The Starlight Shines on Sydney Chase and The Indigo Room

1. Sydney, speak to us a bit about who you are and how you got started teaching about the laws of the universe.
Wow, that is a big question LOL. I am first a spiritual being having a physical human experience. With that being said, I’ve always been spiritual just didn’t know what I know now. I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and come from a family of preachers and ministers, including my Dad. I was put out of the religion at a very young age of twenty because I was pregnant. The religion itself is a cult to me. All of my friends and my immediate family were JW’s and they were no longer allowed to speak to me because I was what they called disfellowshipped. Another story for another day. I  believed God hated me deep down and hated my child because I almost died and my baby did too. So those Jehovah’s witnesses must be right. One day this woman that I was working with gave me a bible and told me that wasn’t true. She talked to me a lot and encouraged me to read it. She invited me to her church but my JW beliefs were hard and I was stuck in that belief and wouldn’t go to her church. I thought back then that I would surely have no chance for redemption if I did. But I did read the bible she gave me and wow, there were some things in there that just didn’t match my own JW bible. I was shocked.
So hence started my journey to find the truth. I became saved holy and sanctified. I studied Judaism, Muslim, Buddhism and a few more ism’s. I found a thread, they pretty much were saying the same thing but called themselves different ism’s. I finally landed into Unity a non- denominational all inclusive church. I loved my time there, but I needed to go deeper. I read Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and the Celestine Prophecy, and anything I could get my hands on that opened my mind. I meditated and I learned things about myself spiritually that no one ever told me before. One day my prayer partner in Unity introduced me to Abraham Hicks. That is where I heard about Law of Attraction through them and The movie The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know. There are quite a few twists and turns in between but this is the short version. LOL . I followed them for a few years and then found Neville Goddard and other teachers who have since gone.
I also became a Shaman Healer.
I started a podcast with another Abraham Hicks person about Law of Attraction and then branched out on my own. The Indigo Room was born in 2007. I am an investigator and a nerd. I want to know how things work. I like to explore things, the universe et all.
2. How would you describe The Indigo Room? 
The Indigo Room is a place of community. A place where you can explore many topics dealing with our every day lives. It is a safe place for people to connect and find ways to live their best lives. It’s a place of exploration. We accept all, even those who don’t believe in spirit, higher power, or God. Because truth be told we all believe in something. It’s about exploring old beliefs and changing them.
3. Do you feel that you were “called” to teach about the law of attraction and the other laws of the universe?
I used to feel I was called. But my own guides showed me it’s something I have to do. It’s an agreement I made before I came here that I would do it. Sometimes I get off track. Like when The Indigo Room went dark and I got off track. I had to come back because I was breaking my own agreement. If that makes sense.
4. How has it been different for you going from podcasting to becoming a YouTuber?
The transition was a bit daunting because now the viewer or listener gets to see all of me. My eyes. The eyes are the truth. The eyes tell you all about a person if we take the time to look. I am an Actress and I didn’t think it would be nerve wracking being on camera. But truth be told I was scared to death. The Indigo Room podcast has a much bigger following than YT. The hardest part it getting folks to move to a different medium than they are used to. But I believe the saying from that movie “Field of Dreams”, ” If you build it they will come”. So I am going to keep building it.
I love being on video. I feel like it’s more authentic because the viewer can see the real me, and not just listen to my voice. The mystery is gone. I am now working on upgrading my equipment so I can bring on guests, and having our listeners participate as well. It is a whole new medium and I love learning all of the twists and turns of video. I want to eventually create The Indigo Room Network where other content creators can have a platform with us. I got ideas that are bigger than me right am growing into it. Podcasting allowed me to hide, so to speak, but now nope it’s all out there. Every little thing.
5. What influences have impacted your spiritual path?
Dying and coming back. Having my children. Some of my relationships; love relationships, family, and friends. Also the past election! Whooo that took me out! Messages from my guides. Meditation. Opening my third eye. My Shaman mother Arzu Titus. God/Goddess and just going within. Trusting my intuition when everything around me says NO! And following it anyway.
6. You teach a lot about Neville Goddard, what drew you to his work and why?
I was drawn to Neville because he broke things down very simply in my opinion. He wasn’t “airy fairy”. He was practical and literally gave us the reasons why things happen and how to change them with practical techniques. He made it doable to me. And he explained the Bible to me in a way that no one ever has since.
7. Do you believe the main teachings of loa have made it very misunderstood? So many people say that it doesn’t work for them. How do you feel about that?
