How to Keep Your Business Juicy

For those of us with small businesses, acting as entrepreneurs or solopreneurs as they call it today, it is a must in the beginning that you do most every task on your own. Usually small or micro businesses don’t have the currency to hire people to build glossy websites, add intricate shopping carts, and create beautiful graphics for your site and social media. All of that we do ourselves, and if you are entrepreneurs like we are, you understand what we are talking about.

In the beginning, it’s all so much fun and quite interesting. You’re learning something new, building something of your own with your own personality embedded within it, (fancy computer word), and it all seems honkey dory until year one passes, still going strong, year 2 passes, where are our readers, year 3 comes along and you haven’t written a post in a while, year 4 is here, and it’s like, “where is my tribe?” “Everyone told me I’d find my tribe by now. Well, maybe you do, maybe you don’t, or maybe you’re just getting to meet some of your tribe. But it can seem like a lot of work for no return. Not that profit and readers are everything, but if you are a professional blogger and mentor, profits and readers would be nice. Can I get an amen on that or namaste, or ase, or something?

So how do you keep it all fresh and motivating?

Here are a few tips to help you keep your business juicy!

1. Ask yourself is this really me? Is this business a reflection of my authentic self? If yes, then move forward. If no, then why the hell are you doing this?

2. Ok, now find a motivator. I have Andie and she plainly said hey, we have let iWonder kind of slip out of our minds, do you still love it? And we both decided that iWonder is us, authentically, and we did still love the concept and the business. If you are working solo, this motivator could be a best friend, relative, spouse, or your inner guide.

3. If you are at number three, well, we know you want to keep going with your business, no matter what it is, but you may want to make some changes to it, keep it exciting for you, change your style, your motto, change your website and the way it looks. Just because you got a little bored doesn’t mean that you have to throw the baby out with the bath water.

4. Do or try something you’ve never tried before. Sell your items on your site, or if you’ve been doing that, open an Etsy store, or use social media, like Instagram to sell yourself or your wares. Simply create a spark within your business that is a new way of doing things.

5. Add a new element to your business, something you’ve never offered before and don’t worry about the consequences. It will either work or not, but the joy of trying will create within you a new fire for the business you have decided that you still love.

Andie and I have come a long way with iWonder and we have made many changes but if it were not for the amazing women we’ve met this past year and this year, it wouldn’t be the same. So thank you! And go out there and keep working on that juicy business!