Anna Quigley: A Celebration of Women



We met Anna on InstaGram quite a few months ago and we were always taken aback by how willing she was and is, to do the work to create peace and happiness in her life. Our dream is to use iWonder for women like this. Women who find that their are times in their lives when they need a compassionate voice and some plain old good advice. Anna accepted our help and ran with it, creating goals and dreams of her own. She also created her own tools in which to assist her during the dark and tough times and shared all of this with us, so that we could continue to support her growth and evolution. Since we have known Anna, she has blossomed into a true artist, and has become an even wiser communicator. She posts some amazing inspiring things on InstaGram and shares her own words of wisdom, motivation and inspiration. We wanted to thank Anna for continuing to inspire us to grow and learn and support women in their awakening. Thank you Anna, for being you, a person we feel is growing to accept herself radically. We celebrate Anna Quigley today and always for the love and authenticity she shares with us and the world.

With much love,

Andie and Kimm


The world is at crisis, because the women are angry! by Damara @trueseedtemp on IG (Pt. 1)


Women are angry all over the world. Tired and have been for ages. We have begun to take back our SELVES and truly set balance to our own lives, and our environment. Sometimes it can seem like we are powerless in a world so big, but forget that we are the ones who bare the seeds of the world within our very bodies. Because we are unhappy with the way things are, we have turned the world upside down.It is now time to rebuild and nourish these fertile soils. By working to get rid of the negatives, you must already be willing to affirm the positive! There are many ways we can empower ourselves and create more peace, love and whatever else it is that we truly wish for. Here Kimm, Andie and I will be sharing ways that we are empowered in our lives, especially in areas of home, work, and spiritual life. How that impacts us, and how we impact the environment around us.


As a woman, I have grown too love myself more. Each day there is something new for me too learn, so many ideas. Some days I feel the complete opposite. Stuck in a rut, limiting myself, doubting myself. Still many lessons are learned from those same moments. This has taught me that women are powerful manifestors. We are often regarded as “high emotional” with negative connotations, however, this is a true fact. We are more sensitive too the subtle frequencies of energy between objects and beings. We are able to listen, to feel, allowing us to get a greater span of the actual situation, so we may address it properly.


In our homes, whether we consider ourselves spiritual or not, we have little magick that we spread around our homes. Whether we live alone or with family or roommates, we all have our own little rituals we do to make home “Home”. Something our grandmother may have taught as as children, or old wives tales told to you by your mother. Or maybe something you created entirely on your own without thinking about it. In my home, decoration and furnishing are important to me. Each item you choose becomes something of powerful positive influence in your home. When i choose something, it’s because it makes me feel a certain way- could be sexy, alert, thoughtful, soft and gentle, could be aggressive, active and energized.  Think of your favorite room your home. Why did you choose each of those items? What else makes it your favorite room? Are others allowed in your favorite room? Why or why not? If so, how do they feel about it? I know you’re probably like, well what does this have to do with being a powerful manifestor? Intuitively, your body, your spirit knows just what you need. Remember that bit about being highly sensitive to the more subtle frequencies? Bam! The moment we have an intention for something, immediately we are guided along the way. To that particular store or thrift shop. Or even someplace you’ve never been, but decide to give a try, and ending up with great finds! Already you have begun to experience the materialization of your manifestations. You’re likely in a great mood and can’t wait to get back and set up.


My favorite space in my home is my bedroom. It is peaceful and has a nice calming air about it.Only certain people are permitted into my bedroom. When they enter my room, they are always more pleasant, relaxed and comfortable.My room is furnished with my altar and books, I have many crystals and stones that I chose for their calming, grounding and restorative energies. Also, as well as therapeutic, they are also very beautiful too look at, which can sometimes inspire deep insight or thought, as well as genuinely elevate any mood! I like that my room not only offers comfort for myself, but for those that I love. This to me is peace! Something so small as decorating your home can have a huge impact on yourself and others.



Pt. 2 Kimm Smith

Damara is right, women are angry, but why am I personally angry sometimes? Because after women, like my mother, have fought the good fight, we are still fighting to be heard in this world. And if our voices are loud and powerful, we are still labeled as bitches, or difficult to work with. This is an idea that should be long put to rest, but it is not. It is frustrating to be ridiculed or judged when you are as outspoken as I am, but I’d rather rattle a few cages than to keep quiet about the things that I care about on this planet.

