The Tarot: Your Own Personal Counselor

For those familiar with the tarot, there are usually two opinions about how this system is used; for personal divination to assist in predicting the future or just a deck of cards that scamming fortune tellers use.

Very few people know the tarot as a spiritual counselor, a guidance system that can be utilized daily for spiritual and emotional growth. defines the tarot, so eloquently, in this way:


For those who know nothing about tarot, that may work to your advantage. Without any preconcieved notions, you can more clearly see the tarot as your own personal spiritual counselor. To use the tarot as a tool and guide into your inner worlds, is like developing a deep relationship with your higher self. One that enables you to heal at the core of your being and also to see yourself, habits, truths, inspirations and motivations in the present moment.

If it all seems to be a bit too vague for you, and you want to know exactly where to begin and how to connect to your higher self through the cards, here are a few suggestions.

Learn the Basics


There are many amazing websites around that will help you through learning the basic meaning of the 78 cards. Kelly-Ann Maddox is a wonderful resource. She has won many tarot awards including one for bringing the original integrity back to the cards. Her website is She also has a YouTube channel of the same name.

Choose a Deck


One of the most well known and respected tarot decks is the Rider-Waite. This deck is what most decks are patterned after. You may look at the Rider-Waite and feel disconnected from the style of art, but it is a great learning tool for beginners because it teaches you the original symbolism of the cards. If you find it too difficult to connect with the art style of the Rider-Waite, do an internet search for decks that are Rider-Waite inspired. Aeclectic Tarot is extremely informative and fun to view, and can help you choose a Rider-Waite model that is appealing to your eyes, heart, and spirit.

Note: The reason I suggest a bit of study before purchasing a deck, is because you can very easily find images of the Rider-Waite and most other decks, on the web. Taking some time to learn the basics can help you decide if the tarot is right for you.

Do a Daily Card Pull


Once you have done some research and studying and found a deck you connect with, get into the habit of shuffling and pulling a card for the day, or for the week. This process is like courting or dating your cards to get to know them. You will be able to apply what you have learned and begin to make it personal.

Practice Trusting Your Intuition


The intuition is like a muscle. You must use it if you want to strengthen it. This comes easy for some, and requires a lot of practice for others. If you are unclear as to what it means to trust and use your intuition, it simply means to trust what you feel. In this case, it means trusting what you see and feel in each card. Your intuition is what we call “the gut feeling”.

Talk to the Cards


As you get into the habit of pulling a card for the day or the week, get comfortable with having a conversation with the cards. Ask questions. The question can be as simplistic as, what do I need to know for this day or this week? What should I focus on? What will this day or this week teach me? Which card is guiding me this week? Questions will soon become natural to you and you will begin to know exactly what to ask, and how to relate to the card that is pulled.

If you have never had a tarot deck or explored the meaning of the cards, have fun with it. See the deck as a new ally that is ready always to provide you with the wisdom you need. The first card of the tarot is The Fool or “the innocent”. The deck chronicles our life’s journey, the path traveled by the human being. The Fool card does not represent stupidity, it represents birth, newness, innocent enthusiasm, and this is an archetype we revisit over and over again in our lives.

Alow the tarot to be your own spritual guide in this lifetime and it will teach you, challenge you, and help you to see yourself through the mirror of archetypes. With the tarot you can find out who you really are and begin practicing true love with your true Self.