7 Ways to Spiritually Rid Yourself of the Blues


The Blues, we all get them at times, and sometimes there is a solid reason and other times it sweeps over us like a cold breeze on a Fall day. We try to think about positive things but that doesn’t always work, now does it. The power of positive thinking is just that, a power that sometimes requires habit and exercise and often even that can’t get us out of the funk we feel. We are talking about sporadic moments of just feeling lethargic, not clinical depression or diagnosed anxiety, but those rare moments when we feel like today, we just can’t get IT done, whatever IT is.

I have learned ways to get out of the Blues, and I am grateful that they don’t get me often, but I too have those moments or I wouldn’t know how to rid myself of the feeling. Now, let’s be straight, you are perfectly allowed to sit in the Blues if you’d like. There is nothing wrong with that, however, this is for those who have grown tired of the feeling and want to move on. Remember that all your feelings and emotions are valid and deserve your attention. So if you are feeling this way often, see a physician, it could be physical and/or mental. But take care of yourself always.

Here are 7 ways to kick the Blues out the door, if you choose to:

  1. Find something creative to do. Creativity offers us a spark that nothing else does in quite the same way. Try something new, or do something that you may feel you’re not that good at, but it’s fun and fulfilling for you.
  2. Start a book or finish a book. Starting projects and finishing projects often have the same results, satisfaction, and again, something to do.
  3. Go outside and hopefully you can soak up the sun. The sun is a healthy thing to help get you out of a funky mood. You may need the sun physically and are just not aware of that fact.
  4. Take a short walk. Walking is a great meditation and if there is really something responsible for your Blues, you may just sort it out during a 20 minute walk.
  5. Create a collage. Collages are easy and forgiving. You don’t need to be some super artist to choose pictures you like and glue them to some paper. Make them tell a story if you wish or just play with color, which also has a healing effect.
  6.  Write a blog post. Blogs are simply journals. If you already have a blog that you’ve been neglecting, write a post about your Blues and lack of inspiration. It may just help others as well to know that they are not alone.
  7. Sleep it off. Sometimes the Blues is a lack of good quality rest. If you can practice taking naps, see if you wake up with a little more vigor. If nothing else, your tired mind and body will get some needed rest.