What the Bleep is Going On with the Law of Attraction?


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I don’t believe that Andie and I want our claim to blogging fame to be, “the two ladies who give LOA their middle finger”. I really don’t. However, if you are a habitual reader of our blog, then you know that there are many things about the actual teachings of this universal law that we don’t agree with; one of these teachings is the act of avoiding anything that makes you feel less than great. This could be a multitude of things in our world; the news, social media, your family and friends.

As students of spirituality, we totally understand the premise behind these teachings, “what you focus on expands”. Yes, to a certain point, if you dwell on anything too long, you most likely will become more of a magnet to that particular thing. In our opinion obsessive focus on anything, whether we label it good or bad, positive or negative, is not the result of a spiritually balanced life.

It is when we find examples of people taking the whole, “what you focus on expands” to excessive levels that really disturbs us. For example, this country, along with many others lately, have experienced some horrific acts of terrorism, plain old insane violence and disrespect of human life. Concerning these tragedies, I have heard die hard law of attraction proponents say that it is all an illusion, nothing is truly real but that which we cannot see, the Divine plan, the Deity, god and/or goddess, and that nothing is real but love. And if we focus on this violence, we will only create more of it with our attention.

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photo credit: Unsplash

As we stated above, excessive focus on anything is not healthy and is not the path to a happy life. But to feel as if we cannot stop for a moment to share in another person’s pain, to sit in the midst of sadness and grief, to try to convince someone that taking their time to experience their own sadness, anger, disillusionment, is not sacred, and is somehow going to cause them to create more, is a premise neither Andie nor I agree with. And this is  not the way we live our lives. We are not afraid of feeling bad, and because we welcome Life in its entirety, it is not often that we do feel bad. As a matter of fact, because we allow everything in, every emotion to express itself fully, we are more able to process these feelings, get to the root of them, and allow them to pass through, leaving us with the gift of knowing ourselves just a little bit better.

So we say to all of you who are out here in time and space with us, that one of the most beautiful things about our humanity is that we can experiment with it, study, follow, and believe many truths, many paths. But we ask that you always remain true to who you are and not be afraid of yourself and the feelings and experiences that come with being uniquely you. We learn from things we enjoy and from things that may cause us to suffer, be in emotional, physical pain. There are some that have come along this human journey who endure pain that most of us will never know. There are women on this earth that suffer great atrocities and come out of them as Sheroes. There are women who spend their entire days searching for clean water for their families. There are men and women who have lost limbs and portions of their mind fighting wars.

Let us never forget that a balanced spiritual life means that we get to truly know that love is an action word, and as Andie shared with me this morning, Love is not really love until it is given away. And if Love really is the only real thing, then we can use it to sit together in our sister’s pain, our brother’s frustration, our best friend’s depression without worrying about what may happen if we don’t “feel good”all of the time. And we should learn foremost how to be with our own pain so that we can be better at being a cushion, holding the space and the Light for the world’s pain and sufferings.