anxiety, and so I internalized most of it. I always knew when something was going to happen, from a food fight in the cafeteria, to a falling out with a friend. I sensed shifts in energy really well. I also have an (almost) photographic memory, which has lent itself to triggering visions, remembering dreams, and exploring realities that aren’t my own. I had to practice to learn those other pieces, but I just did that by visiting an imaginary “sacred space,” exploring and designing that space (think pretend-Pinterest, ha!), and imagining the people (or spirit guides) I found while in that vision. And writing! I try to write down as much as I can and log Tarot readings, patterns in readings, etc.

A large part of Willows East has been the publishing of the Willows East Intuitive (Tarot) Journal, that I originally designed for myself to log validations, dreams, and card-pulls.

10. You talk about going through a period of anxiety and depression. Would you speak a bit about that and how you got through that challenging time in your life?

Lots and lots of… medication. Haha! Well, that’s only partially true, but I want to stress that, at least for me, medication helped (and did not hinder my spiritual visions or journey). I found a wonderful counselor who was open to my spiritual journey too. So, she got me set up with a low dose of anxiety meds, so I could do things like… drive a car without feeling like I was going to pass out, etc. Then, I still had to manage the random panic attacks and day-to-day stress of having a 4-year-old, and lingering effects of postpartum depression.

For that, I turned to my spirituality. I do simple things, like count my breaths. I meditate as I can — sometimes it’s just 3 minutes of quiet time in the shower or counting my breaths while I walk the 5 minutes to the train station cafe. Other times, it’s asking my spirit guide to calm me or to bring me a sign of hope on a difficult day. More than anything, my spirituality and intuition really empowered me to get help when I needed it, and I’ll be forever grateful for my guides (in spirit and in the doctor’s office) who helped me through those difficult times.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to answer these wonderful questions.

You can visit Gretchen at Willows East on her lovely blog and website! She offers an amazing free ebook as well, which is such a gift! 

Gretchen this was such a beautiful read. You are not only an inspiring and innovative individual but a wonderful writer. This interview was a pleasure all-around. Thank you so much for doing this with us and sharing so much of your life. We don’t take that for granted. 

Much love and gratitude,

Andie and Kimm 


Astrologist and Intuitive Reader, Madeleine Joan


Photo by Nathan Lambrecht / Courtesy of The Monitor

We had the awesome pleasure of interviewing Madeleine about her sparkly life and unique way of sharing her astrological and intuitive gifts with the planet. She is youthful, authentic, and a bright light shining on the world during a time when we really need people like her in the world.

Thank you Madeleine for giving us this opportunity!

