The #BacktrackingChallenge for Tarot and Oracle



Hello Cheerios, this Backtracking Challenge is for the entire of month of November. You choose a tarot or oracle card in the morning. You can look at the card, but don’t assess/read the card. Wait until the end of the day and then sit with the card to read and assess how this card fit into your day. Keep a journal if you like or videos of the experience and what you have discovered about the card and your day.

Share on your social media platform of choice. Ours will be shared on Instagram!

The purpose of backtracking a card helps you to learn better how to read the cards and how to free associate the card with every day life no matter what your story was that day. It helps you to be able to read for others, as you may pick the same card for 4 people with 4 different stories. That card will have a different meaning for each person that is relatable to thier specific lives that day, that week, that year, etc. It teaches us how to see the cards in many different ways.

So join us on this #backtrackingchallenge and place this as a hashtag and please put #iwondersisters.

Thanks so much!

Andie and Kimm

The iWonder Sisters



30 Days Of Gratitude – Day 2


Something I am extremely grateful for is my sense of humor and the laughter that Kimmie and I share every day. It has gotten me through an often traumatic life and saved me from slipping down the hole more than once. It clears my head and puts things in perspective in a way no kind of meditation can. Perhaps laughter is a kind of meditation. Yes! I like thinking of it that way!. And it really is a vacation from all the crap that so frequently runs through my crowded and cloudy brain. Yes, a sense of humor is a godsend. #30daysofgratitude @trueseedtemp

7 Ways to Spiritually Rid Yourself of the Blues


The Blues, we all get them at times, and sometimes there is a solid reason and other times it sweeps over us like a cold breeze on a Fall day. We try to think about positive things but that doesn’t always work, now does it. The power of positive thinking is just that, a power that sometimes requires habit and exercise and often even that can’t get us out of the funk we feel. We are talking about sporadic moments of just feeling lethargic, not clinical depression or diagnosed anxiety, but those rare moments when we feel like today, we just can’t get IT done, whatever IT is.

I have learned ways to get out of the Blues, and I am grateful that they don’t get me often, but I too have those moments or I wouldn’t know how to rid myself of the feeling. Now, let’s be straight, you are perfectly allowed to sit in the Blues if you’d like. There is nothing wrong with that, however, this is for those who have grown tired of the feeling and want to move on. Remember that all your feelings and emotions are valid and deserve your attention. So if you are feeling this way often, see a physician, it could be physical and/or mental. But take care of yourself always.

Here are 7 ways to kick the Blues out the door, if you choose to:

  1. Find something creative to do. Creativity offers us a spark that nothing else does in quite the same way. Try something new, or do something that you may feel you’re not that good at, but it’s fun and fulfilling for you.
  2. Start a book or finish a book. Starting projects and finishing projects often have the same results, satisfaction, and again, something to do.
  3. Go outside and hopefully you can soak up the sun. The sun is a healthy thing to help get you out of a funky mood. You may need the sun physically and are just not aware of that fact.
  4. Take a short walk. Walking is a great meditation and if there is really something responsible for your Blues, you may just sort it out during a 20 minute walk.
  5. Create a collage. Collages are easy and forgiving. You don’t need to be some super artist to choose pictures you like and glue them to some paper. Make them tell a story if you wish or just play with color, which also has a healing effect.
  6.  Write a blog post. Blogs are simply journals. If you already have a blog that you’ve been neglecting, write a post about your Blues and lack of inspiration. It may just help others as well to know that they are not alone.
  7. Sleep it off. Sometimes the Blues is a lack of good quality rest. If you can practice taking naps, see if you wake up with a little more vigor. If nothing else, your tired mind and body will get some needed rest.

Do Lazy Days Affect Your Business?

For the past few days, I have felt like Bruno Mars’ song, “today, I’m not doing anything.” Now, If I worked for Walmart, that would either be possible by calling in for a sick day here or there or vacation time, but I don’t work for Walmart, I don’t really work for anyone but Andie and myself, except for our freelance gig with a company in Canada that employs copy writers. So, it’s almost too easy for me to give in to doing nothing, and Andie has her days as well. And we talk about it, because I think with both of us, there is a bit of guilt that surrounds the subject. As entrepreneurs, is a lazy day, or even week, going to hurt our business? Will it affect our business in any way?

Could giving in to lazy days affect your business in a positive way? Common sense will tell us, or should tell us that if you’re taking too many days off, that something is wrong. You either have lost passion or interest in that business or never really had it, however, if you take a day here or there and a couple mini vacations a year, I believe that some time off can give you a fresh perspective and help you to come up with new ideas for old problems, when you feel rested and in balance.

Balance is the key word here. We have seen many moguls crash and businesses go down the drain because of owners who spent every waking hour working, marketing, and worrying. Then again, we have also seen people who never sleep, succeed tremendoulsy. But how do those people feel? Do they have the energy left to explore the joy success can bring? Or are they just rich, successful, burnt out individuals who have lost all of their family and friends.

