Andie’s Birthday and The Goddess Coloring Book by Surcadiana: Kate Henriott-Jauw

goddess coloring book

July 30th was my soul sister Andie’s birthday. I had been making a list since February of what gifts I wanted to give her. Our birthdays are a holiday in this house, and we look forward to celebrating each new year of life. And this year I wanted to share with you all, a gift I found on Etsy, which became Andie’s first birthday present this year.

About a month earlier Andie and I ended up on a conversation about things we loved as a child and still love today. Coloring was one of those things and a brand new box of Crayola Crayons! So when I saw The Goddess Coloring Book, I died…and went to Surcadiana. It was the perfect gift. And on top of that, Kate’s “Super Bass” awesome customer service was a gift in itself. (yes, I stole that from Nicki Minaj) But Kate is Super Bass amazing! (this is not a sponsored post) For real!

Andie also received a beautiful goddess reading from Kate which was incredibly on point. If you purchase the Goddess Coloring Book, you can also purchase a reading that will correlate with the first goddess, or goddess of choice, you decide to color. You email that colored-in goddess to Kate, chat with Kate about purchasing your reading and it comes to you quickly within a couple, to a few days, depending on how busy this diva is. (ending sentences in prepositions because I’m so excited!)

The Goddesses of the Surcadian Oracle by Kate Henriott-Jauw is only the beginnings of a beautiful project by Kate which will culminate into an oracle deck, which each of us has to have because I want my own! I was so thrilled and inspired when I came upon Kate’s Surcadia shop on Etsy, along with her equally talented husband Ted Jauw. Both Kate and Ted are creative phenoms and if I had a larger budget I would have purchased the Isis Oracle board, OMG! Beautiful! But as Andie always says, “everything changes, nothing remains the same. You can count on that!” So I leave open the possibility of purchasing this incredible piece of art and divination for Andie someday soon.


Click on pic to view or purchase

When I realized that Kate and the iWonder Sisters were Twitter pals, I started searching out all of her projects and friends’ projects and spent a whole ton of virtual money in one day on some fabulous items! Kate is also a tea creatrix and a part of the Orange Moon Tea Society, and is in the process of making available to all of us daring witchy brew lovers, an absinthe tea…Yowwza Wowza!


Click on pic to visit the Orange Moon Tea Society

So I have left you a bunch of links to catch up with Kate and Ted Jauw and their adventures in wonderland. But here are a couple more links:

Tea and Tasseomancy: Tea Leaf readings with teas that can be purchased to enjoy with your reading.

tea and tasseomancy

And you can find Kate on Twitter at:

On Tumbler at The Goddess Emergence Project

On Facebook at Henriott

These are the women that inspire. The Passionistas. We feel at home when we met them.

Thank you Kate!