Surviving Transitions


Winter – the colder months, shorter days, and darker nights – contains the beginnings of rebirth. It is a time of reflection for both Nature and us. It is a time of not knowing things for sure, of moving into transformation. This can be both unsettling and sometimes painful, but it is necessary for new growth. Getting through these emotionally pregnant times can be a bit tricky, so what can we do to make the most of this time of incipience?

Getting enough rest is paramount. Allow yourself respite when you feel the need.  If you meditate, use your meditation to replenish yourself. Learn relaxation techniques, and let them help you decompress. Sometimes all you need is five minutes of deep breathing to refocus your energies and attend to your day. These things you can do anytime and anywhere – at work, in the market, or in a Sacred Space of your choosing.

Eat healthy. Don’t deny yourself your favorite foods, but make sure you get your veggies, fruits, protein and whole grains. Keeping the body healthy makes dealing with the complexity of transformation easier and less bumpy. Have your glass of wine, but remember this is not a time for overindulgence. Treat yourself well and think about your wellness.

And get out and exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym and do 20 reps of bench presses, but take a walk. Share this transitional period with Nature, who is also going through it. Notice your surroundings and appreciate your environment and what is going on under the surface. You are both making space for change and something new.

Above all, treat yourself kindly. Honor your feelings – all of them – and find ways of expressing them that give you satisfaction. Paint, draw, play with clay, knit, keep a journal, the possibilities are endless.

Transitions are times when the imagination stirs, ideas are born, and perspectives change. Use these times wisely – and gently.