There are a lot of us who find astrology fascinating and extremely helpful, but we know very little or nothing about it. It is a subject matter that is quite intimidating.  Where do you suggest a beginner to start when it comes to studying astrology?
Oooh, I love this question, because I think of astrology as a really practical art and science – a really beautiful blend of the two! When you understand what you’re working with energetically, you can tailor your efforts to surf on the waves you’re presented with. You wouldn’t brave a blizzard in a bikini, and you wouldn’t have a confrontation with your boss on the day war-like Mars is squaring off with power-playing Pluto! I LOVE this stuff!
As far as websites go, I adore Cafe Astrology and Astrotheme for informative and academic astrological resources. I do have some authors I really love: the amazingly intuitive Jan Spiller – “Astrology for the Soul” is INCREDIBLE, among many others. Steven Forrest’s “The Inner Sky” is a fast, but deep read, and a beautiful one -a great introduction to the signs that goes far beyond the typical characteristics. Robert Hand has written several books on astrology that are very academic, very informative regarding aspects (the angles of the planets), the astrological Houses, planetary influences, and so on.
I’m in the process of creating some astrology lessons and resources, myself, and updates about that will be available on my blog – but here’s a quick cheat sheet! My personal advice for getting a better understanding of astrology would be getting to know three fundamental areas first: the qualities of the signs, planets, and Houses in astrology. 
A quick way to understand and recall the qualities of the planets is to remember the Roman gods associated with them, and their vibe/area of expertise. Like Venus is the goddess of love and beauty – in astrology, the planet Venus rules love, art, relationships, and aesthetics. Mars is the god of war – the planet Mars rules energy, action, and competition. Mercury, the messenger, rules communication, quick travel, and the mind. And so on!
iWonder Sisters: We love this! Thank you!
Getting to know the signs goes a long way to getting to know the Houses – the way each sign is characterized by a trait, that trait corresponds to a House. For example: Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, so he rules the First House, the House of Self, which rules our personality, the way we look, the first impression we make, and the immediate “vibe” we give off. So which planets are in your House of Personality? Venus would make you more charming and attractive. Mars would make you come off more assertive and possible aggressive.
Looking at how all the planets fall in our chart, and the angles they make with one another can truly tell us shockingly intimate and indepth things about ourselves, from our personalities to our relationships, to our greatest hopes and fears. I highly recommend diving in to this amazing topic!
Offbeat Advice from a Star-Gazing Stranger…we love offbeat! So what makes you say that about yourself and your work?
Ever since I can remember, I’ve been odd and pretty OK with it! As a child, I didn’t “fit in” in the classical sense, and I grew up in a very conservative, small town, so it was sort of a rebellion just to continue being who I was in the face of massive opposition. Not a conscious rebellion, mind you – I dearly wanted to be liked by my peers! But I always felt attuned to different things than they did – my head was in the clouds, and as I discovered Tarot and astrology, and heard my guides speak, I came to realize that there was a reason – that it was actually my purpose to think and feel other things. I developed a really buoyant attitude and a sense of humor about life that is invaluable to my happiness! Being offbeat became something I appreciated – a little break in the music can really startle a soul awake, you know? 😉 I realize it’s part of me intrinsically, and part of what I’m here to embody for others.
As far as my work goes, when Spirit speaks during a reading, the messages are delivered in symbols and stories, so it definitely feels and sounds strange at times. For example, during a meditation with my guides, I once got the message “Be like the duck.” What the hell? I don’t own a duck, stuffed or otherwise, and ducks really had no significance for me. How would you feel if you were sitting in a reading with me and I told you to “be like the duck”?!
But OK. By this point in my life, I know not to blow off messages, no matter how weird they sound. I wrote it in my journal. The next day, I went out to lunch with someone to a quaint Italian restaurant with antique and kitschy art everywhere. We sat down, and right at my eye level, hanging next to my chair, was a sign that said: “Be like the duck! Calm on the surface, but paddling furiously underneath.” And the saying, which I’d never heard, was perfectly aligned with the question I was holding in meditation. I was thunderstruck – just another affirmation that Spirit is always listening and waiting to give you the signs you need!
So I suppose my tagline is my way of giving people the upfront notice that they’re in for an odd but illuminating experience when they read my work, or have a session with me!
We found you on Instagram was blown away at the W.I.T.S. weekly horoscopes! This is such a generous idea. How does sharing your gifts and knowledge so freely affect you and your life? Because it is truly a practice of gratitude.
That is so, so kind of you, Kimm! It really is my pleasure and my purpose. I feel that I have found what I’m meant to do in this life – learn, teach, and guide others regarding Spirit. I am truly grateful for that. I want to share a message of empowerment, and really, forgiveness and unity.
All of us are working against this insidious societal programming to fit certain parameters – in beauty, gender, finance, career, with family, love, and on and on. So many of us feel emotionally exhausted, spiritually hungry. I want to contribute to creating a world in which everyone is able to find their bliss and mission (which I believe are one and the same) in whatever form they come, to know unconditional love, and to pass it on. I believe this will save the world. 💟
iWonder Sisters: Yes indeed, Sis!!
How does your love and use of the Tarot pair with your astrological readings? 
I really adore doing my monthly W.I.T.S. Tarotscopes on YouTube! Doing a reading for each sign is a lot of fun because I feel like I’m really speaking directly to someone as I read, knowing the classical personalities and quirks of each sign.
Like I can shoot straight from the hip with Aries, and I don’t have to clarify symbolism with Pisces. Know what I mean? Then of course there’s seeing the parallels between the theme of the reading and the current astrological climate. Like last month, a LOT of signs had The Tower come up in their Tarotscope, and we were in the midst of the Saturn-Neptune square at that time, which is notoriously tough and brings disillusionment – very Tower-ish!
I’m just endlessly fascinated with both of these subjects, and I feel that they very much complement and support each other. They give me a fuller picture during a personal reading as well. Reading someone’s chart is like reading their soul’s diary, and reading their cards is like reading their autobiography! It’s so intense.
(Kimm) Madeleine, I see you as the hip sexy astrologer for us hip sexy people. Is it any intention of yours to bring astrology to a fresh and young generation?
Oh my gosh, Kim, that is beyond humbling! I’m giggling nervously as I write this! Thank you! I would really love to bring astrology, as a tool for self discovery, empowerment, and fulfillment, to the whole world! I feel that some souls are down for this, and the younger generation is definitely open – the Indigo children are growing up! It would be wonderful to take part in nourishing some hungry minds and spirits with information for their personal development, whatever their chronological age!
iWonder Sisters: We totally agree! And age is truly just a number. We believe young hearts of all ages are drawn to your style of reading.
So what is percolating for for the near future with your work, the website, and anything else new you’d like to share with us and our audience?
I’m sure you guys can relate to having lots of irons in the fire! This one woman show thing is intense!
I’m beefing up my YouTube production schedule in November, when I’ll be rolling out some new weekly horoscope videos and other fun series that I’ve been dreaming up over the last year. I’m really excited about these “Five Minute Forecasts” and my Venus series, all about our Venus signs – what and who turns us on, why, and our compatibility with the other signs. (The link to my channel is youtube.com/c/madeleinejoanstars if you guys want/need it!)
My blog, writteninthestars.co is also getting a little bigger too, which I’m so excited for – I’ll be adding essays about enhancing your intuition, reading Tarot, my odd adventures as an intuitive — like the time I accidentally “walked in on” a former boyfriend’s sex dream, which he confirmed the details of the next morning…yes, really! — and some other fun stuff!
iWonder Sisters: LOL!! Some of us might want to escape that ex boyfriend dream, but we, like others will greatly look forward to your classes and tutorials!
Thank you so so much for your time and that mini lesson in the first question! We love that!
Much love and gratitude to you, Blessed Be.

