Need a Quick Spiritual Pick-me-up?

It really doesn’t matter what form of spirituality we practice, sometimes we get ourselves into a rut, because rituals are just that, rituals. And often this means doing the same thing over and over again. Though we choose these practices because they bring us joy and peace, things can still get a little stale sometimes.

It’s like being in love, in the beginning it’s all fire, but as time goes by, things calm down. And also, just like romance, just because the fire begins to fade, doesn’t make it any less special. It may just be time for a quick pick-me-up.

We offer you 10 ways to add a little spice to your spiritual practice:

1. Study another form of spirituality, widen your horizons

2. If you meditate, change your meditation music or the amount of time you meditate.

3. Visit a spiritual center, and for you this could be the local art museum. If it is, take in the majesty that is the talent of the human mind.

4. Study the history of your own spiritual practice and see where all of these rituals actually come from.

5. Ask a friend to meditate with you or go to yoga class with you and then head out for a cup of coffee or tea afterwards and discuss how you feel, physically and emotionally.

6. Take a break. It’s ok to not celebrate the full moon this month or the new moon next month. Instead use that night for a date, a movie by yourself, or chill with a glass of wine or sparkling seltzer. Just take an overall break.

7. Start a spiritual book club. You can follow many online book clubs or start your own from scratch. It can be virtual, you can  meet up on Google or Skype, or have an old-fashioned house get-together where everyone brings a dish.

8. Add nature into your practice if you haven’t already. Take a walking meditation, or a swimming meditation. Meditation is simply a practice that enables you to try to “be here now”.

9. Checkout sites like where you can locate like-minded people with whom you can socialize and chat with about your victories and your challenges. Sometimes it’s good to commiserate.

10. Have a once a month ritual with friends and during these meetings listen to other’s rituals and begin to try and combine rituals while you’re together.

Sometimes we all get a bit bored with our own spiritual practices, and it has nothing to do with not loving our rituals, sometimes they just need a little shake-me-up. It is also good to examine and interview yourself to see if it is time to change practices. This could definitely be an option that no one should feel guilty about.

An old Buddhist proverb says, ” when you are in the river, you travel by canoe, but once you hit the mountain, it would be silly to drag the canoe up with you.”