Last Two Weeks of Mind/Body Connection Challenge

15. Having come this far in our Mind/Body Connection Journal Prompt Challenge, has your attitude towards anything shifted in any way? How?

16. What would it take for you to look within whenever you get sick or injured?
17. Whenever you come down with a cold or the flu, do you ever think about what purpose it might serve?  Why?
18. When you get sick, do you ever think about what is going on in your life that might contribute to your illness?
19. How does the mind/body connection journal assist you in dealing with illness and/or injury.
20. Does fear play a role in how you think and feel? Explain.
21. Does anger play a role in how you think and feel? Explain.
22. Fear and anger are two of the most debilitating emotions. How do they affect you on a daily basis?
23. Do you believe fear and anger can cause illness and injury? Why?
24. Do you believe that you can learn something from each experience you have?
25. How can you learn from illness? Explain in detail.
26. If you have a bad sore throat or cough, can you see how that may keep you from expressing yourself?
27. Can you see illness or injury as symbols of a deeper issue? If not, why?
28. If you have continuing bouts of illness throughout the year, what emotional issues are you dealing with?
29. Can you see how chronic asthma can symbolize feeling smothered by life? Does that makes sense to  you.
30. Can you see serious illnesses like cancer, as symbols of deeper issues?
31. Having finished this challenge, how do you feel about the mind/body connection? Will this challenge change how you cope with physical setbacks?

Grief, and the Ephemeral Quality of Life

As many of you know, Kimm and I live on a 150 acre horse ranch in New Mexico. For 2 city girls we have acclimated more than well here and learned a lot about horses. There are over 30 horses on this beautiful land and we have been privileged to witness new babies being born – Kimm especially. As big and strong as these beasts are, they are also extremely fragile. Death is a regular occurrence here. And that is something we cannot get used to. I hope we never do.

Less than a week ago a new colt was born to Joy, one of the many mares here. Our landlady told us that the first 24 hours were a dicey time for new babies. But Justice, as he was named, seemed to be doing fine. Joy was a great mom and very protective, and he was nursing as he needed to.

Suddenly, on the third day, Justice developed a fever and our landlady gave him medication for it and he was better the following day. But we found out he had a very bad bacterial infection and died soon after. He had been so tiny, with “legs up to here”, and very playful and then suddenly he was gone.

Our landlady and Kimmie and I were devastated. Not too long before. another one of our mares had had a stillbirth and that was bad enough. But this loss hit us particularly hard.

As destiny would have it, Joy still had work to do. Another horse owner had to put a nursing mare down and the foal needed a mother. He called our landlady and shortly thereafter he was driving Joy to his ranch to see if she would accept the foal. We just got word that it looks good. With a little human help, the foal is nursing. If all goes well, life will have come full circle and Joy will have fulfilled her purpose. It’s a beautiful thing, coming from a terrible tragedy.

As our landlady, Kimm and I grieve for Justice, we cannot help but believe that this was meant to be. Justice goes back to heaven and another foal gets a chance at life. It must be a blessing!

July Journaling Mind/Body Challenge

July Mind/Body Connection Challenge

Journal Prompts

luca-bravo-65126 (2).jpg

Asking Ourselves the Tough Questions

Questions will be posted 7 at a time, weekly

1.  How do you feel about your body right now – both aesthetically and as a working mechanism?

And here we want your feelings – not intellectualizations!

2.  Is there one area of your body that troubles you? Speak about it from a purely feeling perspective. What are the emotions attached to this part of your body? Think abstractly about this and free associate. For example, if your knee bothers you, what does it inhibit you from doing? Are feelings of fear attached to it? Fear of what? If you are really overweight and cannot seem to shed the pounds for your good health, what does the weight protect? What does it represent?

3.  Go through all the parts of your body and attach emotions to them.

4. Name the parts of your body that you like and how you feel about each one.

5. Name the parts of your body that you do not like and how you feel about each one.

6. When you have pain in your body what do you usually do about it? How does it affect your day-to-day activities?

7.  When you have pain in your body what do you feel about it?

8.  Have you ever considered the possibility that your emotions cause your body’s distress?
9.  Have you ever noticed that when pain leaves one part of your body, it crops up somewhere else? What does this say to you?
10. Are you the kind of person who is in touch with her emotions and expresses them when an appropriate moment arises?
11. Are you the kind of person who is forever worried about what others will think about you? Why?
12. If you don’t believe in the mind/body connection, why? Having got this far in our journaling process has your mind shifted? Why?
13. A lot of people suffer from joint pain. What does this say about their emotional flexibility, or their flexibility as a person?
14. Are you one of these people with joint pain? From an emotional point of view, what do you feel about it?


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Summer Solstice by Damara @trueseedtemp on Instagram

Summer solstice!


Hot and sticky. Sweet and supple. Wet and humid. Everything is in full blossom, full force and savagely demanding a particular energy from us. This reminds me very much of the sexy side in all of us! Need to to be seen, to be felt, heard, to taste! To explore and discover.