Nym’s Divination


Bree Ferguson

Andie and I met Bree on Instagram. We simply loved her style, her posts and pics, and the energy that came forth. And these are not just words that sound fluffy and spiritual. If you tune in, you can feel all the energy that we, as humans, put out into the world.

Bree describes herself as a tarot card and divination junkie. She works with the cards of course, but also other more unusual forms of divination, such as charms. Bree’s charm readings on Instagram totally intrigued us and in a short time, we have been inspired by this beautiful lady to keep learning, keep experimenting, and to keep on keeping on when mundane days decide that they want to become a challenge.

This is Bree in her own words, and we hope you enjoy getting to know this lightworker a little better.

We appreciate you Bree and we can’t thank you enough for this honor.

Bree, do you mind sharing with us and our readers how you would describe your form of spirituality? 

Firstly, I’d like to thank you ladies for this honour. It has been amazing getting to know you two. 😀

To answer your question, My spirituality is pretty flowing. I don’t subscribe to a particular form or creed of practice. I don’t label myself as I don’t really like labels. I find them constricting and disabling. Meditation, Prayer and seeking my core desires are my practice. Figuring out what goes on in my head and heart is a puzzle and I’m sure everyone feels the same. Tarot is a spiritual tool I use to help me along my journey in this existence. When I consult the tarot about anything I am never disappointed. I may not always appreciate the answers I get at first but with thought and looking at the plain truth, the tarot never lies and I am given wisdom I didn’t have before.

