iWonder Mentoring Sessions!


If you are going through a transitional period where you are feeling stuck, fearful of taking the next step towards your goals, or unsure what your goal is, we are now offering mentoring sessions at a special price. These sessions are not used instead of seeing a therapist if that is what you need at this time. They are geared towards people who are ready to move forward despite their fears and trepidations.

There comes a time in most peoples’ lives when it is either “Get going, or bust”, when it is time to take the proverbial bull by the horns or stay put and try to be content. If you are itching to go forward but don’t know how to begin to walk through the fear, our mentoring sessions are for you. You are someone who is ready to take responsibility for what your life looks like or can look like. You are ready to realize your most authentic self and do the work.

The sessions will consist of both the spiritual and metaphysical, as well as the practical and the occasional tarot or oracle reading. We will be using healing stones and crystals to enhance the energetic intent of the sessions, and we would ask that you be honest and open. The sessions will be conducted either by Skype or telephone, so there will be a comfortable immediacy to them, and it would be good for you to bring some kind of notebook and pen to take notes for future reference. Kimm and I will also be honest with you if we feel you are not ready for us.


Half Hour – $20

45 Minutes – $30

60 Minutes – $38

Please email us  to set up an appointment. Payments should be received prior to appointment time via PayPal.me/iwondersisters