The world is at crisis, because the women are angry! by Damara @trueseedtemp on IG (Pt. 1)


Women are angry all over the world. Tired and have been for ages. We have begun to take back our SELVES and truly set balance to our own lives, and our environment. Sometimes it can seem like we are powerless in a world so big, but forget that we are the ones who bare the seeds of the world within our very bodies. Because we are unhappy with the way things are, we have turned the world upside down.It is now time to rebuild and nourish these fertile soils. By working to get rid of the negatives, you must already be willing to affirm the positive! There are many ways we can empower ourselves and create more peace, love and whatever else it is that we truly wish for. Here Kimm, Andie and I will be sharing ways that we are empowered in our lives, especially in areas of home, work, and spiritual life. How that impacts us, and how we impact the environment around us.


As a woman, I have grown too love myself more. Each day there is something new for me too learn, so many ideas. Some days I feel the complete opposite. Stuck in a rut, limiting myself, doubting myself. Still many lessons are learned from those same moments. This has taught me that women are powerful manifestors. We are often regarded as “high emotional” with negative connotations, however, this is a true fact. We are more sensitive too the subtle frequencies of energy between objects and beings. We are able to listen, to feel, allowing us to get a greater span of the actual situation, so we may address it properly.


In our homes, whether we consider ourselves spiritual or not, we have little magick that we spread around our homes. Whether we live alone or with family or roommates, we all have our own little rituals we do to make home “Home”. Something our grandmother may have taught as as children, or old wives tales told to you by your mother. Or maybe something you created entirely on your own without thinking about it. In my home, decoration and furnishing are important to me. Each item you choose becomes something of powerful positive influence in your home. When i choose something, it’s because it makes me feel a certain way- could be sexy, alert, thoughtful, soft and gentle, could be aggressive, active and energized.  Think of your favorite room your home. Why did you choose each of those items? What else makes it your favorite room? Are others allowed in your favorite room? Why or why not? If so, how do they feel about it? I know you’re probably like, well what does this have to do with being a powerful manifestor? Intuitively, your body, your spirit knows just what you need. Remember that bit about being highly sensitive to the more subtle frequencies? Bam! The moment we have an intention for something, immediately we are guided along the way. To that particular store or thrift shop. Or even someplace you’ve never been, but decide to give a try, and ending up with great finds! Already you have begun to experience the materialization of your manifestations. You’re likely in a great mood and can’t wait to get back and set up.


My favorite space in my home is my bedroom. It is peaceful and has a nice calming air about it.Only certain people are permitted into my bedroom. When they enter my room, they are always more pleasant, relaxed and comfortable.My room is furnished with my altar and books, I have many crystals and stones that I chose for their calming, grounding and restorative energies. Also, as well as therapeutic, they are also very beautiful too look at, which can sometimes inspire deep insight or thought, as well as genuinely elevate any mood! I like that my room not only offers comfort for myself, but for those that I love. This to me is peace! Something so small as decorating your home can have a huge impact on yourself and others.



Pt. 2 Kimm Smith

Damara is right, women are angry, but why am I personally angry sometimes? Because after women, like my mother, have fought the good fight, we are still fighting to be heard in this world. And if our voices are loud and powerful, we are still labeled as bitches, or difficult to work with. This is an idea that should be long put to rest, but it is not. It is frustrating to be ridiculed or judged when you are as outspoken as I am, but I’d rather rattle a few cages than to keep quiet about the things that I care about on this planet.

Having had a very powerful mother, I learned at an early age to never feel inferior just because I have a vagina, and that power has remained with me til this day. I continue to empower myself by remembering and honoring the women in my family who taught me how to be myself and I honor women who I have never known but I do know that they also fought the good fight so that I could speak my mind at all times, regardless of the situation.

Let’s face it, we still live in a very patriarchal society. If you don’t recognize that, you have been living under a rock. Men are still making the main decisions in this world when it comes to our politics, but we honor the women who are currently trying to break through and have their opinions and solutions heard. So I am inspired by these women and the women in my family to keep going and to keep being myself and to never be stifled by anyone. I know that I have solutions and opinions to offer and I do it radically, whenever I am able.

Yes, we are angry, but anger can be a motivating emotion if it is used correctly and through the power of agape love. It can motivate us to speak up and speak out at the top of our lungs on the things that matter to our way of life and our freedom. Yes, I am empowered by remembering. I remember you Mother, I remember you Mema, I remember you Aunt Pernell, I remember you.


Pt.3   Andie Levine

I am over 20 years older than Damara and Kimm, and I have a lot of anger. For all the times I was told to “Shut up”, and did. For the jobs I didn’t get because I was female. For the salaries that were far and away less than my male counterparts. And for how little has changed. The glass ceiling remains as sturdy as ever. Outspoken women  with strong opinions are still considered bitches. And the role of women in the home is the same as it always was.

And I am angry that as much of a feminist as I was in the years of Betty Friedan, “The Female Eunuch”, and Gloria Steinem, that I didn’t join NOW, march with my contemporaries, and open my mouth. I am much more vocal now in my 70’s than I ever was back then.

How many of us besides me felt with their sisters but didn’t walk with them? I can only blame my own mother to a point. She was a passive/aggressive with no spine. I learned womanhood from her. I had no strong women in my family to emulate. Not like Kimm. I can’t remember and find solace.

But a woman’s anger can be a powerful thorn in the side of the status quo. And as women stand up in protest today a resounding voice is heard. We can no longer be ignored. Women are the moral thermometer of the world. And they are finally understanding that they need not ride on the backs of men. And if I am still angry it is with myself. I have come into my own power. iWondersisterhood is about empowering women to be their fullest, most evolved selves. And it has given me a new lease on life.

I know how to use my anger. And the world’s women also know. We must all listen hard!!! And realize that DOING means more than just knowing. It is what we do with our knowledge that is the real definer of our selves. I see now. And I see with gratitude. Those who have come before me, and those I stand with now, are the real heroes. As Kimm said in her Part 2, anger is an active emotion and a great motivator. Now I must harness my own and stop thinking so much.