Summer Solstice by Damara @trueseedtemp on Instagram

Summer solstice!


Hot and sticky. Sweet and supple. Wet and humid. Everything is in full blossom, full force and savagely demanding a particular energy from us. This reminds me very much of the sexy side in all of us! Need to to be seen, to be felt, heard, to taste! To explore and discover.

In the summer the heat rises, the energy is arousing, and intimate, much like the rising of those intimate energies between you and your lover! It stimulates that “g-spot” in your soul, enticing you to open up, and release all that pleasure and excitement you’ve been holding onto since last winter.  You begin to wear less, not only for the weather, but because you want to show off your beautiful body. You gain a certain confidence about yourself. In your own special way, You KNOW you are the shit and you you don’t mind who knows it.

When you hear that it’s officially summer, it’s like a sensor inside goes off, and alerts you to start celebrating. I mean look at what happens. We begin to plan parties, events and special gatherings, festivals and ceremonies. We make it a POINT to celebrate. To get wild and free.

This the peak- we do all these things for PLEASURE! To feel good, happy, sexy, abundant- we indulge ourselves in pleasurable acts of all kinds to experience this euphoria. It’s the intercourse of the spirit!

The summer solstice is a reminder of all these things to me, the meaning of intimacy, sensuality -a time where we can truly get in tune with our bodies, our families, our friends and even with nature. A time where we are using all of our senses to experience the sweetness of life, the many fruits of our labors, the time of togetherness and unity.

Even if you have family or friends you haven’t seen in months or even years, when you finally come back together, it’s like you picked up where you left off. You are filled with joy, gratitude, and love for being able to share this moment.

More recently, the summer solstice has given me a much deeper sense of connection to my own roots. My ancestors. Learning that all these celebrations we have for the sake of celebration, all these nights around fires, dancing, laughing and singing, all the medicines from mother earth, entering into my wounds and showing me the beauty in the seemingly difficult. Seeing in myself, the many women of my bloodline, not being defined by words , but truly by my spirit.

Summer takes you and helps you to heal. Surrounded in the lush greenery. Bright and vibrant hues of plants, animal life and the effortless beauty growing all around and inside of you. It helps you to remember how beautiful life is. Each moment, each day and second. It reminds you that change is always necessary, and can be for the better if you choose to accept it. It reminds you that even though winter is cold, silent and retreated, that it is necessary to rest and restore yourself to prep yourself for the spring, because you will need energy to begin again, you will need to work to wake and grow.  It reminds me that every season is essential, both literally, metaphysically, and metaphorically.

Finally, summer solstice has taught me over the years , the connection of nature, how all of nature is truly intertwined and interconnected. Watch the birds in their own little world, the insects, even the weather itself. Each action serves a distinct purpose at any given moment. If full bloom you can see the glory of mother earth and all her babies. You can see yourself. Your life. Your dreams and aspirations. Your desperation at times, your anger and sadness . You can SEE from your heart and mind.

Summer is the peak before the time of harvest. A time of celebration and love. Appreciation and pleasure. That’s what I’m talm’ bout.