The #BacktrackingChallenge for Tarot and Oracle



Hello Cheerios, this Backtracking Challenge is for the entire of month of November. You choose a tarot or oracle card in the morning. You can look at the card, but don’t assess/read the card. Wait until the end of the day and then sit with the card to read and assess how this card fit into your day. Keep a journal if you like or videos of the experience and what you have discovered about the card and your day.

Share on your social media platform of choice. Ours will be shared on Instagram!

The purpose of backtracking a card helps you to learn better how to read the cards and how to free associate the card with every day life no matter what your story was that day. It helps you to be able to read for others, as you may pick the same card for 4 people with 4 different stories. That card will have a different meaning for each person that is relatable to thier specific lives that day, that week, that year, etc. It teaches us how to see the cards in many different ways.

So join us on this #backtrackingchallenge and place this as a hashtag and please put #iwondersisters.

Thanks so much!

Andie and Kimm

The iWonder Sisters