What’s Behind the Name? And the Meaning of “Wonder”


For those of you who have been following our iwondersisterhood.com blog on WordPress, this article may be a little redundant, but for those of you who visit us through Crystalwind.ca, it may be revealing. My writing partner, sister, family, Andie Levine and I are the iWonder Sisters. So what’s behind the name and what does the word “wonder” mean to us. And why do we feel it’s important to share with you?

When Andie and I realized that we were in sync about what we wanted to share with women to assist them in living as happily and fulfilled as possible, we began to think of names for our blog that fit our view on life and what what we feel is important when it comes to building a life that will make you smile more often than not. After a few moments, Andie came up with a couple of names for us, and of course, the iWonder Sisterhood was one of them.

I can’t remember the others, because I thought “iWonder” was the best thing since sliced bread…


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Andie and I both have a true sense of wonder; we still marvel at the world in which we live, the planet we get to inhabit, and the changes we experience as human beings. It is our sense of wonder, excitement at the sheer thought of living, being, and growing, that keeps us centered in tough times.

Andie always says that “wonder” is a noun and a verb. This is beautifully true. A sense of “wonder, is to not give up on the miracle, to remain open to being a non-jaded human. Not a fool, who ignores her past experiences and lessons, but a person that believes that it’s all still quite a miracle here on Mother Earth, though we share trying and difficult times in our lives.

“To wonder”, is to remain open to the question; the question of life, the “who are we’s” and the “why’s and why not’s” of living. “To wonder” is to look up at the stars at night and know that though you may have read 50 astronomy books, and even more spiritual books, you still really have no idea what makes them shine. And you probably will never know.

Wonder in all its forms is to embrace the mystery, while still enjoying the process of self and planetary exploration.


Have you lost your sense of wonder through your painful experiences with people or places? Or have you managed to remain in wonder at the magick of life in spite of, or maybe even because of those same experiences?

Share with us.

Much love and gratitude,

Andie and Kimm

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