What is behind the name Nym and Nym’s Divination. And what inspired you to turn your gifts into a business and a community in which you share those gifts?

LOL, Here is where you get to see my geeky side. Where is comes to books movies and TV shows, Im a totally SiFi and Fantasy genre person. I love Star Trek, Star Wars and the like, I also love Game of Thrones. I have read the books and watched some of the show. If you are familiar with the books you will know that Nymeria is the name of Arya Stark’s direwolf. Arya named her wolf after a great warrior queen based in the world George RR Martin created. I loved the name and what it stood for so I used it. It is a longer name so I shortened it to Nym and made it my own. 🙂

For your second question, I am on a personal journey to bringing more light into my little sphere of existence. I grew up surrounded by a lot of darkness and over the past 10ish years have actively worked towards dispelling that from my life. I am at a point where I can give some of my positivity to others. I am no where near perfect, but I want to be a positive energy in the world.

Also, Why not share ones gifts. Reading Tarot is something that I know I do well and can share at large, so why not? It makes me happy to help by sharing and delivering the message that the universe has for the individuals who ask me to read for them. I seek to do my best by my clients and honour the guides who works with me.

iWonder Sisters: To that, we say amen!

On your website, you share that though you have been working with the tarot for about 10 years, you have only been seriously doing intuitive readings for 5. Is that correct? What let you know that you were ready to begin seriously working with the cards and other forms of divination as a lifestyle and a business?

Yes that is basically correct. For most of my time using tarot it has been personal. I would read for myself or very close friends. The past five years I have worked with the tarot more intimately to foster self expression and healing within myself. I needed it to work through a lot of childhood trauma. It will be a lifelong process I’m sure, anyone who has experienced trauma as a young person will be able to attest to this.

I knew I was ready to read for other people after doing a number of readings for people. I used the feedback I received to improve and expand my skills. I am so appreciative to the people who let me read for them and find my confidence and footing. Those people were a great blessing to me.

I am also excited about the other forms of divination I’ll be offering in the future. The one I am in love with right now is Charm Casting. It is so much fun and remarkably accurate! I really resonate with it. I have a blog post and YouTube Video on this groovy divination style. I hope to have answered any questions on this subject there. Links below if you would like to check them out.

Charm Casting Blog Here

The other form of divination I have dabbled in is Psephomancy. What is that? It is basically divination by stones.

“Divination by drawing a number of small stones from a heap or vessel, the stones being previously marked with symbols which may be interpreted by the diviner.”

Definition pulled from the Oxford Dictionary.

I personally have not put symbols on my stones because, for me, the messages come from the stone themselves not marks put on them. I will be doing a blog post and youtube video on this in the future. 😀

Bree, we were speaking with a young friend of ours recently who was not at all familiar with the tarot and she asked us, “Can it tell the future?” What would you say to that question, and in turn can you tell us how you use the tarot in readings and in your daily life?

I would say no. I do not believe the tarot tells the future because the future is fluid and so are we. We have a thing called free will and each time we make a decision…a whole spider web of possibilities opens up in our future. Life is like walking along this spiderweb. everyday we make choices that lead us along the threads of this web of life and we never truly know where we will end up. We can be conscious of our choices and forge a path we create, most definitely, but we never know what the result will be in the end. Tarot will tell us what is going on in that moment and even give us advice, but not tell the future.

I use the tarot as a guide. When I am confused or unsure, I can pull a card and ponder on it. I always get a message that applies to what I am asking. The tarot helps us to think deeper and pull truth from places within we may not even be aware of.

We know that the tarot is an ancient system. To us it is a combo of intuition, trust in the cards, and also knowledge of the symbolism. What specific or unique methods do you use when you read the cards either for yourself or a querent?