Having had a very powerful mother, I learned at an early age to never feel inferior just because I have a vagina, and that power has remained with me til this day. I continue to empower myself by remembering and honoring the women in my family who taught me how to be myself and I honor women who I have never known but I do know that they also fought the good fight so that I could speak my mind at all times, regardless of the situation.

Let’s face it, we still live in a very patriarchal society. If you don’t recognize that, you have been living under a rock. Men are still making the main decisions in this world when it comes to our politics, but we honor the women who are currently trying to break through and have their opinions and solutions heard. So I am inspired by these women and the women in my family to keep going and to keep being myself and to never be stifled by anyone. I know that I have solutions and opinions to offer and I do it radically, whenever I am able.

Yes, we are angry, but anger can be a motivating emotion if it is used correctly and through the power of agape love. It can motivate us to speak up and speak out at the top of our lungs on the things that matter to our way of life and our freedom. Yes, I am empowered by remembering. I remember you Mother, I remember you Mema, I remember you Aunt Pernell, I remember you.



Why We Are on Patreon

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Patreon has become very popular these days and we are thankful for it, because it allows for a way for artists, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs to make money doing what we love. Often those of us who run our businesses and market our own services have to spend our time and money doing other things that take up our energy just to survive and eat everyday. We also give away a lot for free, because we love what we do and want to share it with you, paid or not paid.

But it does become difficult to give away so many freebies when this is really our work, our purpose in life. We want to give all we can to you and be full of energy as we do it, but after writing for other companies and taking on exhausting projects, what we love, goes lacking. And that means that you go lacking because we just don’t have the energy to give. This is very frustrating. No one questions doctors, lawyers, accountants, about why they want to get paid for their work but we artists and entrepreneurs are always questioned as to why we need to get paid for our work. The main reason is that no one is allowing us to live for free. We must eat, drive, and pay our bills each month just the same as you do.

This is why Patreon is so intriguing to us and why we decided to join. We hope that those who like and appreciate what we do, will support us in our work. Our motto is “support women that support women.” This is extremely important to us and we would love to do this with full energy and our full attention. Working so much for others, leaves us tired and often uninspired. And that’s not what we want. So please, if you benefit in any way from what we do and offer, support with your monthly donations, so we can keep giving you more and more of ourselves and expertise. Let’s heal together, for giving is living.

The Seven Chakras and How to Use Them


The chakras are energy vortexes that run through the body beginning from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, and when they are in balance your body, mind, and spirit function in harmony. Each chakra deals with its own organs, has its own assigned color and mantra, and is linked to its own specific emotional issues.

For the next seven weeks I will tell you about each of the seven main chakras, starting , with the Root Chakra, and we will discuss it in all its aspects and meanings.  So here we go with the first chakra, the Root Chakra.


In Sanskrit the Root Chakra is called Muladhara and its symbol is within a four-petaled lotus. It is located at the base of  the spine, its color is red and its mantra is LAM.  The associated organs are the spine, legs, feet, blood, teeth, and skeleton. Its element is Earth, and it is the security and safety chakra. When it is in balance you feel grounded, safe, at home in your body, and secure within yourself. Crystals and stones used to balance Muladhara are red jasper, smokey quartz, and hematite. One of the best ways to balance this chakra is to visualize a clear, pure red spinning at the base of the spine. Also, the Root Chakra is the seat of Kundalini, which is known as the vital life force. Yoga poses that strengthen this chakra are Shavasana, Tadasana, and Virabhadrasana.




The second chakra, also known as the Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana is the pleasure and emotional centre, and is also the well-spring of your creativity. Its color is orange and the mantra for this chakra is Vam. It is located in the pelvic area, its element is water and the organs associated with Svidhisthana are the kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs and the genitals. To balance the Sacral Chakra, visualize a clear, vibrant orange spinning in the pelvic region. Yoga poses that strengthen this chakra are Balasana, Natarajasana, and Parivrtta Trikonasana Essential oils that assist this chakra are rose, jasmine, clary sage, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang.




The third chakra also called the Solar Plexus or Manipura is located above the navel where the diaphragm sits. Its mantra is RAM and its color is yellow and sometimes golden. Its element is fire and it is the seat of the ego, your personal power, and your ability to make choices for yourself. Organs in the body that are associated with Manipura are the liver, large intestines and the digestive system, the adrenal glands, stomach, pancreas, and lungs.  Essential oils that assist in balancing the Solar Plexus are Frankincense, Rose, Myrrh, Rosemary, Sandalwood,Rosewood, and Sandalwood. You can inhale the oil, rub directly on the Solar Plexus, or on the bottoms of the feet.