Oh yes!! I think The Secret did a major disservice to us in my humble opinion. It watered down everything. I was addicted to it. But there are underlying factors. It’s not just about vibrating in a good space if you don’t know what a good space is. It’s not just about sitting on your couch and imagining a new bike and the next thing it shows up in your yard. It’s not about thinking a thing at all. There are layers to Law of Attraction. It is simple and complex all at the same time. It’s not about ignoring things that happen to you. It’s literally to me about acknowledging that you have beliefs in your subconscious that are narrating your life and changing those underlying beliefs, NOT just thoughts. It’s about removing those layers or barnacles that we have had for years and years, sometimes lifetimes, and replacing them with newer more expansive beliefs. You can believe in God but you may not know that God/Goddess or the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. You may not understand that the power is within you. You may not realize that really You are a Powerful being. You may not realize that I AM is YOU and that your words are powerful. You may not realize that your feelings coupled with your thoughts, beliefs and ideas is what creates. You may not realize that your most Dominant Feeling is always going to supersede what you are thinking and even your belief. If you believe in God but FEEL that you are not worthy…or insignificant or whatever thing you may be feeling about yourself, that will be what you attract. You attract what you are. Unless you change your feelings. That gets lost in the sauce of the Law of Attraction as it is presented to many. I love that Wayne Dyer and Neville taught that. You attract what you are. And you are your dominant feelings. whether good bad or indifferent. You attract what you are feeling! Period point blank. So no matter how much money you want or think about, if you are feeling poor, you will attract lack over and over.
8. What are your future plans for the Indigo Room and how do you plan to expand your platform? Talk to us about Patreon and what is offered on that Indigo Room platform.
Oh man another big question. I am planning for us to meet up together in different places in the world. We have so many people who listen and watch The Indigo Room. I am planning meet and greets a world tour. I am also creating platforms that will allow us to connect with each other using chat and voice so that even if there isn’t a show in progress listeners and viewers can connect with each other. Patreon is interesting. However, I have decided to go a different route using Paypal and the website Linda Patrick and I are building. I love Linda Patrick. She’s been with the Indigo Room for years! She helps us in ways that I cannot even begin to express. She is the real MVP. What will be offered on our website similar to Patreon which we have created, is time on the phone with me monthly, Behind the scenes videos, gifts, extra content, private chats and more.
9. Besides Goddard, who are some of your favorite loa teachers, past and present and why?
I can’t call the people that I watch LOA content creators specifically, but I do enjoy who is on my radar right now,  Derrick Jaxn,  Breeny Lee, Ty’s Conscious Kitchen, Crush Foster & his wife Beyond Vegan, Aspiring Veganista, you two, IWonder Sisters, My sister Susan Daily, G. Fabre, Sandi Daly, Arzu Titus and Vibha Sharma, Dauchsey, Orin, Gregg Braden and Beth Atchinson, because they are here now and they all have a piece of the life puzzle that I enjoy immensely. When they post or share something I take note and listen. Some of them I know personally and I can chat with them and pick their brains and I can roll things around from a different perspective. Sometimes when I am wicky wacky, I hear something they said in a specific way and I get clarity. And of course my Indigo Roomies 🙂
Past , of course Neville Goddard, and Abdullah who first taught Neville, Reverend Ike, Wayne Dyer, Prentice Mulford, Wallace Wattles, Florence Scovel Shinn, Genievieve Behrend, Thomas Troward, Dr. Joseph Murphy, St. Germain, Nanda and my guides which there are right now 11.
10. Do you ever get disheartened by the materialism that has grown around the law of attraction? It seems that some people think that material things are all there is to gain from applying this law. 
I don’t see it that way, Materialism. I do get disheartened sometimes at the way LOA is being presented. Abundance is real. And there is enough for everyone to have what they desire no matter what it is. If getting a new bike, new better car, new job with more money, better relationship, or more money, is the way you first begin with Law of Attraction it doesn’t really matter to me. Because we all were designed to have be and do more. We were designed to be perfection. If that is the window you come through, good. You just can’t stop there. Maybe some people get stuck there and that is not my business. You come to these laws through the way that best presents itself to you. If it is through a new home, car and job and you stop, well then that’s all it is for you. I shrug my shoulders. I used to get bent out of shape with it, but there’s more. But then I realized that is how I came to want to know how this law worked. I wanted more. And there is nothing inherently wrong with that. What is wrong if you use these laws to hurt another. The law itself is about attracting what you desire. And desire is a gift from God/dess.
11. How was it becoming an author? Please share info about your book. And do you plan to write more books?
I still struggle with that. My book was just a small snippet of what I have learned. I thought it was going to be huge. LOL But nope! That’s ok. I am writing another one. And another one. And another one. My book will be on our new website. I am sorry I don’t have an active link at the moment because I have been having some issues with Amazon and being locked out of my account. Someone hacked my account and Amazon has not been able to resolve it yet over a year. So again I have to start from scratch just like on Talkshoe and all of my old shows were deleted. Just means I start again with fresh ideas and new content. That stressed me for a bit, but then I had to look at it from a different angle. I am different now. And so is my content. However the book is called Mind Garden of Eden.


The iWonder Sisters: Sydney, we thank you for such a dynamic and engaging interview and such truth about who you are presently and what your goals are for the near future. We appreciate your candor on subjects like materialism in the Law of Attraction and your truth being presented in such a delicious way for us to digest. We wish you and The Indigo Room much more success, as we are fans as well as admirers.

You can find Sydney and the Raise Your Vibe Tribe every Wednesday evening at 9pm eastern time on her YouTube platform and as more links become available, we will update you here, and on Instagram @iwondersisters. Sydney can be followed on IG @theindigoroomshow and @SydneyChase584 You can also find The Indigo Room on Twitter and Facebook!