Willows East Tarot Blog Hop! YAY!!


First of all we want to thank Bree at Nym’s Divination because that is how we found out about the Tarot Blog Hop and, of course Willow’s East for thinking of it. Thank you Ladies!


Photo used courtesy of Willow’s East

  1. What brought you to Tarot?

Kimm: I had a natural interest in the tarot when I was young because of the mystery and the art. As a creative, I was fascinated by anything artistic, and as an intellectual, I was fascinated by the meanings hidden within all the symbols in the card. As I became an adult, the interest only came back to me when I realized that Christianity was not MY way, and then all those old interests and yearnings began to rise again. Today, I still love the art and the mystery, but now I am far more into the esoteric meanings and the way the Tarot can guide me through a day, a week, a month, a season, a year.

Andie: I was a late bloomer. I came to the tarot out of curiosity and also from listening to and studying with Kelly-Ann Maddox. The symbology is fascinating and the artwork, beautiful.

2. Which deck is your favorite?

Kimm: My favorite deck right now is a combo deck called The First Light Tarot. It has the 22 majors and then message cards, along with spread cards. It is has pics of space that I just adore, because there is a part of me that is also a science and astronomy freak.

Andie: Recently, I reconnected with a deck I had put aside because it didn’t stir me. The Gilded Tarot is primarily a Rider-Waite based deck with some variations. And I absolutely adore the artwork. The deck speaks to me now in a way that it didn’t before.


3. Link to your Tarot business page, shop, or explain the purpose of your blog. 

Andie and I started this blog as a place where women of all stripes could come to feel safe, to grow, to learn, to just be themselves. We believe that spirituality is as individual as the individual and we want everyone to feel welcomed here. This is where we share our personal stories and our personal wisdom and knowledge in hopes that it will help others to not feel alone. The Tarot and other forms of guidance and divination is a tool that we use to help us in our goal to bring all women to the path of radical self-acceptance.

You can find our mentoring and readings here at iwondersisterhood.com and at etsy.com/shop/iwondersisters


4. What makes your journey or business unique?

I think what makes Andie and I unique is that we share a lot of our failings and complications in life and then as we work through them, we write about them. It is like we are a true reality show. When we feel like crap, we tell you and we tell you why and how we come through it. We have been basically, open books, on this blog.


5. Ask your deck,higher self, or guide, what it would like to share with visitors. Draw one card and/or share your response. 

Pulling from The First Light Tarot, we received the message of vibration. The keyword “positive action”. What positive action means to us is inspired action. It means that we are called to do more than think, dream, and plan. Those things are good and necessary, but action must follow. Positive action or inspired action, is action that is not causing you to run around like a chicken with its head cut off, as the old gruesome saying explains. I feel the message for what Andie and I do, is just that, to do something to change your life, your situation. The popular thinking of, “I can sit and dream and it will all come together”, is not what we live, teach, or believe. We believe that the plan, the thought, is only the beginning, but you cannot expect to NOT participate in your own life. This is your power; to do something, to change your mind, to turn and go in another direction. It is all about you and your choices, every minute, every day.