Kitchen Witch Altars

As a Kitchen Witch, we are known for using what we have. In Magick there are certain commonly known correspondences, but when you don’t have a hearty list of herbs and spices in your home or the money to buy sets of crystals; here is some info on how I build my altars and cast my spellwork. As you can guess, most of it is learning to trust your intuition. That’s the biggest thing actually. You inner voice will tell you, put this here, and put that there.

But there are common, what they call, “correspondences”. These are items that represent certain things and have certain meanings. I usually always draw a card, whether tarot or oracle. It’s the way I get my message or answer to my question from Spirit. I have been working and studying the symbolism of the Tarot. So I get a lot out of the tarot and oracle messages.
I choose a crystal  or a rock from the land because its a charger for me. It fuels my spells, prayers, protection, manifestation, whatever the altar or spell is cast or set up for. So they call it charging. You can charge anything in your own special way. If you see a pretty rock, and it makes you feel glad to be human, and/or makes you appreciate the earth, then set it aside and place your intention into it, say “you, rock, are for when I have human problems”. If you find a rock and it makes you think of heavenly things or some beauty that is out of this world, you can do the same thing. Set it aside and say, “you are for when I feel I need spiritual help or protection”. So I have stones, crystals, and rocks, I have found for those purposes.
I have a fresh cinnamon stick on an altar of protection and peace for a client because cinnamon, fresh ginger or ginger powder, have a natural heat to them, so they are often used to speed things up. If you are working on something that will take time but you simply want it to go smoothly, you can write your request on paper and freeze it.
Just the opposite is true, if you burn a spell, you’re giving it the element of fire…speeds it up. This is why I consider myself a Kitchen/Elemental Witch, because I use what I have and I live by the power of the elements; earth, wind, fire, water, spirit.
You, of course, should do things that make you feel comfortable. Set up your altars or cast your spells in a way that makes you feel good. However these are some methods for new pagans, new ageists, and those who are new to witchcraft.