Keeping My Spiritual Practice Alive

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Spiritual rituals and practices are extremely personal. Besides the ones that many religions and forms of spirituality share, we all have our own way of keeping our faith alive and vibrant. One way for me, is art.

I use collage, crayons, and markers to add color and a child-like fun to my practice. A child-like nature can be added to anything you do; for me, it is currently creating a collage tarot journal. It is helping me to see how I truly think about all of the Fool’s journey. It allows me to see the tarot through my own spiritual eyes. And it’s super fun, which is important to me and my relationship with my pagan practice.

I am a witch, a kitchen witch, a hedgewitch. I use what I have to create my spells. I don’t worry about the tools I cannot afford or find, I use what is in front of me, intuitively. Spirit will say, use rosemary instead, you have plenty of that, and I fuse it with my intention, which when it comes to my practice, is everything.

I believe that intention is the magick. The tools are beautiful and wonderful, but they are simply an extension of my intentions. The strength of my intention brings fire to the tools, whether it be a wand, or divination tools. The questions I ask, the mantras I use, the words I speak consciously and unconsciously, are the real magick.

So for me, my focus is on being conscious with what I say, as often as I can be aware and learning to increase that level of consciousness. Another part of my practice is learning. I believe in educating myself through books, documentaries, biographies, and of course, other more experienced witches. I think education is another key to deep understanding, but then you must do, try things on your own and record the results. See what works for your practice and leave the rest be.

Art and education are the crux of keeping my spiritual rituals and practice alive and thriving. When I learn something new, I am exhilarated by the knowledge and ready to see what it does for me. The art helps me to give the knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual messages, a physical presence in this world. So maybe I am an art witch as well.


I don’t get stuck on the labels, but I do use them and appreciate them, because it helps me to identify what works best for me, where I find the most joy, and that is why I don’t mind the labels. Labels also help me to see where you’re coming from, so that it give me a basis of where your knowledge and wisdom may lead me. I also appreciate that.

Color, animation, crayons, Mod Podge, creating photos, cooking great food, blessing it, enjoying it, all keeps my practice alive and is all apart of my daily rituals.