The Healer/Client Relationship


Being a healer came quite naturally to me and I have been working on people since I was a child. And as I grew up, people continued to come to me to “heal” their aches and pains.

It is my belief that each of us is a healer in some way, and has the capacity to heal others. Some of us, however, are more open conduits for healing energy than others. But that is part gift and part practice. We can all be healers if we so desire. It is definitely a choice, and not everyone wants to develop that gift. And that is perfectly fine.

When I work on someone I think of it as entering into a partnership with the client because, after all, healing is an exchange of energies. I was taught by healers in England that healing can be effective on someone who is resistant or doesn’t believe in it. But I believe it is most effective when the client is interactive to the extent that he/ she allows out energies to intermingle.

Before I work on a client we talk. I will get a medical history, and find out where in their bodies they have issues. I also do body scanning to give me an idea where there is pain, scarring, and inflammation.