Angels exist. I know as I have had contact with them during my meditations. It is quite a stunning experience. Angels have comforted me, enfolded me in their wings, and given me important messages. I have learned so much from them.

But it is the Earth Angels in my life that I owe everything to. Kimm is one, as is my sister, and an old high school mate who sends me money on my birthday and at Christmas. And there is another, a man I barely know, who helps me each month. He barely knows me either, but I am the cousin of his deceased wife who was also helping me. And when she died he took over that duty. He didn’t have to, indeed he owes me nothing. But he took me on out of sheer kindness and compassion. He once told me he thinks I’m “good people”. Well, I must have done something good to deserve him in my life.

Earth Angels are everywhere and you need only have your eyes open to see them. It is the woman before you on line at the supermarket, who lets you go ahead of her because you only have 3 items and she has 20. It is the sales person who directs you to the correct aisle with a smile. It is the person who helps you up when you trip on the sidewalk. Indeed, each of us is an Earth Angel to someone.

So, celebrate your Earth Angels. Give them your gratitude. Honor their largess – in whatever form it comes – by being true to yourself, by accepting their gifts and using them wisely and generously. Share your wisdom and your compassion. A kindness given freely and without expectation will go a long way towards you getting your wings.