iWonder Sisters Blog Hop: What is Your Daily Spiritual Practice?


Andie and I had fun running our first Bloghop. The question we posed was, “what does your daily spiritual practice look like?” 

And we received some truly inspiring answers and magickal posts. Here are the links to our separate posts and And the others who participated; Bree @nyms_divination and Gretchen from @willowseast. We thank you ladies for joining us and sharing a bit of what you do that is the glue that helps to hold your practice together.

Andie and Kimm xo

Gretchen from Willows East

Bree from Nyms Divination Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Andie from iWonder Sisterhood

Kimm from iWonder Sisterhood

If you would still like to join the Bloghop, just shoot us an email, we can send you the pic and then share your spiritual practices and rituals with us!