Last Two Weeks of Mind/Body Connection Challenge


15. Having come this far in our Mind/Body Connection Journal Prompt Challenge, has your attitude towards anything shifted in any way? How?

16. What would it take for you to look within whenever you get sick or injured?
17. Whenever you come down with a cold or the flu, do you ever think about what purpose it might serve?  Why?
18. When you get sick, do you ever think about what is going on in your life that might contribute to your illness?
19. How does the mind/body connection journal assist you in dealing with illness and/or injury.
20. Does fear play a role in how you think and feel? Explain.
21. Does anger play a role in how you think and feel? Explain.
22. Fear and anger are two of the most debilitating emotions. How do they affect you on a daily basis?
23. Do you believe fear and anger can cause illness and injury? Why?
24. Do you believe that you can learn something from each experience you have?
25. How can you learn from illness? Explain in detail.
26. If you have a bad sore throat or cough, can you see how that may keep you from expressing yourself?
27. Can you see illness or injury as symbols of a deeper issue? If not, why?
28. If you have continuing bouts of illness throughout the year, what emotional issues are you dealing with?
29. Can you see how chronic asthma can symbolize feeling smothered by life? Does that makes sense to  you.
30. Can you see serious illnesses like cancer, as symbols of deeper issues?
31. Having finished this challenge, how do you feel about the mind/body connection? Will this challenge change how you cope with physical setbacks?