Bold Love

bold love

Welcome to Bold Love, a program that explores the shadow aspects of the self, the things you don’t love about yourself and the things that bring you the most fear and apprehension. A lack of self love in its totality, keeps us from giving our best to the world and to ourselves. This program will address all those issues above and self forgiveness. It is a journey into the dark that brings us into the light. So you must be ready for this exploration. It will bring up things in your life that you have been either avoiding or that have been hidden by your deeper self, for many reasons. You will come through this 6 week program with a beginning point of loving who you are and forgiving yourself for all you feel you need forgiveness for. This will also allow you to forgive others for the perceived wrongs that have happened to you. Only acceptance and forgiveness will bring you to a place where you can love yourself completely and open yourself up to give to the world all the gifts you have been given.

This program will be facilitated via email, DM on Instagram or Facebook messaging and Skype. There is no rush through this program. If you naturally take longer than 6 weeks to process all you need to process, we will be right here with you.

The program price is $49.99

To sign up email or DM on Instagram @iwondersisters

Much love and gratitude,

Reign and Andie