Journals and Lists: Ways To Calm the Confusion


When a lot is going on in your life and you are running around like a chicken without a head, it is often helpful to compartmentalize and organize your thoughts and feelings on paper so you can actually “see” what’s up. This is more than your daily grocery list, or a journal that notes what time you had your morning coffee.  These are things you can do to establish a deeper connection with your self, and prioritize your actions.

Make yourself a check-list of things you wish to accomplish on a given day. Have your priorities in order. Remember, first things first! Make the check-list do-able. Baby steps are always the way to go. Give yourself goals that are easily attainable. The feeling of having accomplished things is more important than how many things you have done. It builds confidence. Slowly as you get better at prioritizing and doing, you can up your game. And don’t try to multi-task. Complete one thing at a time.

Making lists clears up the confusion, makes your actions less frenetic, so you can actually enjoy what you are doing as well as see a purpose behind it. I used to make schedules for myself that were totally unrealistic so I would end up doing nothing and feel like crap at the end of the day.


Journals are another way to reconnect. Getting your thoughts and feeling down in black and white can remove quite a lot of anxiety when life feels crazy. Don’t be intimidated by the blank page. Just start writing whatever comes to you. Even if you find yourself writing the same sentence 10 times, I can guarantee that the words will begin to flow and you will have expressed feelings you didn’t even realize you had. Keeping a journal can be very cathartic and help you get to know yourself better. 


As far as I’m concerned, self-awareness is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves. It does not happen without some courage and a deep desire to be fully realized. It is not always fun and easy, and you will laugh and cry as you go. But through the experience of journaling you will find yourself on the path to self-awareness and the richness and totality of who you are.

Lists and journals are ways to express what’s going on within, and to make some sense out of life when it feels like a big jumble. They can give you focus when things are a blur, and help you organize what to do and when to do it. And they give you some important time with yourself, which is priceless.

Love from Andie