7 Ways to Boost Your Mood



It can be difficult to deal with our ever changing moods. But one thing you should know, is that a change of moods is natural. No one feels the same everyday. So don’t expect to have that bright shiny aspect of yourself show itself on a daily basis. Things will happen and situations will occur that will change your mood quickly. However, even if we can’t control everything that happens or all the people we must come into contact with, we can do something about how it all affects us. Below are 7 ways you can boost your mood when the world gets you down.

  1. Treat Yourself

Even if it’s only to a cup pf coffee out at your favorite cafe, treating yourself to something special, something different from the norm of your day, can have a great affect on your mood.

2. Get Out in the Sun

The sun is a healthy way to boost your mood. It provides us with the level of health we need to get us going again when life takes its toll on us. If its cloudy, enjoy the outdoors anyway. Just a little time in nature or just sitting on the front porch watching a ladybug go by, can change our perspective on life.

3. Talk to a Friend

Sometimes just talking about our mood, can help us to get going and help us to begin moving out of that funk we are currently in. A good friend is a jewel that can make us shine on the cloudiest days and during the darkest of times. You don’t need to spill it all but just a friendly conversation about how you’re feeling is a great way to begin to crawl out of the darkness.

4. Get Creative

Writing, journaling, or doing something creative like artwork or collage work, can help to lift your dark mood. Creativity is a sacred way to come back into ourselves and to find that joy that brings us alive again. You don’t need to be an artist to be creative, even if you play the guitar badly, you can still have fun with it and the more fun you have the more you will be able to see the light within.

5. Spend Time in Silence

Sometimes, a dark mood requires your attention. Spend some time in quiet solitude and experience the emotions you are feeling. Often this process will bring answers and questions to your mind that will help to clarify why you may be feeling this way. Solitude is a great way to get to the source of your mood. And when getting to the source of your mood occurs, you can feel better about how you are actually feeling and honor those feelings.

6. Give Time and Gratitude to Someone Else

If we take our minds off of ourselves, that is sometimes enough to brighten our days. Someone out there needs you even if it’s only for something little. Give of yourself to an older neighbor or someone in deeper pain than yourself, physically or mentally. Even a small visit to say hello is a great way to get your mind off your own darkness and into bringing forth the light for another.

7. Take a Walk

Walking off a dark mood can help tremendously. Walking is an exercise that most healthy people can accomplish. Even if it’s just a small walk in nature or down a city street, it helps to clear the mind, and also helps to connect you with the outside world again. You may come across a friendly neighbor or stranger that simply says hello, have a great day and you will find that your mood begins to lift a little and you can see yourself getting on with the rest of your day.

If you find yourself in a dark place often, it may be time to see a doctor to find out what is going on. This may be a physical and/or mental health issue that needs addressing by a professional. Don’t neglect your health. If you find that nothing works, it’s time for additional help.