Balance, once again, comes up for me. We all know that any business, whether large or small, requires a certain amount of work and attention. Sometimes, the business may require more time and energy than you feel you have to give, but then the tide slows down and mellows out and you find that you actually do have time to rest and should rest, when that time comes.

I don’t think a couple of lazy days ruins your business and they just might be an all-around positive way to live and work. We work, we rest, we work, we play. Balance. Now if you are planning on being singer Bruno Mars in that video where he is doing absolutely nothing that day, make it only one or two days, and then get your tushie back to work.

It’s Your Life! Do the Work!

Kimm and i have come across this all too often  and it’s an issue we must speak to. We are healers and guides, not fortune tellers. Yes, we do readings with cards and runes, but these are meant to clear away the fog in your head, and perhaps help you find direction. The hard work is yours alone to do.

Many people want to be told what is going to happen, and basically  hear only what they want to hear. They don’t realize that self actualization – self awareness and self acceptance –  is a solitary process and you are either going to make the investment in yourself or not. “The Work”, as Byron Katie calls it, is what you need to immerse yourself in to get to where you want to go. No one can do this for you.

Kimm and I can usually tell at first meeting whether or not a new client is really ready to be mentored by us. Lots of women are so married to their stories and not willing to step out of their comfort zones. They have a million excuses why they “can’t”. Sometimes we will work with these women even though we know they are not ready for change or to work on and with themselves. But too often it is a waste of time and money.

Let me say this to those of you who want answers. The answers are all there inside you NOW. You just have to clear away the debris and stop playing the same tapes over and over in your head. The past is done and the future is not yet here. Change is the only thing you can be certain of, and that change can be for your growth or for ill. And make no mistake: Stagnation is for ill.

So if you want to know who you are and who you might become, roll up your sleeves and get ready to get dirty. Ask yourself this question: Do I care enough about myself to work on me? And know that any healer worth her salt, will be there with you every step on your journey. But remember that the work belongs to you.


Need a Quick Spiritual Pick-me-up?

It really doesn’t matter what form of spirituality we practice, sometimes we get ourselves into a rut, because rituals are just that, rituals. And often this means doing the same thing over and over again. Though we choose these practices because they bring us joy and peace, things can still get a little stale sometimes.

It’s like being in love, in the beginning it’s all fire, but as time goes by, things calm down. And also, just like romance, just because the fire begins to fade, doesn’t make it any less special. It may just be time for a quick pick-me-up.

We offer you 10 ways to add a little spice to your spiritual practice:

1. Study another form of spirituality, widen your horizons

2. If you meditate, change your meditation music or the amount of time you meditate.

3. Visit a spiritual center, and for you this could be the local art museum. If it is, take in the majesty that is the talent of the human mind.

4. Study the history of your own spiritual practice and see where all of these rituals actually come from.

5. Ask a friend to meditate with you or go to yoga class with you and then head out for a cup of coffee or tea afterwards and discuss how you feel, physically and emotionally.

6. Take a break. It’s ok to not celebrate the full moon this month or the new moon next month. Instead use that night for a date, a movie by yourself, or chill with a glass of wine or sparkling seltzer. Just take an overall break.

7. Start a spiritual book club. You can follow many online book clubs or start your own from scratch. It can be virtual, you can  meet up on Google or Skype, or have an old-fashioned house get-together where everyone brings a dish.

8. Add nature into your practice if you haven’t already. Take a walking meditation, or a swimming meditation. Meditation is simply a practice that enables you to try to “be here now”.

9. Checkout sites like where you can locate like-minded people with whom you can socialize and chat with about your victories and your challenges. Sometimes it’s good to commiserate.

10. Have a once a month ritual with friends and during these meetings listen to other’s rituals and begin to try and combine rituals while you’re together.

Sometimes we all get a bit bored with our own spiritual practices, and it has nothing to do with not loving our rituals, sometimes they just need a little shake-me-up. It is also good to examine and interview yourself to see if it is time to change practices. This could definitely be an option that no one should feel guilty about.

An old Buddhist proverb says, ” when you are in the river, you travel by canoe, but once you hit the mountain, it would be silly to drag the canoe up with you.”

How to Keep Your Business Juicy

For those of us with small businesses, acting as entrepreneurs or solopreneurs as they call it today, it is a must in the beginning that you do most every task on your own. Usually small or micro businesses don’t have the currency to hire people to build glossy websites, add intricate shopping carts, and create beautiful graphics for your site and social media. All of that we do ourselves, and if you are entrepreneurs like we are, you understand what we are talking about.

