The Effects of Andie’s Energy Work


Not long ago, Andie wrote an article about “what she does”, and that article did a great job at explaining in simple terms, what energy work is and how she uses it to help people. I have been one of Andie’s clients often. She has worked with me on various things. I received her energy healing to get ready, for a what turned out to be a most serious operation, and it felt especially loving and nourishing to receive her energy work afterwards. Every now and again, Andie works on different parts of my body that I have abused many years before I knew who she was.

Lately, a troubled knee starting giving me even more trouble. I went to the doctor and he will be checking to see exactly what they can do for me, but in the meantime, I had a lot of pain to deal with. I asked Andie to work on my knee while I remained open to where the energy needed to go. And the important part here,  is that I was open and remain open to the healing energy flow. Andie is great at making you feel comfortable, and also she works so simply without a lot of ego or chat going on. If you can be still and relax, Andie can work with you. But you must also be open.

After a few sessions, the terrible pain began to dissipate and though the knee itself is still very stiff and awkward, I am almost pain-free, waiting for my doctor to look at the x-rays. You see, receiving energy work does not mean you throw traditional medicine out the window. Andie and I both have wonderful doctors on our health team and we use them. It’s all energy, we are all energy. So what she did with my knee was not some airy fairy, “you are healed” kind of situation. It was and still is a collaboration between me, the doctors, and Andie. All energy. We are all energy and every thing is energy.

Now, through Andie’s work, I can be patient and see what the doctor and I will decide to do about my torn meniscus, which is what my doctor believes is the problem. I don’t have to deal with such awful pain. I was open, and am still open to Andie being a conduit to allow enough energy through to keep me out of pain.

Remember that energy work from a patient’s point of view is a partnership, a collaboration. I shared with my doctor’s assistant, that I was working with Andie and he said, “that’s great”. He said when we do clarify and pinpoint the issue, “it is up to you to decide what you want to do”.

I will continue this energy collaboration between myself, my doctor, and Andie’s healing work, and eventually, the everyday stiff reminder that I have a knee injury will also pass. As all things do. It may show up now and then, but that’s ok, I’m human and this is the experience.

I thank Andie for being that conduit, for allowing healing energy to flow through her hands and I wanted to share from a personal point of view, “what Andie does”.