Let’s Talk About Vision Boards




My current in-progress Feeling Board (Kimm)

I find myself having mixed emotions, very mixed emotions about the idea of vision boards. My resistance could come from the fact that I have been in this game for a long time. And when I say “game”, I mean the game of trying to figure out how to make the rules of the Law of Attraction work for me.

I have read all the books, repeated all the affirmations, lied to myself repeatedly, and all that other jazz Oprah and her friends swear by. I am in no way saying that a universal law is not true.

But what I am saying is, all those 90s and early 21st century gurus left a few important things out of the equation. They didn’t want to burst your bubble by actually telling you everything. And one of those things is that it is your emotions, and how you really feel that speaks most intimately to the Universe. There are a few other things that can block your manifestation flow, but that is for another conversation. 

To their credit, “everything” about how we attract the life we are in and want to live includes some deep inner work and untangling of beliefs that took us longer than a two-hour movie to create. It’s much like trying to lose 100 lbs in 6 weeks when it took you 20 years, 4 kids, 2 husbands and a few too many creme brulees to gain it.


photo free courtesy of Unsplash

The vision board or dream board, as some call it, was one of the ideas latched onto by everyone who wanted that new Mercedes, mini mansion overlooking the Pacific, a multi-million dollar business, and the perfect spouse.

Though I tried many moons ago to create a vision board, I found that there were not many material things I craved all that much. Yes, I will take a new car that’s dependable and within my current budget, whatever that may be, but I really don’t care if it’s a Toyota Rav 4 or Ford pickup. How I feel about myself will allow me to rock any vehicle in style.

I’m not knocking anyone who has a pic of a Ferrari on their vision board, I am saying that, why not just believe that whatever vehicle comes your way is the most superb for you right now….and here’s a stretch, you could even try believing that you could be happy with it.


photo free courtesy of Unsplash

I am simply using cars as an example, because I’ve seen a few vision boards of friends and acquaintances over the years and most of them had fancy cars glued to the center like a bulls-eye. But what about the vision boards that fall to the wayside because too much time has passed and all everyone wants to know is, “where is my shit?”

Disillusionment sets in and this really does not have to put a damper on your vision board process or discourage you from dreaming, planning, and setting goals. 

I offer you another way or approach to creating a vision board that just may work for you as it has worked for me. Most of us who are drawn to the vision board concept are used to using our creativity to get things done. Your next vision board can come to life in the same way.

It helps to release the stress and resistance about actually asking the Universe/God/Goddess for what you want. The creation of a beautiful visual tool should spark imagination, put a smile on your face, and a giggle in your heart each time you work on it. If you feel stressful about the process, then there really is no need because your manifestations will only be hindered. Stress is like clogging a pipe in which you want water to flow. So first you need to unclog the pipe.

Here is one way:

Be open, don’t be rigid. Whether you ask for a material thing or desire to play the piano, or revive an old singing career, or simply want more joy, social activities, and fun in your life, the Universe sees it all in the very same way. Maybe your vision board will be about peace, peace in your daily life that helps to ease the struggles and the challenges; if so, that too is manifested just like anything, within the setting of a calm mind.


photo free courtesy of Unsplash

Here are a few simple steps I have used to begin what I call, a “feeling” board. Because though we have material desires and that too is Divine, what we are really seeking is the feeling that thing, person, place, career, bank account, house by the beach, can give us. So, in other words, these material desires can be replaced with other yummy material or intangible things and still make us feel happy, encouraged, inspired, and at peace. Which is always our main desire anyway.

  1. Find your favorite medium of art: collage, watercolors, decoupage, sculpturing, etc.
  2. Choose the tools you like working with the best: paper, cloth, paint, clay, rocks, glue, etc.
  3.  Pick some photos and clips out of magazines, old books, newspaper circulars, anything that sparks your imagination
  4. Go outside if you can, if you have a private space, patio, backyard. If you can’t go outside, find some solitude indoors.
  5. Turn on your favorite music, movie, or tv show, and start cutting out all the pics that originally drew you in. It may be colors, a certain style of photos, such as nature pics, it could be high fashion photos, most likely it will be a combination of all those things. Begin pasting on paper, wood, cardboard, a blank wall. Mold your photos into clay, if that’s your medium.
  6. The most important thing about creating a “Feeling” board is that you are also free to add things that reflect the parts of your life you already love and then it becomes a gratitude board as well, a double whammy for pure manifestation.


However you choose to play around with creating your Feeling board, remember that this process will help you to release the stress of attempting to be exact about what you want in your life and how you want to feel. A Feeling board should be fun, joyful, accepting of the life you have now, and reflecting truth in the way you see it.

An abundant life to some may be a huge house, a very successful business,and/or a marriage, for others it may be having the freedom to walk in the woods any time they feel like it without having to ask anyone’s permission. It is up to you. Don’t use your board to imitate others dreams and wishes for you. A Feeling board can help to open your pathways, so that all you want will flow to you in such a magickal variety of ways, and it will blow your mind.

Now I am going to say something many LOA gurus would not say. Feel free to change your mind, and remain open to how the Universe will interpret your happiness. And most of all, try to find something within the present that you can enjoy.