Why We Are on Patreon


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Patreon has become very popular these days and we are thankful for it, because it allows for a way for artists, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs to make money doing what we love. Often those of us who run our businesses and market our own services have to spend our time and money doing other things that take up our energy just to survive and eat everyday. We also give away a lot for free, because we love what we do and want to share it with you, paid or not paid.

But it does become difficult to give away so many freebies when this is really our work, our purpose in life. We want to give all we can to you and be full of energy as we do it, but after writing for other companies and taking on exhausting projects, what we love, goes lacking. And that means that you go lacking because we just don’t have the energy to give. This is very frustrating. No one questions doctors, lawyers, accountants, about why they want to get paid for their work but we artists and entrepreneurs are always questioned as to why we need to get paid for our work. The main reason is that no one is allowing us to live for free. We must eat, drive, and pay our bills each month just the same as you do.

This is why Patreon is so intriguing to us and why we decided to join. We hope that those who like and appreciate what we do, will support us in our work. Our motto is “support women that support women.” This is extremely important to us and we would love to do this with full energy and our full attention. Working so much for others, leaves us tired and often uninspired. And that’s not what we want. So please, if you benefit in any way from what we do and offer, support with your monthly donations, so we can keep giving you more and more of ourselves and expertise. Let’s heal together, for giving is living.