For my birthday Kimmie gave me a coloring book, and with it the gift of my inner child. I haven’t done any coloring as such since I was a kid, and The Goddess Coloring Book by Kate Henriott-Jauw plus a box of real Crayola crayons just tickled my fancy and sparked my creative juices.

To say that Kimm knows me well is a gross understatement, and this chance to revisit an activity that occupied a lot of my time as a child, came at just the right time. I have been feeling a bit stuck, and this glorious coloring book – and of course my new Crayolas – was exactly what I needed to light my imagination again.

There is a liberation in doing something considered “child-like” as a grown-up. It tickles a part of your brain, indeed of your soul, that often gets buried under adult concerns and tasks. And I have found that, as it has been with many things I revisited in the last 10 years – things I had left behind – that I am more daring, more expansive, not worried about going “out-of-the-lines”. I am trying new ways of doing old things, without fear. And the result has been that my work, my art is so much more accomplished, so much more enjoyable, so free.

The Goddess Coloring Book, Kate Jauw, and my bestie Kimm, have all conspired to give me one of life’s greatest gifts – a chance to creatively explore myself. Most of us are presented these chances every day but remain unaware, and so never take advantage of them. That makes me very sad. But I am happy for myself that I have the opportunity to express myself like this whenever I choose.

Thank you Kate Jauw and coloring book, but most of all thanks to my soul sister Kimm for knowing what I needed. I am having so much fun!