Anna Quigley: A Celebration of Women



We met Anna on InstaGram quite a few months ago and we were always taken aback by how willing she was and is, to do the work to create peace and happiness in her life. Our dream is to use iWonder for women like this. Women who find that their are times in their lives when they need a compassionate voice and some plain old good advice. Anna accepted our help and ran with it, creating goals and dreams of her own. She also created her own tools in which to assist her during the dark and tough times and shared all of this with us, so that we could continue to support her growth and evolution. Since we have known Anna, she has blossomed into a true artist, and has become an even wiser communicator. She posts some amazing inspiring things on InstaGram and shares her own words of wisdom, motivation and inspiration. We wanted to thank Anna for continuing to inspire us to grow and learn and support women in their awakening. Thank you Anna, for being you, a person we feel is growing to accept herself radically. We celebrate Anna Quigley today and always for the love and authenticity she shares with us and the world.

With much love,

Andie and Kimm