A Pictorial of our MC Sunflower Jones, Zines & Shit Haul

In one of our latest posts we shared with you a company we found recently on Etsy that brings out the child of wonder within both of us; MC Sunflower Jones!

Our first haul arrived yesterday, but Andie made it over to the Post today. And what a Valentine/Christmas/Yule sorta packaging! MC Sunflower Jones (Deirdree and Steven) added in with our order some awesome little bursts of surprises, and we thank them so very much!

The spirit in which we do things, is everything! Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that how you give and create is not as important as the tangible thing itself.

A couple purchases and gifts from owners Deirdree and Steven are missing from the photos because Andie has already taken them into her possession….lol.

Deirdree and Steven guessed us so well….MJ, my virgo kin on the zodiac zine, and my homeboy Jimi Hendrix in the Thank You zine….and the doowop girls of the 60’s zine…what?! My mom sang these songs to me instead of lullabyes! “hey there wait a minute Mr. Postman. And growing up I was always Diana, when my cousins and I pretended to be 60’s superstars!

Now…here goes the sunshine!

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Thank you Deidree and Steven for this package of love, entertainment, good reading, cutey cuteness, and that fab-ass washi tape!! Things that make ya go, YAY!!