The Power of Art & Whimsy: MC Sunflower Jones

Believing in a multitude of paths to healing, which seems to be my theme for the latter part of this year; Andie and I have always talked about the power of laughter, power of light-heartedness, and the magical power of YAY!

photo credit: prairie project via photopin (license)
photo credit: prairie project via photopin (license)

Though Andie and I are blessed already with the gift of whimsy and artful thinking, coming across MC Sunflower Jones has added so much to our spirits and widened our imaginations creatively.

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If you are not familiar with, shall we say, the “zine” sub-culture; it includes those of us who love reading and spending late night hours with a glass of rum thumbing through these little delicious personally made and designed mini magazines, and the super creative creators who dream it all up and manifest it into something tangible we can hold in our rum-sticky little hands.

MC Sunflower Jones, Deirdree Prudence and Steven Hughes Purkey, is a set of the most awesome creators of Zines & Shit. And if you are wondering what a “zine” could look like, we are happy to show you. But the best thing about loving zines and creating zines, is that often those two people are rolled into one and the zine that is born out of loving and crating them, is all sorts of uniquely personal.

Altars A GoGo by MC Sunflower Jones
Altars A GoGo by MC Sunflower Jones
Gag Me With A...#9 Zine Compilation
Gag Me With A…#9 Zine Compilation

Before I came across Deirdree and Steven, I had certainly been aware of the zine, but I had not run into the old school crafting of a zine. Some zine makers have gone way hi-tech and glossy, and though there is still a great amount of creativity and opinion required, I was quite thrilled to get my hands on something that glittered in a different way. MC Sunflower Jones’ zines glitter and are alive with magick. That’s right, I said it, magick. These zines are art, instruction, awareness, and knowledge all rolled up into a bag of Halloween candy you got from the neighborhood, when neighborhood candy was safe for the getting.

There’s a zine for everyone! Well, for everyone hip, that is….(I stole that from Deirdree and Steven)

The Virgo Zine from the Astrology line
The Virgo Zine from the Astrology line

Don’t even think that Deirdree and Steven shy away from the serious stuff in life; no way. They are able to add something miraculous and juicy to every thing that we go through on this crazy earth plane. MC Sunflower Jones makes some pretty heavy statements and tucks it all into pill we can enjoy.

Borderline Personality Disorder - A Companion
Borderline Personality Disorder – A Companion

If you’ve never held onto a personally crafted zine and slept with it under your pillow, you are missing something! Adding some humor and whimsy to your life, is like the vitamin that helps build your immune system to withstand all the human drama that is inescapable. Artists, dreamers, seed sowers, like Deirdree and Steven offer us this opportunity to be proud of the things that the world tells us are shameful about ourselves, and gives us the chance to purchase little waves of magick that we incorporate into our everyday scene.

Thank you Deirdree and Steven, You Starbursts You!

And just for you two, and of course everyone who chooses to read and grab some whimsy and light-heartedness from this post, here is one of my fav songs of all time, The Staple Singers, with Mavis the queen in front…

“I know a place, ….where ain’t nobody cryin’….ain’t nobody worryin’….and there ain’t no smilin’ faces, lyin’ to the races. Help me ya’ll…I’ll take you there.”