Do Lazy Days Affect Your Business?

For the past few days, I have felt like Bruno Mars’ song, “today, I’m not doing anything.” Now, If I worked for Walmart, that would either be possible by calling in for a sick day here or there or vacation time, but I don’t work for Walmart, I don’t really work for anyone but Andie and myself, except for our freelance gig with a company in Canada that employs copy writers. So, it’s almost too easy for me to give in to doing nothing, and Andie has her days as well. And we talk about it, because I think with both of us, there is a bit of guilt that surrounds the subject. As entrepreneurs, is a lazy day, or even week, going to hurt our business? Will it affect our business in any way?

Could giving in to lazy days affect your business in a positive way? Common sense will tell us, or should tell us that if you’re taking too many days off, that something is wrong. You either have lost passion or interest in that business or never really had it, however, if you take a day here or there and a couple mini vacations a year, I believe that some time off can give you a fresh perspective and help you to come up with new ideas for old problems, when you feel rested and in balance.

Balance is the key word here. We have seen many moguls crash and businesses go down the drain because of owners who spent every waking hour working, marketing, and worrying. Then again, we have also seen people who never sleep, succeed tremendoulsy. But how do those people feel? Do they have the energy left to explore the joy success can bring? Or are they just rich, successful, burnt out individuals who have lost all of their family and friends.

Balance, once again, comes up for me. We all know that any business, whether large or small, requires a certain amount of work and attention. Sometimes, the business may require more time and energy than you feel you have to give, but then the tide slows down and mellows out and you find that you actually do have time to rest and should rest, when that time comes.

I don’t think a couple of lazy days ruins your business and they just might be an all-around positive way to live and work. We work, we rest, we work, we play. Balance. Now if you are planning on being singer Bruno Mars in that video where he is doing absolutely nothing that day, make it only one or two days, and then get your tushie back to work.