I am a Clairsentient and Clairaudient person. I receive impressions and intuition through feeling mostly. I will know what message to deliver by the feelings I get from the cards. I will also have what I call whispers in my mind. They can be single words or whole sentences. It is like the cards are talking to me. Put these Clairs together and that is how I work and deliver my readings. 😀

When you are in a complex period of life that may be very challenging, those times we all experience, is the tarot your first go-to for guidance and/or do you also practice forms of prayer and meditation? 

For me it is a mixture of all three. It will also depend of what is happening at the time. If I am feeling like I just need to calm my mind, I will meditate. If I need a question answered or am in need of direct guidance I will speak with my guides and use the tarot as a communication device.

My guides are very patient and generous with me. No matter what step I take to move through life challenges, they help me with advice and words of encouragement.

Did your childhood or family background encourage your love of tarot and the other forms of divination you now love? Was your family background a supportive one when it came to your spiritual choices? 

The story of my family is not the happiest one. As alluded to above, there was not a lot of joy or positivity in my family. My life is an open book but a long one. LOL. I’ll just state here that I have three members of my family that I love dearly and talk to. My Grama, my Cousin and my Aunt. My Grama is very special to me, she has always been there for me and supported me. She now lives in the dementia ward at a local hospital. She is being given fantastic care, I am very thankful for that.

Do you have a particular ritual which you use to prepare yourself for readings?

My process is pretty basic and to the point. That is the kind of person I am. I am not a person for a lot of ceremony or intracity. It is the Aries in me, I want to get to the core of what I am doing and move on. I like to see completion and not have it drawn out. LOL.

iWonder Sisters: Agreed! lol

So what I do is this, I gather all my tools (crystals, cards, incense, computer and drinks. Got to keep hydrated!) and settle in. I meditate for a short bit to quiet my mind and say a prayer to my guides. I ask them to help me be a vessel to deliver the needed message to my clients. I shuffle the cards up and lay them out. I turn the cards over one by one and get a feeling for each card. When I am finished looking at the cards I will start typing as the intelligence is delivered to me through the whisperings of my guides.

Is there a tarot or oracle card that you really relate to the most? A card that feels like family to you?

Oh most definitely the Queen of Swords. I am very Swordy, must come from my Aries personality. I am a true blue Aries, just ask my Best Friend and roommate. LOL! I have always had the desire to speak up and speak out. The queen of swords has helped me to embrace that side of myself.

When you are performing a reading for a querent, are there any times that you feel the need to hold back information?

I’ve never been presented with a situation where I would have to do this in a reading. I do not believe I would ever hold anything back. I make at point of answering the clients questions and doing so with love and kindness. With my swordy nature I can be very blunt, so the only holding back I do is to make sure I am giving a reading that is truthful and given with a focus of upliftment and encouragement.

Moving forward in life and business, what is next for you and Nym’s Divination? We know that you just recently updated your site and did a slight name change, is that right? Anything else new on the horizon for you? 

Yes that is right! I changed my name a bit because I wanted it to reflect me more closely. My amazing Cousin did my website for me. In the future she will be helping me to add content and expand the site. So what in particular do I have planned?

I am going to have a tarot encyclopedia of sorts on my site. It will be a work in progress. It will take some time but I am excited about the prospect of having it there. I hope through that I can help spread knowledge of the cards and their messages.

I will also be offering Charm Cast Readings in the near future. Right now I am doing them at special request. You can contact me through my email if you would like a reading,

Click Here to send me an email.

My blog will continue to grow as I add to it. I am doing a series right now where I explore the concept of hope in each card. I am also going to start sharing my explorations of Woo Woo, Pagan, metaphysical and New Age shops and businesses in my local area. I also will be working on interviews with other online tarot reader and paganesque shops.

