universal-flowThe flow of the Universe is like a river, whose currents are constantly changing direction. Even when our intentions are clear, you never know in what direction you may be pulled. Sometimes circumstances arise that we never anticipated, and our path takes a detour. Forks in the road, requiring a decision from us, are often come upon when we least expect them. Plans become obsolete, desires change. It is all part of the Natural Law.

There are times when preparing for these diversions is impossible and we have to be intuitive and spontaneous in our choosing. We may be caught off guard, standing on the wrong foot, and that can often get us stuck on the precipice. Rather than trusting in the Universe – and in ourselves – rather than taking that leap of faith, we stand paralyzed by our fears.

I have often felt – and said – that one of the beauties of the Universe for me, is that there will always be some things that we can never know. That applies to things like the nature of Spirit, the meaning of life, what Death is. But it also applies to the reasons why the particular currents of our lives take the courses that they do. We simply cannot know everything. But it is these great mysteries that keep us thinking and reflecting, questioning old truths, and learning about who we are in our depths.

Kimm and my Natural Law has taken us into a new venture – homemade doggy biscuits. It is not something we ever dreamed we would be doing. But one of our great dreams has always been to be able to help animals. And with we will be able to give back to the remarkable teams here in New Mexico who rescue and foster animals. That is a dream come true. Who would have thought we would realize this dream in this way? Not me!


It is not always easy going with the flow. But if you can find within yourself some trust that things will work out for your highest good, you can never be disappointed. Just put on your parachute, take a deep breath, and jump. You never know what can happen!