Does Your Dream Need an Upgrade?

Often, we come up with a dream, goals, and ideas that seem monumental at the time, but we know that we require that challenge to get us to success, whatever success is to us. We work hard on those dreams and then realize that we need to work even harder and smarter to get the engine going in the way we desire it to. Our dreams are our lives. They are what motivates us and keeps us going through tough times, knowing that we are working on something we consider worthwhile.

It takes many years, as a blogger/writer/mentor to get your name out there and to get people to trust your brand. And speaking of brand, there needs to be a whole lot of  either time or money spent on creating and marketing your brand and for those of us who are soloprenuers, it is usually time, which doesn’t always get you as far as money and help will. But it’s coming together after four years of changing, shifting ourselves while changing and shifting our brand to fit who we are in the present without confusing people.

Now, I just feel in my heart that something else is needed or needs to be changed. Maybe it’s time to upgrade the dream. For us that doesn’t mean more work on iWonder Sisterhood, it means coming up with something that will work for us. Time is getting more and more precious now and the time we spend with some clients is not necessarily what we want to do with all clients. There is not enough hours in our day. So when you begin to feel that itch about your brand and your business, maybe  it’s time to start thinking bigger and creating in a larger way something that will make you profitable but not take up 24 hours of your day. We don’t believe in the old saying, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” We want to sleep now but we also want to put something out there that is engaging enough to assist in taking care of our human and spiritual needs. We want to give our potential clients quality for sure, over quantity. For iWonder that may be the act of putting all of our wisdom in a book that we sell ourselves. We are fully aware that there is plenty of initial work involved but we are thinking about the payoff. We will be offering something that is worth plenty to our clients and will also in the long run, keep iWonder profitable.

Your dream upgrade may be something different. It may be starting and creating courses that your client can pay for, and benefit from, while you are able to sustain your dreams and goals. It is difficult to live a totally human life, which we all do, and also give everything away for free, we are still here to assist spiritually, everyone that contacts us on a serious note. If you are ready for change, we can help you do that. If you are not, we recognize it right away and we don’t want your money for something that is not working for you and creating change in your life. We only want money from those whose lives we impacted in a positive way and those who we have given the tools to handle everyday life and its radical changes.

There is still much to think about, but the doing is where we will focus our attention. There will be an iWonder book with all of our iWonder wisdom packed into one place instead of reading 200 posts. We certainly don’t mind if that’s what you want to do, we will always write for our blog as long as we exist as iWonder Sisters. But we want to give you something you can cherish and be inspired by everyday you look at it, and for us, that is a book that will be a post a day with the main reasoning or lesson behind the post. For you, it may be offering the best course possible that people can purchase when they are ready. You can do this instead of offering live classes that take up time and marketing experience to hope that someone shows up.

Upgrading the dream is something that I believe we all go through. It just comes down to whether or not we stick with the new plan. What can it hurt? I can’t see anything it could hurt to shift your ideas around until they shape themselves into something new. And newness is never a bad thing unless you are invested in a very specific outcome instead of allowing the universe to guide you along the way.