The Sisterhood and the Meaning of the Word “wonder”

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Welcome to iWonder – The Sisterhood Cooperative! This is an information warehouse for women of all stripes: lesbians, bi’s, transgenders, and straight. We believe it is essential that all of us support, nurture and encourage each other to be our most authentic selves and live our best lives. And this is NOT a place of exclusion but one of INclusion, embracing all who wish to participate.
So what is iWonder? What is “wonder”? Wonder is a both a noun and a verb, and worth exploration. Wonder as a verb is what keeps us engaged and curious about the world around us. To wonder is to seek answers, to quest in unexpected places, to try the untried. Wondering asks that we use our imaginations in new and unique ways, problem-solve outside the box, and to be courageous in doing so. Wondering is simply an act of assuming responsibility for ourselves and owning our lives, our behaviors, and our feelings.

The noun “wonder” is just plain magical. In my personal experience it has been wonder that has kept me young and open and able to use the verb “to wonder” in the most expansive way I can. Feeling wonder requires that we be perfectly present and connected and accessible, and is itself the richest reward one can have. Feeling wonder allows us to have the experience of the best glass of fresh, cool water, and the deepest moment of spiritual awakening. Wonder is what enables us to appreciate the miracles of the rose and the sunrise. To have wonder is to raise your vibrational frequency, to be in the Universal flow of Intention, to let the masks of ego drop away and to truly “BE”.

Both the verb “to wonder” and the noun “wonder” are available to each of us if we are willing to take a leap of faith and trust and surrender to what is. It means we are accepting of where we are in each moment, and have a deep knowing that everything is as it should be in the NOW, but that change is both inevitable and the way we learn, grow, and evolve.

So this is what your journey with us will be about. It will be about seeking and marveling. It will be about sharing honestly and about acts of courage. We are all on this journey together, holding hands, singing and dancing in the rain, reveling in the sun, and meditating on the moon.

Journey with us and rediscover your self. Welcome to The Sisterhood Cooperative! Namaste

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anna Quigley says:

    ❤️🦋🕉🌟Finding you at the time I needed confirmation that self discovery and acceptance IS the answer is just simply Divine ❤️❤️😊

    1. aj0011 says:

      Anna we just saw this! Thank you so much honey. And it you and your trusting that helps us to continuously grow. Xo Kimm

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