The “Haters” Phenomena



It has been evolving for quite a few years now; growing in popularity within the human culture. The “Haters”is what they are called and their numbers appear to be growing. You would have to be living under a rock if you’ve managed to escape this new phenomena, or just plain lucky. But it seems as if there are folks out here who spend their time being envious of those with any sort of success or fame, and then there are those on the other side who like to talk about how many haters they have. The more haters you have, the more your popularity and status grows.

There is nothing new about envy, jealousy, or the need to bring people down from their pedestals. The human race is not called “a race” for no reason. Since the earth has been inhabited, we have felt the need to compare ourselves to others, and most of us know that that can only lead to self destruction. The only way any good can come from comparing oneself to another is if the other person is someone we admire and feel we can learn from, then healthy admiration can take us higher. But that is not what haters do, apparently the joy is all about bringing others down a notch, reminding successful people of their humble beginnings.

But what does all of this hater talk and chatter do for the person doing the hating?


Possibly, on a lower level of consciousness, many people can only feel good about themselves and their circumstances if they slowly and methodically chip away at others. At a higher level of awareness we understand that this way of thinking only causes the hater to feel even worse about who they are, because though the outer voice is spewing gossip, the internal voice, which is the same voice in all of us, is answering the question that asks, “why do we need to take something away from another to feel better about who we are?” It may sound corny, but it is true. We all have our own uniqueness to bring to this world. And the fun, and yes, sometimes, frustration, is in the finding out what that something special is.

Maybe it’s easier to talk crap about someone else than it is to focus on ourselves. Personally, I am greatly inspired by other people in general. I love success stories and other Creatives, because they become my muses, my way of knowing that just as they found the jewel inside of themselves, that there is a jewel that resides within me. It lives in the space in our souls next door to that inner voice that always tells us the truth.

The work is to connect with inner space and be able to say, “yes, I hear you.”


Once we connect to our inner knowing, the feeling is so sweet, it leaves us with no reason or desire to chip away at another  because we think it adds something to ourselves. That sweet connection raises us higher and we become even more creative, even more inventive, even more dynamic, than ever before. So the truth is that the world is not filled with haters and lovers, instead, it is filled with those who are self-realized and those who are still being hatched from that immortal shell. And there is nothing wrong, either way.

Still, until that truth is realized within each of us, we will deal with the “haters”, rude comments under our blog posts and YouTube videos, sideways looks when we walk into Walgreens in our navy blue lipstick, passive aggressive acquaintances who may give us sideways compliments that if turned right side up, are really insults. But the lesson is to not spend any time absorbing or responding to these types of actions and to keep doing what we do.

We all need to stop counting our number of haters and instead focus on those who appreciate our gifts and are inspired by our actions.