Analog Sundays

One of my collage pieces

As a digital girl in a digital world, you will rarely see me detached physically from some form of smartphone or PC. Researching this thing, writing about that thing, being creatively inspired by many things.

So as a part of a challenge for myself, I thought I’d bring you along with us on Analog Sundays!

It’s simple, but not easy, but should also be tons of fun! Analog Sundays is a promise to ourselves to commit to enjoying something creative on Sundays that have nothing to do with the digital world. Art, cooking, crafting, reading an actual book you have to hold in your hands, pulling weeds, playing a guitar, etc.

And we will all share on the following Monday…. Digitally. Lol

Listen, man can’t live on analog bread alone!


Andie and Kimm, the iWonder Sisters