Growth, It’s Possible




An experience happened to me this past weekend that used to trigger my need to make everything about me. When I read the famous book, The Four Agreements, the most difficult chapter for me to digest was, Don’t Take Anything Personally. I remember thinking, you have got to be kidding! If they say my name or direct an attitude towards me, how can it not be about me? I am the target. am I not? But in my spiritual contemplation over the years I have realized that most behavior of others is not about me. It could be anyone. Anyone could stand in my place and the person would still react the same way. This took me many painful years to learn and I had to go deep within and believe the principle. There is very little that is actually about me when it comes to others’ behavior. This realization has also opened up my ability to forgive. Because let’s face it, sometimes it truly feels like it is about us and the pain that comes with that thought can be damaging for a long period of time. I just decided that I didn’t want to experience unnecessary pain for no reason but instead try to understand the other person’s point of view. Believe me, it is so much more freeing to live life in this way. We can take ourselves out of the equation and learn to sympathize and empathize with how another is feeling in that moment. It took me a little while to see how much I had grown because growth can sneak up on you like a cool breeze in the summer but when you finally feel it, it feels amazing.