YouTube Videos! More will be coming. 😀

You can find me on all my social media here…

Website: nymsdivination.com

Email: nyms.div@gmail.com

Facebook: Click Here

Instagram: Click Here

Twitter: Click Here

Thank you Bree, it is such a privilege to get to know people like yourself with so much to offer a world always in need of healing…and we guess, maybe that is the ultimate reason we all are here. 

Much love and gratitude, 

Andie and Kimm

Hello Everyone, we are shining the starlight on Erick Silvermoon! 

We are pleased that Erick Silvermoon is our first interviewee. Erick is a witch, certified psychic and Angel card reader,an intuitive tarot and oracle card reader, and an amazing visual artist. He is refreshingly open about himself and his life, which has made him the perfect subject for us. He has a lot to teach us about self-acceptance and empowerment, and has admitted humbly that he has a lot to learn, which is a mark of a true seeker. We know you will enjoy learning about our dear friend,Erick.



1. Tell us a bit about your childhood. What kind of child were you? Outgoing, introvert?

As a child, I had way too much energy!  I was nicknamed “The Tornado” because when I came into the room-everything was shaken up!  I loved to sing and put on shows!  I also loved to act out scenes from favorite movies and I always did my own stunts!!!  My family really enjoyed having people over, mostly other family members, to hang out and eat.  I remember always running around and trying to be the comedian!  I love making people laugh and smile!  So I would do and wear just about anything to bring joy! One time, I found a red curly clown wig at a local discount store. I put on the wig and started to sing OUT LOUD songs from The Little Orphan Annie!!!!  People would gather and watch me and my mom would turn the corner quickly and pretend I wasn’t her child…LOL!  I would always see her giggle though, she might of just been embarrassed.  That should give you an idea of what crazy things I would do.

2. Did you grow up in a close knit family?

I did! Family was everything! We use to do so much together, and take lots of vacations as a family.  On my mom’s side, my cousins were always over and we became very close.  Even though I had 2 brothers and one sister-with my cousins…we turned into the Brady Bunch!  There wasn’t a holiday or birthday that wasn’t celebrated with drinks, music, long conversations, and playing games.  My parents have always been so loving and supportive.  I never heard them argue or be unhappy with each other, they did such a wonderful job of not including those moments into our childhood.  As I got older, that is when my parents explained to me about relationships and what they promised themselves as parents they wouldn’t do in front of the kids.  I learned everything about being respectful, honest, compassionate, etc…from my parents!  They raised me to be very independent and to work hard for what I wanted.  We grew up with a lot of money, but we weren’t spoiled! If we wanted something we had to earn it.

3. What was school like for you? Can you share some of your interests during those pre-teen/teenage years? 

School has not been so kind to me for lots of different reasons. I never did well in my classes. I had a hard time with comprehension.  I was very animated for a young boy and so I would always grab the attention of people who did not like that! So that resulted in some major bullying over the school years. However, I loved the arts! I was in choir, band, drama, photography, and any thing that would give me permission to express myself.  At one point, I wanted out of school a year early and I went into a program that would allow me to take my senior year at a local college as long as I started to do some college classes as well. I was depressed and over weight and I knew that if I stayed in school it would only get worse. It was the best and worst thing that happened to me, lol! The good thing was that I was able to learn on my own terms and set my own schedule.  I was able to get a job and lose the weight.  The bad thing is that I didn’t schedule much time for school work because drinking, working out, and hanging out with my friends that were also in the program, was more important!  At the end of the day, I got what I needed to get done.


4. At what age did you begin to embark upon a spiritual path? When did the path of witchcraft enter your life and what was that evolution like for you?

