Sometimes when there is something that needs to be done, our favorite wine is, ” But I don’t wanna!”.  Getting ourselves motivated, whether the task is somewhat creative or more practical – like cleaning out the fridge – is often very difficult. But if you attack the job strategically and get your proverbial ducks in a row, before you know it the job is done and you will feel really good about yourself.


  • First things first! Put on some music!!!

Choose something that you love or can sing along with. It can be anything – pop, rock, country, classical, heavy metal – whatever you enjoy most, and something that will give the task some rhythm.


  • Assemble your materials.

Get everything you will need to complete your task in order. Taking the example of cleaning the fridge as our model, get your cleaning stuff in order – solutions, sponges, cloths – all the things you like using.


  • Don’t multi-task. Do one thing at a time!

In the case of our dirty fridge, don’t remove everything from the shelves all at once. Focus on one area or shelf at a time. If you take everything out at once you are likely to get overwhelmed. Doing one shelf at a time shows you instant results and your motivation won’t lag. Replace items after you are done.


  • Take breaks. Eat, drink, breathe.

If you work straight through without giving yourself some time to recoup, you will get tired, bored and sloppy. Try to enjoy this time with yourself and your music. Use it as a meditation of sorts. Strange as it may seem, taking breaks will help keep you focused, and refresh your energy.


  • Congratulate yourself when you are finished! 

Allow yourself to feel really good about your accomplishment. Admire your work, have a glass of vino, sit down and relax. It’s a job well done!