Do You Love Yourself?



Do you love yourself? Some of you may find this to be a difficult question to answer. For many, the answer will be a quick “yes” or “no” because of the things you have gone through in your lives. You will have in your mind, a definitive answer. Self love is a more complicated process than it sounds, as it requires self exploration and acceptance. Many of us find it painful to accept all of who we are, the light and the shadow aspects of ourselves. But in order to truly begin the journey of self love, one must understand that it is a process of knowing yourself as well as possible, in this incarnation and beyond.

If loving oneself is so powerful, what exactly are we afraid of? Self loving enables us to make decisions for ourselves that we would not otherwise make, like giving up some THING or someone that is not the best situation for us at this time. And loss can be devastating even if it’s for a good reason. We are afraid of moving on and forward and what that will bring to our lives or remove from our lives. This is why it requires much courage to take the self love journey and exploration. We begin to think about how hard making certain decisions for our greater good, can be. We would rather remain where it is comfortable instead of delving into the unknown.

Self love, for many, is the unknown experience, the uncomfortable experience. But it is a step you will take that will change your life for the better, even if that better is in the long run. Sometimes we must go through deep change to honestly fall in love with who we are. We must launch the process of self forgiveness, for there is no love without forgiveness and this includes the love we have for ourselves. None of us are perfect beings, we have and will make mistakes, unwillingly hurt others, make self loathing decisions, so forgiveness is a must when it comes to a true self love experience. We must forgive ourselves for all we feel we have done that is “wrong” or unforgivable from others. Before we can even accept another’s forgiveness, we must give that gift to ourselves first.

So you can see why this journey can be so difficult and often treacherous, because we must face things about ourselves that we have been hiding from for so long. However, the uphill climb is worth it because we come through it viewing what is at the top of that mountain. The beauty of loving oneself will come shining through like the sun and we will be ecstatic that we took the trip. Do you love yourself? Possibly a question worth asking yourself today? And if the answer is uncertain or a simple no, embark on the exploration of self forgiveness, understanding and a deeper knowing of oneself. No one said it would be easy, it is not, but the ups and downs and aches and pains of growing will be infinitely worth it.