My parents have always been super religious!  My dad practiced Christianity and my mom practiced Catholicism.  I grew up more with my mom since my dad worked a lot, that meant that we would go to a Catholic church. There was something really special about the ritual-like qualities that this religion had; lots of prayer magick and candle magick. My mother went through a tough time trying to figure out her spiritual journey.  Since we were so close to one another, she took me with her on her journey.  I got to see 10 different churches all preaching different things and making no sense.  At the end my mom decided to go to the church my dad went to, and has been extremely happy.  What that did to me was; because I heard so many different inconsistencies in Christianity and Catholicism, I knew that it wasn’t for me.  That started my own spiritual journey at the age of 11.  I didn’t know much about the internet at the time and I didn’t have my own money to buy books.  However, I did have a love for movies and my siblings shared the same passions.  My first taste (of witchcraft) was watching the movie The Craft.  Something in my heart and soul told me to find out if that was a real practice…even though I knew the movie was so Hollywood, I was smart enough to overlook the cheesiness. I asked my older brother if witchcraft was real and he said yes.  I would have my brother/sister/parents take me to Barnes & Noble.  While they browsed, I went straight to the “New Age” section.  My first books were by Silver Ravenwolf.  I ate that up like it was chocolate cake!  I convinced my mom to buy me one of her books…I lied to her and told her it was a fictional story about a woman who finds out she has magical powers….so she thought that these were a series like the Harry Potter Books from today.  Since the age of 11, I have been practicing my Witchy life.  I am 30 years the wiser and I couldn’t imagine myself without my ever changing and growing practice!

5. How did your family react to your pagan path?

Because my family is so religious, I just had to play my cards right.  I would express myself in a vocabulary that would make them feel safe and un-threatened. I wouldn’t use the word Witch or Tarot around them.  I feel that my practice is for me not for other people.  However, there was a time that I felt that I was pulling the “Witch Card” too much: “Oh, what? Is it because I am a Witch?”.  I realized that I was saying things like that because I expected some type of argument or backlash from it.  After the majority of my family saw me go from a crazy, wild, depressed, and over stimulated child….to someone who is more focused, happy, calm, and energetic in a positive way- they didn’t ask too many questions.  As an adult, allowing myself to be a presence in social media in which I don’t use terminology that drapes over who I am, more of my family has shown a positive interest in what I do and how they can connect more with Spirit.  There are family and friends who have distanced themselves or I have been the one who chose to distance myself.  It is such a wonderful feeling to feel free to be who you are…you just have to understand and be willing to release those that don’t want you to be free.

6. (Kimm) I first found you through Kelly-Ann Maddox. I have to admit that it took me a while to check out your channel because I have previously not been able to connect with the masculine perspective of my path. I found many teachers sterile and without emotion. When I finally did (check out your channel), you became to me, what I call a “balancer”, through you I was able to learn and connect to witchcraft through that masculine point of view, as well as the feminine. How do you feel about the title, “the Balancer”? 

Thank you so much for that! I love the title of Balancer! I have the privilege to experience this life as a Gay Spiritual Man.  I am a male who is feminine in nature.  I feel that we as individuals need to redefine what masculine and feminine is. Masculine energy for me doesn’t mean hetero activities-football, sex with a woman! (Enter Face Palm), For me Masculine energy is finding and awakening the Warrior spirit within us.  Feminine energy for me is finding and awakening the Lover spirit within us..it doesn’t really have a gender (man or woman) it is just a way for us to differentiate the two.  Have you ever heard of the term “I am a fighter not a lover”?  This speaks of someone who is unbalanced.  We need to be both!  

7. Can you give us your take on the need for a balance of masculine and feminine energies in our spiritual paths, particularly for those of us who are goddess-inspired?

Masculine energy is aggressive in nature and Feminine energy is strategic in nature.  You can’t be aggressive all the time with no plans…and you can’t waste your time planning and not being aggressive-taking no action.  One cannot be without the other successfully.  This doesn’t mean that you need to work with a specific male deity by any means, but it is okay if you do, go with what resonates. However, we so often make the mistake that we are separate from masculine and feminine, God and Goddess, light and dark etc… We are all of them and they are all of us!  Once we realize that, we can awaken the parts of us that have been dormant/neglected and begin to build upon that relationship.  I don’t believe it is beneficial to work with feminine energy all the time if we our selves are feminine in Nature-and vise versa.  If you are Feminine in Nature, work with someone who is Masculine in nature. Since I am feminine in nature- that is why I work with the Goddess Morrigan because she is masculine in nature- aggressive and very passionate-loving-to say the least.


