SAD: The Disorder that Really Gets to You



SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder is real, especially to people like myself who deal with it on a yearly basis. It is still a new or unknown disorder for many. This disorder affects those of us who are affected by missing out on the sun and warmth of the Spring and Summer seasons. It goes much deeper for many but that is the layman’s definition. The sun provides our bodies with so much healthy goodness that when it’s missing for long periods of time, it can truly affect how many of us feel emotionally and physically. I have chosen to write it out and share it as the winter winds blow here in New Mexico up to 60 mph and intermittent snow and hail and rain fall from the sky. It seems as if the weather will not cease even though we have sprung our clocks forward signaling the longer days of Spring.

There isn’t much one can do comfortably on the ranch in which we live in these kinds of winds. You can barely walk around without swaying to the winds. I would much rather be outside scooping horse manure in the sun and warmth of Spring than sitting inside listening to the howling winds. So what is a SAD sufferer to do when things like the weather are not in our control? Here are a few things I am trying as I write this on this extremely wintry day.


It helps to share your experience with this disorder. If nothing else, it will explain to those around you why you appear to be so sad and depressed. It helps those you love know a little about what you’re going through during this time of year. And it helps you to get some of that temporary sadness out into the open.

Get Creative

Do something that brings you the joy you’re seeking. It could be an art project or poetry or simply joutnaling in your favorite journal. It helps to use up some creative energy when you’re feeling the affects of SAD. Blogging is what I chose today.

Listening to Music

Music is the language of the soul. It appeals to just about everyone on earth. Listening to your favorite music or sometimes even melancholy music, will help to get some of those emotions out and free to be themselves. Sometimes SAD literally makes you want to cry so melancholy music can help to ease that emotional pain. But dancing to your favorite dance tunes can also be a choice that may suit some better than others.

Get Sun if You Can

If you can get some sun, get that sun. Usually this is not an option for many because of the weather but sometimes if you see moments of sunshine, step outside for a few minutes and soak that in. It can be helpful even in small doses.


As I mentioned sometimes this disorder can make you tearful. Cry if you can and get those tears flowing. Tears can be quite healing. I couldn’t manage a good cry this morning but for many who find it easier to cry, let loose and cry your heart out. Remember SAD is usually temporary. If you find yourself deeply depressed and can’t figure out why, please see a doctor about your health and well-being.

These are just a few of the easy things one can do to assist yourself with dealing with the symptoms of SAD. Of course there are clinical solutions that you can speak to your doctor about when it comes to easing the pain of SAD. Often lamps are used to mimic the sunlight that is missing from one’s life and one’s body. This is also a viable option once you see a doctor to make sure that there are not also other health issues at hand.

But mostly, getting your feelings out there for your loved ones to see and feel with you is one of the most simple and helpful home remedies. Talking it all out can be very healing for those of us dealing with this unusual disorder. Spring is definitely on the way and remembering that is also truly helpful. Just reminding yourself that these feelings are temporary and will dissipate in time is also very helpful in dealing with SAD symptoms.