555:Change is on the Way

If you’ve never paid attention to the repetitive nature of numbers in your life, this post may awaken you to the many ways the universe sends messages to us. When you begin to study the spiritual and esoteric meaning of numbers you will find a connection between ancient spiritual and religious texts, astrology, the occult, and the tarot, just to name a few. The number 1 is a divine message because it sends the message for us to be aware of our repetitive thoughts, it is a reminder of our connection to Creation and that we are creators. 3 represents the Trinity in many schools of spiritual study; father, son, holy spirit; maiden, mother, crone; body, mind, spirit.

Our focus here is on the number 5, which brings the message of change. 5 may come to you in seemingly random ways, like grocery store receipts, emails that arrive in your inbox at that time of the day, for days in a row you choose to check the time at 5:55, or you awake for no reason at that time of morning. The power and urgency of the message appears in its repetitiveness, asking you to pay attention to your life because something is about to change, and that change will be significant.

Often the kind of change that comes with the number 5 is likened to the tower card in tarot. 5 can come to you and bring a whirlwind of changes like the goddess Kali, tearing it all up to rebuild on a sturdier foundation. Though riding the winds of change with the number 5 can be tumultuous, after the storm, the calm will look more like the life you truly wanted. 5 may be a little crazy but She is often a tidal wave of manifestation.

If you begin to witness the number 5 showing up in your world, remind yourself of the changes you’ve been asking for and focusing on. This will give you peace of mind and assist you in connecting the dots between what seems like chaos, and the life you’ve been trying to manifest.


It’s normal to fear the signs of sudden change, it is in many ways like the high flying thrill of a rollercoaster or a surfer’s  biggest wave. When it all calms down, you’ll find yourself sitting on a different shore; the one that once lived only in your dreams.