Aging and Finding Joy in Little Things


At 48 I am now beginning to have experiences with my body that used to only be among the conversations of the “older folks”. When I sit in my favorite position with my legs crossed, it takes me a little more time to get them untangled. This act of getting myself gracefully out of the pretzel position has given me many laughs this past year. By the way, a good sense of humor and being able to laugh at yourself, makes any process easier.

I am also discovering other changes as I approach the big 5-0, and many of these changes are quite beautiful, like the ability to find joy in the smallest things, the simplest experience. Washing dishes, for example, is a chore no one really loves to do, but as I get older I am finding that we can bring our own pure ever abiding joy within, out into the world of even our daily mundane chores. Because the inside is truly where true joy lives. Joy has a very short life span in the outer world. This is known as fleeting happiness.


Recently, my soul sister Andie and I, discovered Gain lavender scented dish soap. And I want to make this very clear, we are not sponsored by Gain and this is in no way, a sponsored post. We both have found that the scent of lavender bursting into suds while we do the daily dishes, has totally transformed a practical task into quite a lovely experience. You feel a sense of luxuriousness and pure gratitude while doing something as everyday as washing dirty dishes. And if it has to be done, why not look for ways to make it more pleasant?

This could be said and done with many other tasks we either take for granted or choose to avoid.


Getting older has taught me many things, but to know that I can, and do, find joy in everyday living, is the most precious gift. Taking a mid-day nap, sorting the recycling, tidying the house in the morning, planning and making our family meals, watching our fur babies run around the house; it’s all joy.

I don’t disregard the seriousness of the aging body, I know that for many of us, illness may become our companion, aching bones and joints may become our wake up call to take better care of ourselves as we live in a body that was never promised a forever. But one thing I do know is this – we have the power to make these transitions with grace, self-love, and self-care. We can also use the opportunity to age as a way to honor ourselves and the lives we have lived, the tough times we have endured, and the amazing amount of laughter we’ve shared with those we love.

If signs of aging are beginning to frighten you or make you depressed, think on these things. Allow your heart to rest in the knowing that you can define your own beauty, make your rules for living, and redefine what aging means to you.


I am a wise and magickal crone looking forward to what life has to offer every new ME that is born, before I leave this body and planet behind.

If you are further along on your aging journey and exploration, check out our next post for Andie’s view on aging at 68.

*all photos courtesy of Photopin/Free commons/Flickr