This may find us all in Mercury Retrograde, but recently Kimm and I have found a lot of synchronicity taking place around us. You have to have your eyes and heart open because it won’t always hit you over the head, but as long as you can see and hear the signs, you will get it.

It is always miraculous and a big kick to see the signs of synchronicity in your life. It is a validation from the Universe in a way, that you are on the right track.

As most of you know, Kimm and I read the tarot, the runes, and do cartomancy with playing cards. We also have a YouTube channel and do a broadcast every Thursday called “Love and Libations” where we just chat. Well in the past couple of weeks we have been pulling cards and runes that definitely are congruent, and our last show on YouTube was about balance and our most recent cards have had to do with just that. We were each also pulling cards about relationships – reassessing them, letting go of negative influences, etc.

Neither of us believing in coincidence, for Kimm and me these signs were messages and encouragements. We have taken them at face value as all synchronicity should be. They have emotional content for us, but in themselves are completely objective truths. At least that is how I see these signs and symbols.


All you need really, in order to experience synchronicity in your life is awareness of the world around you, and the ability to be very present – in the now.  These signs are everywhere in our daily lives and can be found in the smallest of moments. Strangers can be part of a synchronous event. The most seemingly insignificant passing remarks, a glance from someone, a flower growing out of concrete. These events might all be related if you have the eyes to see the connection. It may come to you later as a “light-bulb moment”. But it will all make sense.

“Synchronicity”, as Danielle Laporte says, “is the Universe saying Yes!” If you take it that way, you will learn many important lessons about yourself. The truth is that all of Life teaches us and heals us, if we remain accessible. Celebrate synchronicity when it happens to you. It is totally Life-affirming and can change you forever.