In the beginning, it’s all so much fun and quite interesting. You’re learning something new, building something of your own with your own personality embedded within it, (fancy computer word), and it all seems honkey dory until year one passes, still going strong, year 2 passes, where are our readers, year 3 comes along and you haven’t written a post in a while, year 4 is here, and it’s like, “where is my tribe?” “Everyone told me I’d find my tribe by now. Well, maybe you do, maybe you don’t, or maybe you’re just getting to meet some of your tribe. But it can seem like a lot of work for no return. Not that profit and readers are everything, but if you are a professional blogger and mentor, profits and readers would be nice. Can I get an amen on that or namaste, or ase, or something?

So how do you keep it all fresh and motivating?

Here are a few tips to help you keep your business juicy!

1. Ask yourself is this really me? Is this business a reflection of my authentic self? If yes, then move forward. If no, then why the hell are you doing this?

2. Ok, now find a motivator. I have Andie and she plainly said hey, we have let iWonder kind of slip out of our minds, do you still love it? And we both decided that iWonder is us, authentically, and we did still love the concept and the business. If you are working solo, this motivator could be a best friend, relative, spouse, or your inner guide.

3. If you are at number three, well, we know you want to keep going with your business, no matter what it is, but you may want to make some changes to it, keep it exciting for you, change your style, your motto, change your website and the way it looks. Just because you got a little bored doesn’t mean that you have to throw the baby out with the bath water.

4. Do or try something you’ve never tried before. Sell your items on your site, or if you’ve been doing that, open an Etsy store, or use social media, like Instagram to sell yourself or your wares. Simply create a spark within your business that is a new way of doing things.

5. Add a new element to your business, something you’ve never offered before and don’t worry about the consequences. It will either work or not, but the joy of trying will create within you a new fire for the business you have decided that you still love.

Andie and I have come a long way with iWonder and we have made many changes but if it were not for the amazing women we’ve met this past year and this year, it wouldn’t be the same. So thank you! And go out there and keep working on that juicy business!

Last Two Weeks of Mind/Body Connection Challenge

15. Having come this far in our Mind/Body Connection Journal Prompt Challenge, has your attitude towards anything shifted in any way? How?

16. What would it take for you to look within whenever you get sick or injured?
17. Whenever you come down with a cold or the flu, do you ever think about what purpose it might serve?  Why?
18. When you get sick, do you ever think about what is going on in your life that might contribute to your illness?
19. How does the mind/body connection journal assist you in dealing with illness and/or injury.
20. Does fear play a role in how you think and feel? Explain.
21. Does anger play a role in how you think and feel? Explain.
22. Fear and anger are two of the most debilitating emotions. How do they affect you on a daily basis?
23. Do you believe fear and anger can cause illness and injury? Why?
24. Do you believe that you can learn something from each experience you have?
25. How can you learn from illness? Explain in detail.
26. If you have a bad sore throat or cough, can you see how that may keep you from expressing yourself?
27. Can you see illness or injury as symbols of a deeper issue? If not, why?
28. If you have continuing bouts of illness throughout the year, what emotional issues are you dealing with?
29. Can you see how chronic asthma can symbolize feeling smothered by life? Does that makes sense to  you.
30. Can you see serious illnesses like cancer, as symbols of deeper issues?
31. Having finished this challenge, how do you feel about the mind/body connection? Will this challenge change how you cope with physical setbacks?

Grief, and the Ephemeral Quality of Life

As many of you know, Kimm and I live on a 150 acre horse ranch in New Mexico. For 2 city girls we have acclimated more than well here and learned a lot about horses. There are over 30 horses on this beautiful land and we have been privileged to witness new babies being born – Kimm especially. As big and strong as these beasts are, they are also extremely fragile. Death is a regular occurrence here. And that is something we cannot get used to. I hope we never do.

Less than a week ago a new colt was born to Joy, one of the many mares here. Our landlady told us that the first 24 hours were a dicey time for new babies. But Justice, as he was named, seemed to be doing fine. Joy was a great mom and very protective, and he was nursing as he needed to.

Suddenly, on the third day, Justice developed a fever and our landlady gave him medication for it and he was better the following day. But we found out he had a very bad bacterial infection and died soon after. He had been so tiny, with “legs up to here”, and very playful and then suddenly he was gone.

Our landlady and Kimmie and I were devastated. Not too long before. another one of our mares had had a stillbirth and that was bad enough. But this loss hit us particularly hard.

As destiny would have it, Joy still had work to do. Another horse owner had to put a nursing mare down and the foal needed a mother. He called our landlady and shortly thereafter he was driving Joy to his ranch to see if she would accept the foal. We just got word that it looks good. With a little human help, the foal is nursing. If all goes well, life will have come full circle and Joy will have fulfilled her purpose. It’s a beautiful thing, coming from a terrible tragedy.

As our landlady, Kimm and I grieve for Justice, we cannot help but believe that this was meant to be. Justice goes back to heaven and another foal gets a chance at life. It must be a blessing!

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