In the summer the heat rises, the energy is arousing, and intimate, much like the rising of those intimate energies between you and your lover! It stimulates that “g-spot” in your soul, enticing you to open up, and release all that pleasure and excitement you’ve been holding onto since last winter.  You begin to wear less, not only for the weather, but because you want to show off your beautiful body. You gain a certain confidence about yourself. In your own special way, You KNOW you are the shit and you you don’t mind who knows it.

When you hear that it’s officially summer, it’s like a sensor inside goes off, and alerts you to start celebrating. I mean look at what happens. We begin to plan parties, events and special gatherings, festivals and ceremonies. We make it a POINT to celebrate. To get wild and free.

This the peak- we do all these things for PLEASURE! To feel good, happy, sexy, abundant- we indulge ourselves in pleasurable acts of all kinds to experience this euphoria. It’s the intercourse of the spirit!

The summer solstice is a reminder of all these things to me, the meaning of intimacy, sensuality -a time where we can truly get in tune with our bodies, our families, our friends and even with nature. A time where we are using all of our senses to experience the sweetness of life, the many fruits of our labors, the time of togetherness and unity.

Even if you have family or friends you haven’t seen in months or even years, when you finally come back together, it’s like you picked up where you left off. You are filled with joy, gratitude, and love for being able to share this moment.

More recently, the summer solstice has given me a much deeper sense of connection to my own roots. My ancestors. Learning that all these celebrations we have for the sake of celebration, all these nights around fires, dancing, laughing and singing, all the medicines from mother earth, entering into my wounds and showing me the beauty in the seemingly difficult. Seeing in myself, the many women of my bloodline, not being defined by words , but truly by my spirit.

Summer takes you and helps you to heal. Surrounded in the lush greenery. Bright and vibrant hues of plants, animal life and the effortless beauty growing all around and inside of you. It helps you to remember how beautiful life is. Each moment, each day and second. It reminds you that change is always necessary, and can be for the better if you choose to accept it. It reminds you that even though winter is cold, silent and retreated, that it is necessary to rest and restore yourself to prep yourself for the spring, because you will need energy to begin again, you will need to work to wake and grow.  It reminds me that every season is essential, both literally, metaphysically, and metaphorically.

Finally, summer solstice has taught me over the years , the connection of nature, how all of nature is truly intertwined and interconnected. Watch the birds in their own little world, the insects, even the weather itself. Each action serves a distinct purpose at any given moment. If full bloom you can see the glory of mother earth and all her babies. You can see yourself. Your life. Your dreams and aspirations. Your desperation at times, your anger and sadness . You can SEE from your heart and mind.

Summer is the peak before the time of harvest. A time of celebration and love. Appreciation and pleasure. That’s what I’m talm’ bout.

The Effects of Andie’s Energy Work

Not long ago, Andie wrote an article about “what she does”, and that article did a great job at explaining in simple terms, what energy work is and how she uses it to help people. I have been one of Andie’s clients often. She has worked with me on various things. I received her energy healing to get ready, for a what turned out to be a most serious operation, and it felt especially loving and nourishing to receive her energy work afterwards. Every now and again, Andie works on different parts of my body that I have abused many years before I knew who she was.

Lately, a troubled knee starting giving me even more trouble. I went to the doctor and he will be checking to see exactly what they can do for me, but in the meantime, I had a lot of pain to deal with. I asked Andie to work on my knee while I remained open to where the energy needed to go. And the important part here,  is that I was open and remain open to the healing energy flow. Andie is great at making you feel comfortable, and also she works so simply without a lot of ego or chat going on. If you can be still and relax, Andie can work with you. But you must also be open.

After a few sessions, the terrible pain began to dissipate and though the knee itself is still very stiff and awkward, I am almost pain-free, waiting for my doctor to look at the x-rays. You see, receiving energy work does not mean you throw traditional medicine out the window. Andie and I both have wonderful doctors on our health team and we use them. It’s all energy, we are all energy. So what she did with my knee was not some airy fairy, “you are healed” kind of situation. It was and still is a collaboration between me, the doctors, and Andie. All energy. We are all energy and every thing is energy.

Now, through Andie’s work, I can be patient and see what the doctor and I will decide to do about my torn meniscus, which is what my doctor believes is the problem. I don’t have to deal with such awful pain. I was open, and am still open to Andie being a conduit to allow enough energy through to keep me out of pain.

Remember that energy work from a patient’s point of view is a partnership, a collaboration. I shared with my doctor’s assistant, that I was working with Andie and he said, “that’s great”. He said when we do clarify and pinpoint the issue, “it is up to you to decide what you want to do”.

I will continue this energy collaboration between myself, my doctor, and Andie’s healing work, and eventually, the everyday stiff reminder that I have a knee injury will also pass. As all things do. It may show up now and then, but that’s ok, I’m human and this is the experience.