The fourth chakra up from the Root Chakra is Anahata, or the Heart Chakra.  This is the seat of compassion, love, forgiveness, and is located in the center of the chest at the heart level. Its element is Air, and color is  green. The mantra for Anahata is YAM and the organs associated with this chakra are the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Yoga poses that can assist in balancing Anahata are Uttanasana, Ustrasana, and Bakasana. These will help you in opening your heart center. The Essential Oils that can help you balance the Heart Chakra are Lavender, Frankincense, Angelica, and Rosemary.



The Throat Chakra, called Vishuddha in Sanscrit is located in the neck and shoulders and its color is blue. It is the seat of self-expression, and when it’s out of balance  it means that you are not speaking your truth. The parts of the body associated with Vishuddha are the thyroid, neck, shoulders, mouth, teeth and arms, and its mantra is HAM.  The yoga poses that balance the throat chakra are Matsyasana, Simhasana, Sarvangasana, and Halasana. The Essential Oils most associated with balancing Vishuddha are Sandalwood, Rose, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Frankincensea, and Jasmine. (Note: The beautiful representation of Vishuddha above was painted by the artist Anna Quigley and graces the wall of our Casita.)


third eye

The Third Eye chakra is called the Ajna center and its color is Indigo.  The mantra for this chakra is AUM, and it is located between the eyebrows and behind the forehead. Ajna is most closely associated with the brain, and the glands associated with the Third Eye are the Pituitary, and Pineal glands. The organs connected to Ajna are the ear and eye and the entire nervous system. Essential Oils that help to balance the Third Eye are Frankincense, Angelica, and Vetiver. There are also Yoga poses that help strengthen and balance Ajna and they are Ardha Pincha Mayurasana, and Janusirsasana.  Ajna is a center of insight and inner wisdom.



The last of the primary seven chakras is the Crown Chakra, also called Sahasrara. It is located at the top of the head and its color is violet or white. It is said to be the gateway to higher consciousness, and its mantra is AUM. The associated parts of the body are the nervous system, and the the pituitary and pineal glands, and it is depicted as a lotus flower with a thousand petals. In balancing the Crown Chakra, the Yoga postures that assist are Vriksasana, the Half Lotus, Shavasana, and Sirsasana. These will help strengthen Sahasrara. A regular meditation practice also balances the seventh chakra. The Essential Oils that balances Sahasrara are Frankincense, Vetiver, Lavender, Jasmine, and Sandalwood.


Your Life’s Purpose: To Remember

Most of us who are on the spiritual path, no matter what it is, always ask one single question, ” what is my life’s purpose?”

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Unknown

Now that’s truly a mouthful. I resonate with much of it, not every bit. I believe that our purpose is more common and simplistic than that, yet as complex as any difficult and challenging task can be. And that purpose is to remember.

If you break the word down, ” to re-member” or “put back together” it may sound too simple, too easy to be one’s life’s purpose. But think about it, if we had not collectively forgotten who we really are, and that is star people, souls choosing experiences before we are born, life would be completly different. Most of the challenges we live with would be null and void. If you knew that you were an integral part of the magnificent Universe, you would simply manifest all you desired to experience and avoid all the yucky stuff just to have the fun and luxury we all dream of.

It is really an interesting thought, because many of us are awakening and we have deep down inside, a knowing, that we are more than meets the physical eye. We have been taught that we are Spirits living a human experience and also, I like to add, humans living a human experience, but do we really know for sure, the power we have to shape and reshape our lives?

If we did we would not be struggling with experiences such as lack, hopelessness, war, separation, and segragation. We would be living a life of abundance and peace always and I’m not so sure where that experience would get us. Would we learn and grow, the way we do now, or would what is an Earth school, turn into a playground?

Though we benefit from our self-imposed amnesia, our purpose, among others, is to remember. Remember who we really are so that we can assist in the ascension of this planetary experience. Some of us will remember sooner and more fully than others so that we can help lead the way. Remembering will be traumatic for some and heaven for others. We will all deal with it in our own unique ways.

