A Healing Session: What Andie Does

A healing session is a combination of several things, but at is fundamental best it is a collaboration between client and practitioner.

Before a client comes for s session I meditate, fuse intentions into my crystals, and sage the room to clear out any energies that might be lingering. I want my space to be neutral for the person I am working on.

As a healing practitioner, the first thing I do with a client is talk. I want a bit of background – family and medical history, and personal history. I will ask the client why she/he has chosen to come for a session with me and what areas of the body or psyche are most troublesome. I will of course take notes for future reference.

Then I will do a scan of the clients body, which does not require any touching. This gives me an idea of what the auric field feels like, and where in the body there is scar tissue, inflammation, and pain. I can feel these things in my hands.

Finally, the client will get on my massage table.  If they have specifically asked for a chakra clearing I will work on the 7 main chakras. Sometimes I will work on the chakras first in any case, to get the client relaxed and receptive, and then zero in on problem areas. All the while there will be relaxing music playing softly in the background.

There are times I will touch the client and times I won’t. The healing energy flows through me and out my hands. I am but a conduit. So touching is not  always necessary. And just for the record, healing flows both ways. The client and I are two energies coming together and interacting. And because energy flows though me and out my hands, I never take on the symptoms of my clients.

It has been my experience that most people having a healing session prefer to be silent. But I encourage my clients to ask questions or talk to me if they feel the need.

Because I am a tarot, oracle and rune reader as well, I may pull a card or rune for the client at the end. of the session.

About recurring visits. I encourage them, but will only see someone as often as once-a-week. Any more than that is overkill in my opinion. I like my clients to think about our session, write down any questions they might have for next time, and journal how the session made them feel.  The body needs time to adjust itself to healing energy.

So, this is how my practice works. I hope this has been informative.  Namaste.


Featured Image courtesy of Esalen Institute