I thank Andie for being that conduit, for allowing healing energy to flow through her hands and I wanted to share from a personal point of view, “what Andie does”.

A Healing Session: What Andie Does

A healing session is a combination of several things, but at is fundamental best it is a collaboration between client and practitioner.

Before a client comes for s session I meditate, fuse intentions into my crystals, and sage the room to clear out any energies that might be lingering. I want my space to be neutral for the person I am working on.

As a healing practitioner, the first thing I do with a client is talk. I want a bit of background – family and medical history, and personal history. I will ask the client why she/he has chosen to come for a session with me and what areas of the body or psyche are most troublesome. I will of course take notes for future reference.

Then I will do a scan of the clients body, which does not require any touching. This gives me an idea of what the auric field feels like, and where in the body there is scar tissue, inflammation, and pain. I can feel these things in my hands.

Finally, the client will get on my massage table.  If they have specifically asked for a chakra clearing I will work on the 7 main chakras. Sometimes I will work on the chakras first in any case, to get the client relaxed and receptive, and then zero in on problem areas. All the while there will be relaxing music playing softly in the background.

There are times I will touch the client and times I won’t. The healing energy flows through me and out my hands. I am but a conduit. So touching is not  always necessary. And just for the record, healing flows both ways. The client and I are two energies coming together and interacting. And because energy flows though me and out my hands, I never take on the symptoms of my clients.

It has been my experience that most people having a healing session prefer to be silent. But I encourage my clients to ask questions or talk to me if they feel the need.

Because I am a tarot, oracle and rune reader as well, I may pull a card or rune for the client at the end. of the session.

About recurring visits. I encourage them, but will only see someone as often as once-a-week. Any more than that is overkill in my opinion. I like my clients to think about our session, write down any questions they might have for next time, and journal how the session made them feel.  The body needs time to adjust itself to healing energy.

So, this is how my practice works. I hope this has been informative.  Namaste.


Featured Image courtesy of Esalen Institute




I learned something about myself years ago, but only said it out loud to my BFF very recently. I LOVE doing nothing. I can sit and stare into the ether, or at a tree, or at the mountains for hours. Also I can stare at TV. I adore doing nothing. I loathe feeling the need to be productive, even though I have to do something to makes money. So I force myself to write to add income to our coffer. But Kimm does far more work than I do. And it has nothing to do with a sense of entitlement or wanting a free ride.

I am not proud of this trait. I think I should be more motivated. Kimm said she has a balance within her that allows her to both work and do nothing. I wish I had that too. But I am not balanced in that way. It is a big part of my shadow self, and something I war with each day. It wasn’t always this way. When I was an actress, I was very disciplined, I practiced dance and singing, and when I would get a job, I worked very hard to do the best I could. But as I have aged, that motivation has ebbed.

Sometimes I think all of me is just drying up, including my desire to be productive. Sometimes I think that is part of the aging process. But if that is true, why do some 80 year olds start lifting weights, go back to school, or free-fall from a plane? It’s more than just having a bucket list.

I believe that the New Agers love to teach us that our main job in life is to find our unique purpose and work towards that goal. That’s a lot of pressure and responsibility, and I for one, say “NOOOOOOO!!!” I have had many unique purposes in my 70 years on this globe, and enough is enough. Sure I want to finish my book, perform Madam Blavatsky, and shed a few pounds, but I want my purpose to be just being. 

I am fortunate enough to live in a very beautiful area of a very beautiful state, and I love nothing better than to take a can of beer outside and revel in the joy of the horses, the view of the mountains, and smog-free air. Unless it’s too windy or too hot, there is nothing better in my mind. I can sit for hours like that and be perfectly content. Doing something does not tug at me. I don’t feel the world pressing in on me. And this is NOT just taking time to smell the roses! This is time being smelling the roses. If I take time out for anything it is to be productive. And that is but a fraction of my day.

So my New Age advice to anyone who wants to listen is to embrace doing nothing. Learn how to just be. Allow Nature to be your inspiration. Allow yourself long respites. Oh, find your unique purpose if you must, but when you must be doing, be in the moment knowing that nothing awaits you with its warmth and peace.



iWonder Sisters Blog Hop: What is Your Daily Spiritual Practice?


Andie and I had fun running our first Bloghop. The question we posed was, “what does your daily spiritual practice look like?” 

And we received some truly inspiring answers and magickal posts. Here are the links to our separate posts and And the others who participated; Bree @nyms_divination and Gretchen from @willowseast. We thank you ladies for joining us and sharing a bit of what you do that is the glue that helps to hold your practice together.

Andie and Kimm xo

Gretchen from Willows East

Bree from Nyms Divination Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Andie from iWonder Sisterhood

Kimm from iWonder Sisterhood

If you would still like to join the Bloghop, just shoot us an email, we can send you the pic and then share your spiritual practices and rituals with us!

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