Representation of the goddess Morrigan via Bing Image

8. And can you offer some tips of your own on how we can bring that balance into our lives, even in little ways? 

I would recommend taking a moment to sit and figure out what energy seems to dominate the most: masculine or feminine energy.  Once you know what energy you are by nature- you have a better idea of what you need to work on and whom you need to work with to get that balance happening.  “Balance” is not the only thing we need to be seeking.  We need “Harmony” as well.  Once we have the balance of the two, we need to learn how to harmonize the two so that they work beautifully together.  Think of an orchestra-each instrument has a sound but they need to learn how to work together to make beautiful music. It is about finding out how to utilize the two and how to incorporate them harmoniously into our everyday lives.  Take for instance a goal: you want/need extra money-wants and needs are feminine in nature for me, so what you need to do is research and hunt for ways to bring you extra money.  Doing the ACTION part of the work is masculine in nature.  Both energies are required to have the most successful outcome in this example.

9. You’ve become a part of a super great spiritual and artistic community through your YT channel, website, and FB. How does that support and like-mindedness affect you?

Through out the day I read the comments people have left me on my videos and or feedback’s on the Tarot readings they received from me and I get very emotional on how beautiful and loving they are.  I am so blessed to be able to express my voice-my current truths-my story to those who are interested in hearing what I have to say.  The online community has been nothing but supportive and loving towards me and I so often get blown away from that kind of love energy!  Even though, currently, I decided to step away from youtube to focus on the next chapter of my journey- I have received so many messages of encouragement and support!  I thank Goddess everyday!  I try my best to make myself available to show support towards others in the community by watching their videos, commenting, sharing, and engaging in their lives because they took their personal time to do the same with my own life. There are so many true genuine and authentic people out there and I wouldn’t have found them if I didn’t open myself up and allowed.

10. You share so many wonderful and useful info, ideas, and tips on your channel, please share with our readers how they can connect with you. Readings? Counsel? Skype sessions?

Thank you so much for the opportunity for me to share my story and my passions!  I am currently focusing on my Website/Readings/Classes/Coaching/Art/Magick.  People can find me on Facebook by searching my name.  It is a personal account so don’t be discouraged, I add everyone who is wanting to connect.  My website is www.IAmSilvermoon.com I have skype readings available at this time and more coming soon.  If people are wanting to meet me in person and receive a tarot reading and are in the Los Angeles area; I am currently working at a metaphysical shoppe by the name of GypsyLuv in Pomona California www.gypsyluv.com.  Please feel free to email me aterick.silvermoon@outlook.com for any other questions/needs that people might have.

Oh, and bonus question:

What is it like having a fiance with the same name? Our readers would love to know!

OMG! I get this all the time!  We are also both LEO’S!!!  We have been together for 11 years come this July.  I have heard so many different things from: The Erick’s, Erick2 (Squared), Erick 1 & Erick 2, etc… The funny thing is that I can actually tell who’s name is being called based on the energetic frequency. When people call my name it usually has a high vibration and when people call Erik it is usually on a lower vibration.  So weird right?  He has been so supportive through the years. It can be a difficult thing to witness someone going through spiritual changes/challenges and not know what to do or how to help, but he has been my best friend and my rock!  I hope I am the same for him, lol!  I sometimes get lost in my work!

iWonder Sisters: Erick, we thank you so much for your openness and insightful answers and for sharing a bit of yourself with us and our readers. You have been so helpful to us and open to share with us new ideas for our work, and we appreciate you dearly! 

We send you so much love and gratitude,

Kimm and Andie xoxo