Cartomancy: Deck Review

As I have been working with Tarot and Oracle decks for a few years now, i decided to spread my wings and work with regular playing card decks. Readings are as potent as with tarot and oracle decks, but in some cases a bit more complicated as each card symbolizes something completely different. For example, all aces or sevens, are not the same part of the querent’s journey.

The deck I am using here is the Gaelic Celtic Myth deck,  and I bought it because I am interested in Celtic and Gaelic Lore.

In my research I found out that in general Hearts represent emotions, pain and suffering and the elements of fire and water. Clubs are about relationships and also have the elements of fire and water. Diamonds have to do with difficulties, and spades are warning cards and both of these have the elements of earth and air.


I absolutely adore this deck. The cards are gorgeous, and the “court cards” each have a Gaelic or Celtic god or goddess to look up and learn from. For example below is the Irish goddess Danu as the Queen of Diamonds.


Danu in Irish myth is a sort of maternal figure, and in this deck she is a beautiful woman, very attractive to men, with perhaps a tendency towards being gossipy. She is very much an earth element.

The renderings of the court cards are beautiful as you can see, but my one beef with them is that the font used to write their names is, in some cases, difficult to read. DSC_0040

But the cards are easy to read and lovely to look at.


The suits on the numbered cards are so beautifully laid out. But for die-hard tarot and oracle card readers, keep in mind with the playing cards come no guide books so you really learn to hone your intuitive skills.

There are  a seeming gazillion playing card decks available and I would suggest that you check out Amazon. They are very reasonably priced and themes range from Harry Potter to comic heroes.