All the other purposes we have, have to do with our passions, creativities, and various talents, gifts, and interests we have been born with or developed on our journey here. These purposes are important too. I don’t want you to think they aren’t, but so many struggle with their main purpose, and there is no science to prove this and I doubt there will ever be, but I believe that we are on a trek back to remembrance. All of us, in our own way, on our own roads with our own gear in tow.

To re-member ourselves is our sacred purpose and who knows if that can happen in this earth environment, but surely many of us are wiling to find out.


Does Your Dream Need an Upgrade?

Often, we come up with a dream, goals, and ideas that seem monumental at the time, but we know that we require that challenge to get us to success, whatever success is to us. We work hard on those dreams and then realize that we need to work even harder and smarter to get the engine going in the way we desire it to. Our dreams are our lives. They are what motivates us and keeps us going through tough times, knowing that we are working on something we consider worthwhile.

It takes many years, as a blogger/writer/mentor to get your name out there and to get people to trust your brand. And speaking of brand, there needs to be a whole lot of  either time or money spent on creating and marketing your brand and for those of us who are soloprenuers, it is usually time, which doesn’t always get you as far as money and help will. But it’s coming together after four years of changing, shifting ourselves while changing and shifting our brand to fit who we are in the present without confusing people.

Now, I just feel in my heart that something else is needed or needs to be changed. Maybe it’s time to upgrade the dream. For us that doesn’t mean more work on iWonder Sisterhood, it means coming up with something that will work for us. Time is getting more and more precious now and the time we spend with some clients is not necessarily what we want to do with all clients. There is not enough hours in our day. So when you begin to feel that itch about your brand and your business, maybe  it’s time to start thinking bigger and creating in a larger way something that will make you profitable but not take up 24 hours of your day. We don’t believe in the old saying, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” We want to sleep now but we also want to put something out there that is engaging enough to assist in taking care of our human and spiritual needs. We want to give our potential clients quality for sure, over quantity. For iWonder that may be the act of putting all of our wisdom in a book that we sell ourselves. We are fully aware that there is plenty of initial work involved but we are thinking about the payoff. We will be offering something that is worth plenty to our clients and will also in the long run, keep iWonder profitable.

Your dream upgrade may be something different. It may be starting and creating courses that your client can pay for, and benefit from, while you are able to sustain your dreams and goals. It is difficult to live a totally human life, which we all do, and also give everything away for free, we are still here to assist spiritually, everyone that contacts us on a serious note. If you are ready for change, we can help you do that. If you are not, we recognize it right away and we don’t want your money for something that is not working for you and creating change in your life. We only want money from those whose lives we impacted in a positive way and those who we have given the tools to handle everyday life and its radical changes.

There is still much to think about, but the doing is where we will focus our attention. There will be an iWonder book with all of our iWonder wisdom packed into one place instead of reading 200 posts. We certainly don’t mind if that’s what you want to do, we will always write for our blog as long as we exist as iWonder Sisters. But we want to give you something you can cherish and be inspired by everyday you look at it, and for us, that is a book that will be a post a day with the main reasoning or lesson behind the post. For you, it may be offering the best course possible that people can purchase when they are ready. You can do this instead of offering live classes that take up time and marketing experience to hope that someone shows up.

Upgrading the dream is something that I believe we all go through. It just comes down to whether or not we stick with the new plan. What can it hurt? I can’t see anything it could hurt to shift your ideas around until they shape themselves into something new. And newness is never a bad thing unless you are invested in a very specific outcome instead of allowing the universe to guide you along the way.

The #BacktrackingChallenge for Tarot and Oracle



Hello Cheerios, this Backtracking Challenge is for the entire of month of November. You choose a tarot or oracle card in the morning. You can look at the card, but don’t assess/read the card. Wait until the end of the day and then sit with the card to read and assess how this card fit into your day. Keep a journal if you like or videos of the experience and what you have discovered about the card and your day.

Share on your social media platform of choice. Ours will be shared on Instagram!

The purpose of backtracking a card helps you to learn better how to read the cards and how to free associate the card with every day life no matter what your story was that day. It helps you to be able to read for others, as you may pick the same card for 4 people with 4 different stories. That card will have a different meaning for each person that is relatable to thier specific lives that day, that week, that year, etc. It teaches us how to see the cards in many different ways.

So join us on this #backtrackingchallenge and place this as a hashtag and please put #iwondersisters.

Thanks so much!

Andie and Kimm

The iWonder Sisters